The Dolan Twins: TEAM 10, DRAMA & YOUTUBE FAME (Honest Interview)

I always Feel like an Outcast my whole entire Life -it’s Been Embarrassing for YouTube Community so there was like rumors going Around um not Rumors like the actual thing like People Jake was Saying that -Holy Shit that’s just Such A? Dick thing to say -I would never Say That about Anybody even if I did. if someone dates you who’s Over 18 and You Guys Sleep Together. -Who are you helping by Bringing someone Down are you Gonna Feel good about Yourself when all the drama dies Down and the Numbers Are Gone When I first met You guys I thought you Were 20 and I started Touching your Bodies Inappropriately -yeah -Turns out you’re 17? -17, 17 yes by the way, hi, my name is Casper Lee, and these are the Dolan Twins That’s a little Joke you know I actually wrote Down in my notes I wrote Donna grayson has the Earring Cameras Are no, no I want this to be Completely There’s No Cameras They’re Just Us, okay, no One’s Even Watching, well they will this week is your Show but Usually? No, One’s Ever Watching Just Cameras is it A weird Cameras Change everything yeah Does it change you, oh Wait that’s the Darling Twins I guess one of the biggest YouTube Channels in the World You’re Quite New To YouTube Compared to i Say Joe and Psi or Previously and Now when You go, Into the five Fs with you Or is it for I don’t know grant isn’t here to help this Week Guys so this could, be A big fuck up or? We could go really, well Because he Usually messes Things up either way but Can you Control the Weather? Please The Exposure on the Cameras Keep Changing and I don’t want to Look white I’m Looking for a new Girlfriend all right I know The 5x are The First F is Freedom I don’t know its Finances Final, okay Who are you guys Media Trained by the way There’s a media Training yeah What’s that mean okay Basically in the uk? YouTubers Get Media Trained and we’re Taught not to talk about Money Really because People hate People with Money in Okay, i just don’t really Talk about Money in general yeah I don’t feel like it’s It’s a real Mental life I mean as much as it has to be relevant because it like Mm-Hmm that’s why you saw Reason you like Basically, do what you want No not, Necessary Necessarily Bully if You want if You want something Guy’s A freaking Media Trade? Media Trained Each other it’s Gonna if You want something it’s gonna cost, something Unfortunately yeah but I just if Money Was like irrelevant you Could Just Trade Stuff That Associated? Yeah I know I’m Just like Talking to the day with grayson, oh Shit you’re not grayson no yeah I’m sorry We’re Kind of Like realizing that money Is kind of Ruining like in A sense ruining the Meaning of life There’s People That aren’t Having Families and Kids Because They Just don’t have Enough Money to support it yeah yeah and like that’s Literally You’re put Here To Live I Mean find your Purpose and Reproduce like Reproduce Is like one of the Main things I know it sounds all serious as a humans yeah But like Literally like People are not Having Kids Because of The Averages The Average age Like Back to have Kids Was like in The Early 20S and 20S in Healthy age Have a Kid and start a family but like Now it’s like Becoming like 30s Mid 30s Which isn’t a bad Thing you know What you have to do when you’re Ready yeah it’s all because of Money like People are Afraid to start Families in like you know You Guys Are Young you, made A lot of Money I’m Assuming and I just never Really Understood Money and I think That helped me in a way and it Also Didn’t I just really could Care less About it yeah, I’ve Done Things in the past Said, oh you know Everyone Goes Through the Phase right, oh I want to get something expensive and Feel cool Bullying it’s so good I’m so over all that in This Ring I’m Guilty I like to yeah What’s the fun of This Exactly you can go on a Vacation to Buy that Santa you Can Make your memories, oh yeah big a memory you know Dependence Ring for me if it means something view and Lucky it Reminds you something that’s the basics I support in The Victorian Era You Would put A ring on your Pinky to tell People that you Didn’t want to get Married you know What i mean I’d only Get Into Another Relationship for a while I have to remind Myself because I get Into Them Really Quickly you, can, Just get like and then like by the Time Tattoo removal Is like