The Drama Company – Episode 21 – 24th September, 2017

Welcome to ‘The Drama Company’! Friends, as you all know that in this show, we always try to do something new,
something unique. Generally,
we’ve celebrities here and to entertain them,
we perform a play. But today, we are going to entertain each other. I mean, Krushna will
entertain Mr. Sudesh. Mr. Sudesh will entertain
Mr. Ali. Mr. Ali will entertain Sugandha. Sugandha will entertain
Ridhima. Ridhima will entertain me
and I.. “Jimmy..”
– “Jimmy..” “Jimmy, come on!
Jimmy..” So Mr. Mithun, are you ready? Today we’ll have something here
which would make them feel special and roasted. For today, ‘The Drama Company’
has become ‘The Chugli Company’. Let’s begin! “My beloved..” “Day and night, I think..” “I think about..” “My beloved..” “I wonder why my
heart is pounding.” “I wonder why I feel restless.” “Why have you made
me go through this?” “My beloved..” “My beloved..” What is it! What is it? He keeps playing drums
outside my house. What is all this going on here? You know what?
My sister broke his guitar. Next day,
he brought another one. Then she broke his ‘tabla’ he brought another one
the next day. Yesterday, I came outside
to see moon on ‘Karvachauth’ he started playing ‘shehnai’. ‘Karvachauth’? – Yes. But you are not married, Sister. How many kids do you have?
– Two. Are you married? – No. Exactly. This.. These are just rich
families’ tantrums. They are meaningless.
– I see. It’ll go on like this.. Mithun! He is Mithun Chakraborty.
– Yes.. How are you? See, he didn’t even respond. He doesn’t respond
when I greet him nor he laughs at my jokes. Nothing at all.
Try telling him a joke. Out of anger,
a husband tells his wife.. ‘I’m fed up!’ ‘Let me stay at peace.’ His wife says, ‘Fine.’ ‘You stay at peace.
I’ll stay at Paris.’ Still no reaction.
He didn’t laugh at all. This is not done.
Mr. Mithun, I’ll tell you what. This is how you should laugh. Play! This is what. In a comedy show, you are
supposed to laugh like this. Why do you always
react this way? You really want to know?
– Yes. I hide my face, when I fail
to understand the joke. Why do you hide your face?
Usually, guys expect girls to react this way. Whatever it is but I do find him
cute. Really? – I suggest, Mr. Mithun.
Let’s go to Ooty for weekend. Then we’ll.. “Sway with the beat..” No! He doesn’t like to sway.
– Then? He is good at beating
something else. He.. Let me finish! He has broken my so many bones. He has broken my right hand,
my left hand. He has thrashed me so badly that all the medicines
have proved ineffective. I see.. Sister, we’ll go together.
Just both of us. I can’t go along with you.
– Why? I’ve become a heroine now. My Bhojpuri film is going
to get released. Which one? I’m doing the Bhojpuri remake
of ‘Disco Dancer’. Really? – ‘Bhauji Gayi Disco.
Bidi Peeke Khisko’. Wow! That is not all. I’ve signed
projects of big banners. You know the movie named
‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ starring Akshay Kumar..
– Yes.. They are making its remake
in Bhojpuri. ‘Main Jee Lungi Tere Bin.
Jab Tak Nahi Banega Lavatory.’ Sister, please
tell them about me. – What? Chaubey was about to launch me. What are you saying?
– Yes. Chaubey from Patna?
– Yes. That shorty. Wha..
Don’t trust him. Why? – He had promised
to launch me many times. He.. – What do you mean? He doesn’t..
– Does he just promise and later doesn’t release?
– No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t release the movies. I see. To heck with him.
Forget about them. Yes! – We’ve launched
our business today, Sister. Right. We’ve started our
career as astrologers. We’ll predict everyone’s future. Yes.. Look at him! Who? – The one who’s smiling,
with a glowing face. Mr. Sudesh. – He is rather
an old model. He is quite senior. Tell him about his future.
– Sudesh Lahiri. – Right! Let me tell him
about his future. There is darkness.
– If you keep your eyes closed you’ll see only darkness. Open your eyes. Yes, if I keep my eyes closed,
I still see a ray of hope. I see.. – Nothing..
There is nothing left. – Really? Nothing is left now. – Sister,
there must be a remedy. I’ll give him a remedy. See.
– Yes. From tomorrow, rates of utensils
are going to increase. Buy a few bowls.
– Why? – No.. Don’t misunderstand.
I’m asking him to start begging. Sister, you are
showing us his future. Let me tell you about his past.
– Go ahead, tell us. I went to him to learn
how to do comedy. He said to me.. Comedy is an inborn talent.
– Yes.. I said.. ‘How?’
He said, ‘Come inside.’ ‘Let me show you.’ He took me inside. For a while, he searched
then he started screaming.. ‘He is Ali..’ My wig had slipped, you know. Sister! – Yes. Look at that little girl. Sugandha!
– Come on.. Tell us something about her.
– No.. She is a very nice girl.
– Really? Tell us more. She prepares delicious Tea.
– And? She belongs to a decent family.
– And? She has a lot of respect
for her grandfather. Very good! Tell us about her comic sense.
– How can I tell you about something which
she doesn’t have? Krushna! I can’t tell you. Sister, look! Ridhima. – Yes. This girl..
Let’s have a big hand for her. Mom! This girl has reached this stage
after a lot of hard work. Wow! – Wonderful! She is just a couple
of steps away from her destination.
– How come? If she takes two steps forward,
she’ll fall among the audience. That’s her destination. She will never feel bored
in her life. Why? – Because Karan will
always be beside her clapping like this. High five!
High five.. Karan is a very nice boy.
Listen, friends. I’ve been watching Karan
since 10 years. He has grown tremendously
in these 10 years. Really?
– He had short hair earlier. Now he has such long hair. I can’t say the same
about his career though. Sister! – Yes. Mr. Tana! Who? – Mr. Tana. Sister, tell us something
about him. Sister, why don’t you
say something about.. Try to understand my silence. You’ll get your answers. Gone.. There is a tonsure ceremony
in the village. – Okay. So tell me a good comedian
who could perform there. What can I say? There are so many performers
sitting here. See. The tonsure ceremony
is being held for them. Yes! Actually,
villagers wanted to behead them. I convinced them to have
this ceremony instead. Really.
– Trust me. Wow! It’s okay..
It doesn’t matter. No matter what you throw,
I can easily dodge. Like this.. Anyway, we spoke about them. Where is he?
That fat penguin. Who?
– Ali asgar. – What? Ali Asgar! Ali.. He is nowhere to be seen. What.. What are you
going to say about him? He is a great man, Sister! Let alone a great