Easy you’ll be able to feel like YouTube is Gonna start doing that Same Years Probably Tattoos in The Face ooh Merit marriage Videos Are Huge now what do you think about I think, we’re Gonna Make one Yeah What do you think About the americans and How They betrayed Their Money on YouTube Because it’s Pretty Crazy what’s Happening right now I don’t know what They’re doing it for I think it’s gonna Make People Feel like They Need to be on That Level one day Or Have enough Money to Just drop on A Expensive Car and That’s Really not what life’s About Yeah to me it’s like Memories They’re the most value Yeah I mean I’d rather live in Like a little like Shack on A farm in my Hometown Yeah, Deep fast yeah, We had Lost our? I’ve Never Gotten That Deep With olly before you guys Both from the other day, I’m Just super Deep Yeah Because not oh, no I think Way more Than I should Probably That’s what, We saw in your Video which I want to talk about? But Going back to this Because you Guys Are pretty good at Avoiding it I guess And i like the fact that you Don’t like I bring Talking About other People in Bad ways which is I guess They? Don’t want to do but I think when it Gets to the point Where you have These little Kids Watching These Youtubers and I think the Majority of the ones who are Popping the Most i said I walked around with some of them and I see Their Audience and They’re Tiny and They’re Young and that’s Great and I Guess it’s not up to you to pick your Audience but then They’re Portraying A? Lifestyle Like Rappers do Feel Like it Makes Me Even upset when i’m Watching it and I have a pretty awesome life and I am I’m Financially free and all of this and I still Look at that I’m like, oh my I don’t know I don’t want to sound like I’m not solid it’s again I’m Literally I can Literally Say That I’m not Jealous of Anybody I’m Happy for all their Success I just wish that they Would use it in Better Ways Sometimes I Like Flexing to like A 12 year Old Demographic Really False Sense of Reality that is like unattainable you don’t need it Even For them because There’s some People that I’m like There’s no Way that You’re in That Comfortable of A financial Position to, do what yeah Thank you and It is Just Financially Mistakes and People don’t Understand Inflation Either I think You Guys Get that whole thing like if you’re Buying something now Guys This Is a little Advice That Money you’re Spending on it if it’s good at devalue it’s like it’s gonna be Worth so Much more in The Future if You kept it and you invested it Tenfold like in what Was a million dollars Twenty Years Ago Worth Compared to now Exactly I think it’s very similar to Absolute Professional Athletes Yeah Child Stars Although it’s very Interesting I’ve Been in meetings while have been Here Employee YouTube Community I’m Embarrassed by it I’m Happy for everybody I guess I just wish that People Would use the Influence that they Have Especially These Little Kids, who like When I was Little i watched YouTube I looked up to these like These? YouTubers Like and I did what they did you know that’s why I started Creating Video supportive Use my start Creating Videos I wanted to Like Be like Them I want Theirs, oh? Yeah yeah what Obviously These People have to know Like There’s 12 Girls Watching Them or overall They Are but Like that Could be the Dimension of the Demographic and that’s like One Part Where like Kids are like Learning who They Are and you know You get mold someone’s Brain if Ya if you if you teach someone hey like you need to have this Gold Watch on your wrist when you’re older it’s like? For what for what Look? I’d Rather i’d rather tell the Kid like hey Man Work Hard Be There for your Family your friends you know? Be supportive to Others that’s the key to having a good life for me that’s why I think that Although the Flexi stuff like Comes from, Insecurities That People Just Don’t want to face so they do things to Distract Themselves from like you know like Becoming A Better Person so they Think that Having all These Materialistic items will be Make them become a better Person when it’s really Just I knew They’re Backtracking it’s it’s it’s all about Insecurities and i mean at the end of that everyone’s Insecure I’m a confident Person I’m Definitely Insecure I’m very Easy Yeah and Some People Just don’t admit that to themselves so they, don’t Work on Themselves if They’re if They’re lying to Themselves There’s Nowhere To start you have to start With the truth yeah you guys Watching at Home We’ll Look These Guys Maybe if You’ve Never Seen Them before for some weird Reason you’ll Think that you Could looking Guys They’re on YouTube They’re Probably Pretty Funny and separate Like They’re not and it it’s fine it’s so interesting how You Guys Became like This Because you moved to la when you Were how Old are you started Vaughn when you are how Old 14 When we moved here when? We were 15 and you Didn’t get Into the Scene like how I’ve Always felt an Outcast my whole entire Life and I talked about in One Video that when I was in Like Literally? Preschool like Fit Like Parents, Wouldn’t Let Their Kids Hang out with us because, We were Too crazy I really Don’t think that we were even That crazy it just it was weird I was thinking wanted to like like let Them in and like be friends with Them but it was Just like I was kind of? Stuck alone With ethan so I Can’t Complain About this like if I didn’t have you know like in Like Second grade Very Young I know I was very Young but I was sitting in My Backyard and I was Literally Just Like Thinking Because? We were About to move To a different town and I was like I? Don’t Think I’m Gonna fit in Like Anywhere I go even Having like Yeah i mean it, was just what do You say I you mean Both Both of us Yeah I feel like? We wouldn’t fit in Anywhere Anyway yeah it Is I think uh? Yeah I would be like Literally Screwed it wouldn’t happen but What is Fitting and Really Means are you even Being Yourself if You’re Fitting in I feel like? Everyone is Different and like the people who fit in Are Just like trying to be someone that They’re not so they’re all like Doing It Together and Yeah it’s, also a Lot like a Parties and Drugs and Alcohol I don’t Know There’s People out here Whose jobs it is Till I bring People to Parties and Stuff Like that and Everyone my friend might be Used It’s like to ruin someone’s life Oh yeah and they underage People bring us like People used to ask me When I was Fifteen like Let’s go out like Let’s go have fun like at a party I’m like why Don’t we go have fun and go surf yeah and go in the Ocean and like go car yeah and do Stuff like Hang out With you like what is wrong with me You guys You Guys Have the drunk Water the whole life? I know I’ve Never Tried to have no life I’m not even A have Sipped my parents When I was like I was like? Oh your, beer Say yeah Yeah But the first Game was Gonna Help me Help you see what I did There cute Judge? People I’ve Never Really Done this so i’m Gonna Show you Pictures of People and when you tell me what you think sounds good? Rice gum okay, um I think He’s creative yeah Most Part like very Creatively In the Beginning I really liked his Videos i mean I know what he does is a Joke Mm-Hmm No Sketchy Talking About like yeah, I don’t want to speak too much I don’t eat erosive but yeah I don’t know and Maybe Feel like incorporated Some more like Positivity Into some of his Videos that’d be Sick it’s Funny because Where he Was out We were Walking Around the Mall and Like it was Crazy Because he’s Just He’s everywhere right now yeah Every Single Person who came Up to them like I’Ve Seen it before with People With Even More Less Speciality They want to be Careful and Stuff and that’s Fair Enough but They Don’t want to Take Photos with Everyone but he Took Every Single Person Which Is so interesting How I respect These People and it’s like ai as Well Is kind of Similar? And all that stuff Happening right Now is Crazy in German its Weed I was Hanging out With him and People Would Like Capta how the hell Can you do that I’m like you don’t know? What People are like in Real Life but then again you, also Would like People to? I guess i still get Really, Awkward when someone Comes out like not that I get Awkward it’s like I forget yeah you know Sometimes I’ll hear like someone’s Screamed from Behind me like, oh Because They Watch you everyday Maybe they interact With you everyday and you’re A friend to them exam And i want them to do it and I feel like that too never met Those People Yourself so it’s but We do have like haters too and I’ve Been Confronted by Haters in Public and Things like that and They Take Videos to try to Like you know Catch me doing Something, or Make Me Look Bad because People Just want to Make People Look Better for some Reason Yeah Sometimes They’ll Be like Followed in my car and I’m like I don’t know who it is like is it a hater so much I Throw Eggs at Melee I have no Clue so like it’s weird and Yeah I don’t know if Someone’s messing with me I don’t know if Someone’s like Actually you got A few like High-Speed Chases like like you know, Lovely They turn out to be fans but you know If you, do See us yeah and you’re in A car Please do not Risk Anyone’s Life need A High-Speed Juice but Not a high-Speed chase but like I’m going my grandma’s House and like I don’t have a grandma’s Address to be leaked out I Was in Copenhagen Recently and I was walking Around and I was Meeting Viewers and it was awesome and then I had to get Somewhere for a meeting This girl Came Up to me and She’s like I’m from turkey, I’ve Been Washing for Five Years I was like awesome and I was in Such a rush I must say I gave her the least Amount of my Time of that Day and then Later I go on twitter and I realized that this is Celine She’s a girl who’s Been Watching me for Five Years? I know i couldn’t recognize her because Their Habit on Twitter Wasn’t the Same and I haven’t Seen her in A while I was Horrible Because? I upset her so much I wanted to know if You’ve Ever Had that kind of Experience Where you’ve Made Me upset like A viewer, oh yeah I know in Australia Actually so the Monster Is the Crew We were Tour and They Literally? Wouldn’t Let Us go, Into the Airport When We got off The Flight because you Can, australia’s like a like? Right yeah yeah they took us off in the Time And I knew that People, were Gonna come because, they, knew that We had The flight that in Or? They’re Gonna Come to the Airport to Say what’s up they had Signs and Everything and We literally couldn’t go? Into The Airport They, wouldn’t Let Us There was a Picture but all These fans Were Flipping us off and Stuff and I know like the end of the day They Pologize They, Apologize it’s all them later Than Did They Apologize like it’s cool, he’s One of them Individually in the mean Greet Apologize and I Was like Thank you like Honestly They got Me an Easygoing Guy? I don’t care about that but like, We weren’t Allowed to see them legally like, everywhere like the Officers and Stuff at the Airport, Were like you guys Cannot Walk out There because you can put People’s lives in danger Trampled The other day it Makes Us look Bad and like I would love to go Say, hello to everybody you know They’re There for Me Like That’s Just going to understand that really, it’s it’s like so surreal but um Yeah Martina’s Wins yeah I don’t know them Personally what happened a little bit Because I heard I saw like There, was A leak like Second worst Thing and it Was like Jake Tried to Sign Us and then like sign Them and Say There’s Something in His Book too that Says something like how he Guessing Screams of How he like, We were his like test Experiments Any Like Poole, was out to. La, what she didn’t You did Let us say with him and We made Contact with him and all this Stuff We had Fun you know like Jake? was it A great friend of Ours I still like I still believe the kid like Is It is A good Person like you know Deep Down Deep Down There’s some things that I’ve Seen that I don’t agree With He Said Some Things that you know like Privately like to other People who I know about Us that I don’t i just don’t know Why i said it it’s Interesting I think the whole Team ten Things Started Probably Two years After We Started Doing everything when We first Came out We were Literally Just Making Content as friends yeah he, was none of Us had Friends? We were like Miners mine was a new Platform we’re Late and We were the only the youngest Dude so? We have fifteen Or fourteen? Jake was 17 he, was Already? Something I’ll say I am Appreciative Yeah About the about Jake Yeah When I was Going to get Really Tough Time at School like Leaving School like People were Picking On me Like and Whatnot I would talk to him about it and he like he like Experienced like A lot of the Same Things and Even Like Teachers Would pick on Us i remember one of my teachers Pulled Me to the front of the Classroom Because I got a new Watch and he like he Said all right Now who in This class Would ever wear a watch that looked Like this Cuz it, was like Pretty big yeah, no one Raised Their Hand Everyone Started laughing at me Because like Everyone like Well Obviously like if They got the chance to like Make fun of me yeah like A week later I got a new Haircut and He Blew me Up to the front of class he Goes Look at this haircut who Would Ever Get This haircut like Literally Coming out of a grown man’s Mouth About it I was 114 Had The Time you know he did he Didn’t Help me Through that So There was like Rumors Going Around not Rumors like the actual thing like People Jake was Saying That? He like he Blew us up him and Logan Blew us up and stuff like that and We did We Came out Jake was very? Kind Let Us Stay at His Place you know, Showed Us kind of the Ropes and I had to do all this Stuff I remember him Like Helping, me Like Showing me How to Edit my that was Amazing yo You got my money man We i think I had 200 for two Hundred Thousand or three Thousand Followers on vine Yeah ethan? Had Like you know 100,000 less Whatever it, was We gained like 200k Within that too, we’re Like that the next Two Weeks after We posted with Him so I went from like 300k to Almost 600 K he Thought my from like? 200 Cade Almost 500k Which is crazy you know We were like high on Life like? Everything was Amazing our Videos weren’t doing that far Off from each other to Begin with yeah and like Like it wasn’t like We were it wasn’t like, We were Just Random Kids who Jake Found it Was like You Guys Come with me I have an Idea it, was like, We were all Creators? I was like that wasn’t the vibe The vibe wasn’t i’m Gonna blow you Up and like and you know Become Again And again not to bring up Numbers but like When We first moved Out I had Probably Somewhere Around the 100 something Thousand Followers on Instagram ethan had the Same Jake Had Probably like 400,000 but, We were getting the same amount of likes if not more if Not, We were getting more but Like that doesn’t Matter they Made us idea I’m gonna Make you because like yeah because what’s Crazy about that whole Thing is cuz I one of my things Is I surround Myself With tons of People Really good People and I was lucky Enough to be Brought up by a bunch of People and We’ll bring each other yeah that’s that’s what the bible Everyone I? Would Never Say That about Anybody even if I did yeah like I didn’t make you your mommy your, mom Made you you know how, do you Make someone Exactly yeah it was A big Help Okay, like A big Help I think what we’ve Actually spoken A lot About people so I think We can move on to the next I Walk Point of People That Realize? Is that all of This YouTube Dramas Think everything Speak yeah it’s A lot, they’re Just Hype because People like Drama It’s just entertaining it’s i mean even Melee When all this Drama is going on the Guy I’m Just like Bored and Nothing else you Know Helping you do my own but it’s Thoroughly Entertaining bullying it’s not it doesn’t Make me Feel good it was Really after but It’s also not going Anywhere like what are you what Direction are you moving Towards by Just Creating Drama who are you Helping by Bringing someone Down Maybe i Mean I are you gonna Feel good about Yourself when all the Drama dies Down and the Numbers Are Gone in negative Situations There Are positive Things to be learned Like if you Look at it say I’m never going to do that to someone that’s like that’s How I look at it you’re Learning From The negatives I’m Thinking About Throwing A compliment truck trend Thing is like People aren’t Interested in This No you don’t do you have to be fake to, do what you do When I watch like People’s Videos and They’re Happy and Laughing in Chile I it Makes me Like Happy you know when I’m When I? See someone Smile on the Video Makes me smile so that’s one Thing I took Note of and like I was like okay so i want to be like Really Happy in Videos and Make People Laugh but like Once Everyone Gets Stressed out when you’re Filming and you’re Anxious and you’re Stressed and you’re Still laughing you know that this smile becomes Fake yeah Yeah like There’s some Times when the Camera off A big yo, do? We like Fake laugh too much it’s like? What do you think about what you’re Gonna Say Too much it’s not like in The Moment like in The Moment Things Make you Laugh Yeah when There’s a camera on you Kind of Feel Pressured you like to Say something Funny and Even Though there’s? no one like They’re Watching you Can Just do Whatever you want with Editing yeah you? Feel like Kind of Pressured and You have to be a Certain way to like Make someone I Was at a talk Show Yesterday There’s a Guy in The front Telling you went too long yeah Really yeah it’s Really weird yeah I mean there’s it it Makes People Feel Better when they’re Watching it We told Ourselves, we’re not Fake couple Months Back like like Dude Stuff and it’s not Easy Congratulations I’ve Never Been Fake but I have like Faked happiness and I feel like Certain like Things or emotions because like Emotions Come and Go But like I’ve won the I turn the camera on I do Kind of like Sometimes I like that and like even Though I’m Telling the Truth Is really Just like beneficial I don’t go to one It’s just beneficial for Everyone Look Around you I’ve Used the Word but like Celebrities People in the public yeah They Like Act like Someone That They Can Please all right it’s a little it’s so False it’s it’s so easy to have Bad Days Like People are Allowed to Have bed Easily if People Watch them and They Think Their lives are Perfect They’re Gonna Think That They’re not Allowed to have Bad Days They’re Gonna have a Bad Day Anything what the What’s going on that’s social Media? What it does to you you’d be truthful be Honest it’s a yeah Help A lot of People out next Game is to react to one of my first YouTube Videos that’s the Old Channel Judge Me the Sad Thing, Is i’m going Around your age right now When I made These Videos Six seventeen I was 17. Okay so you got the end Yeah We don’t have a film or Anyone Really I can’t be Behind the Camera? I’ll Come do it I’m gonna be Here for Three Months So do that I’ll be your I’ll be your grant Just don’t in front of me No Naked Rise Around the office Because that’s what I do I get out the Shower and I run Around naked do We do that Every Time I shower Maybe I don’t need This My Family Is very Supportive yes A when We were going Through all that stuff like Leaving School and everything my dad was a superintendent so very Involved Involved in School Very Involved in Education Probably One of the Most Laid-Back Superintendents in The World Yeah and my mom is no get Rid of Teachers He wasn’t A superintendent bar he, was yeah? my Mom owned has owned a hair salon for like the past 27 Years Thank you yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t Inherit that From if We all siblings my triplets I don’t want to say, oh mom is doing Anything Wrong but Me So yeah, um Leaving School that, was like Really Complicated Through all of Us the Process I think We was weirdly our Parents Head of The City yeah our Parents Say? We’re Gonna send A 15 year Old Kids out to los angeles like the Number One Place Where People like Get fucked Up and like ruin Their lives yeah We were Really Involved with Sports We Wanted to Play Division one in College and then like I Honestly Wanted to be a pro Division One Is like the Top Notch in College Yeah yes Play ball We wanted my Footballing We Played Football Wrestling in The Cross? Between Honestly Any of Those, We were like each one and so my Dad was like Super Sports Sports Sports my mom my mom was more like? Do what you want my dad was very Into Sports so when We were Leaving school my dad’s like okay this Just Been no more Sports Like I thought We were Letting you guys Were Anybody in College Whatever like to play Sports and then I know it’s Obviously your dad? But We realize that we’ve Been Making These Videos since, We were like in Third grade – As? Well as Playing Sports so they kind of Understood and then The People like Picking on Us at. School and Everything you just start to get like, We had some Crazy Kids like Kids We get Suspended for Bringing Knives to school like trying to Make like Their own Homemade Guns and bombs and weird Stuff Those Are the Kids who like Hated us like that Crowd think they, did not like Yeah it, was big School so There? Was like A lot of Different and yeah They Didn’t like Us for some Reason Those the Kids who did that that weird Stuff you? Guys want To live in the Same Place when you, do I don’t know where yet but, We want to get like? A big Chunk of Land and then build Two Houses on that Same circle Land and then Come on Neighbors were the Same Address Yeah and then like have Kids at the same Time and then, They’re Gonna Look like twins Are twins, oh yeah you, literally Have twin, Cousin Kids We do A search guys okay if you i want to get with the Dylan twins and your twins What Kind of Age Group Today? I don’t think age is as much Ado I mean I’m 17 Second if Someone days you Over 18 and You Guys Sleep Together what’s, his sleep Does what’s the sleep yeah how, sweet it’s like A bed with do things do what When it’s a creepy age Difference in Like if you don’t do that it’s not safe you know I just feel like People who, were older Take advantage of Younger People because, they’ll the Younger People Were like Trying to be like cool or? Older Yeah Basically most People Coming on this Show only Come on Because I give Them an Opportunity to plug We’re Pretty Boring you tell them, we just got a new Air Conditioning unit yeah? Yeah so, we got a new Air Conditioning unit it’s like the pro power simili that it’s good it’s like We’re not working with everything you know. I was so much no? I don’t you know I was sweating my tits off While I was Filming yeah yeah now it’s chill Now it’s chill Dude Just it’s next Happen here huh that’s Just Become Sponsored by Pro what You don’t even Have to say the name it Just We got a new Air Conditioner okay new Air Conditioning Get one at. Home get Air Conditioning if you You got us there We have social Media everywhere Twitter Instagram snapchat but for Us for teen Choice Awards is over but I Don’t know Exactly I don’t know I think you Can you can I just wanna I don’t want to Race it I don’t want to scuff it up Final F sister for at the end I want it to end you, don’t want it to end no the way you Say That You went I don’t it’s and it’s not and i said I want it to end hello So i’ll Final F Is Fulfilment I’m Finding it Hard in my Head to Figure out how you Guys are gonna be Fulfilled You’re 17 you’re on Top of the World But I guess You’ve Realized the Young age that it’s not going to be like Possessions and Stuff and Family yeah So what what do You Think is gonna get you? Fulfillment I think I want to go to outer Space when, I’m older we’re Putting your like on this my new Little Speck in The Universe and like I just want to explore more Mm-Hmm that’s so weird that’s like it Should be the Series Is Called life after YouTube or late Or? You just so You Said you want to go out of space that’s not Really Gonna Fulfill me I don’t know might I meet an Alien the answers or something yeah, Cuz everything’s Used I don’t want really is Confusing I think About the Meaning of life I Think Ever Know Everyone the World is Confused about what life is i mean There’s a religion to stuff that I do I do believe in some of? My Stuff I don’t Preach it because. I don’t want to Preach it yeah Yeah in The Matrix Dude he has this Conspiracy I’m A weird Conspiracy what I might bump people out that’s fine I don’t know how Long Earth Has Been Around it’s like something how Many Billion Years 4.2. I don’t know like Just See, how far we’ve Come in the Past like 10 Years We created Like Touchscreen Devices That like Read your Fingerprints Satellites and Space like orbiting Certain like Areas and Whatnot What if Earth was Around for Another like? 100 Million Years Or a Million Years Even Because of how Facts That Humans Are advancing we’d Probably be able to create like another Earth Or Planet and Descending Orbit Around the sun yeah and then Life Can like Start on There so what if like Humans who like lived Way longer Ago like, Maybe 100 Million Years Created Or us Us and they Maybe that’s what? We call God like I do believe in A god yeah and it’s Just so weird Because There’s no There’s no? Serious Fire It sounds Logical Because like Like 4.1 Billion Years Gonna Bumpy blob Because That Makes me Happy and Right I feel like it’s like it’s Easier Because then, you just like Is that a religion No I don’t know I don’t really know much I’m not Religious People Not Really Religious I Let People believe what they want to believe Whatever Makes them happy? Everything that I’ve Been Blessed with is is for a reason all the Hardships and all that stuff to get Through Is just to Prove Myself Worthy of you know I guess my blessings and Stuff like that I just I My Main goal and what I not be all like I do things for Myself Everyone Does you know you have to, do or, else Fear like gonna go Insane but like Everything I do I can Say It’s Different Though, okay so everything I do Is For I’d Say my fans and for Others I think I think of Myself like I’m pretty Selfless Person yeah so i want to be loved you. I don’t know if I’m gonna be Fulfilled I Don’t know if I’m I don’t think I’m Gonna be Fulfilled ever Which I don’t think Anyone Really, Maybe i will I don’t know I don’t know what the future holds but um I don’t want to be a point Won’t like One day I have enough Where I can create multiple Different Things Whether they’re Companies or you? Know Whatever They Are Like to be Constantly Helping People yeah so even When, I’m Sleeping at night I can Be helping People I feel like Youtube is the first is the first step With that like People Say That They Watched my Videos and it Makes them Feel Better and Like they Could be Watching them when I’m Asleep and That Makes? Me Feel Because they Think I’m not doing yeah but I’m doing but like YouTube does Kind of Constantly wear on me Yeah you know I’m Cause I think what’s exedy what’s exedy what I don’t have an Idea I get stressed out right now we’re getting ahead of Schedule With our Videos and that’s awesome at least you do was sick when you have ideas yeah you? Don’t have ideas you’re Thinking of ideas and you’re Bullshitting Every I think Everything Is relative When People look at me and They Say like Oh you, must be like Living The Life you’re This agent in La and I’m like yeah like it I should be right Yeah and am I Ungrateful for Not Feeling like I am Sometimes but everything’s relative it’s like Say someone has like you know Some of The Richest Person World in The Poorest Verse in the World the Poorest Person in the World? Doesn’t Really Have to, worry about Money, Cuz they, don’t really have Any in the Rivers in the World like has to worry about Money Because They Had it but the thing is the Ending of Everyone has doing Worries and it’s gonna Be relative all Ending Up in the Same Place yeah What are you working for in This Earth Everyone’s Gonna die? You’re Ending Up in the Same place no Matter what your Financial Position is no Matter what kind of life you live Everyone Goes to the Same Place Yeah so what Is what Is Success Really I showed you my video Earlier When I was your Age and? You Guys Are in This Conversation Is Just Incredible Like wow I can sit with the Old day like this is awesome you guys Just fun yet I’m Truly Inspired I mean Just My Favorite Background, sorry Inspiring your being a, dd Alright, sorry man Thank You Guys so much Thank you, Dude I Appreciate it Yeah i can use this to inspire People because you can go from this to something a little bit I was so insecure About using my Own Voice I could not Speak to the Camera Really So i put on this Character Called dick very good you, sound like a dick Huh Girls, do you, Feel free go here, oh yeah, yeah did you, ever Have to put on Voices We did our first years Bob and Rob first Season yeah, We had We Had Voices? Scuba Diver That Does Surgery very Good Or Anything Because that Would have cost you much you think It’s a good thing like some might Call a Disorder but I’D call it a blessing Was this Inspired by fred at all but You Guys Finally go to yeah? We were a little bitter enough I mean We talked in Like the High-Pitched Voice like, you’re our eighth Year but the Times This was like Yeah Concentrate and do One School but it’s Really new Stuff is like yeah this Stuff Is very you Said it very Controversial Nowadays There was back in the day you Could Be like all like meds like I remember it. Was like my meds but Like yeah it’s like I feel like I i think Meds for allergies you can’t Say that It’s Probably Just Because you’re Smaller as, oh yes I didn’t know and My other Video I reacted to A few Weeks ago, was I was Saying the most terrible Things but That’s Because? I was Playing a character as, well yeah yeah acting Is Different because you don’t mean it you know you Say for Like the Whatever You Say for like it hasn’t Effect like it’s Entertaining but your Intentions Are Just to Make People Like I’m gonna Make This Video Because I have so much Hate in my heart the people who have 88 you Don’t i mean you’re Making the Video to try, me People Laugh you’re not trying to hurt Anyone’s Feelings, oh good isn’t it Where The ideas you have Even I do so two Weeks ago that I thought, oh I’m in Right, well I was I thinking so? You had h to Take Aspirin Hyperduck She’s Addicted to Schedule go Through the day Obviously Idea Wait for night Like any She prescribed Medicine and Fix it


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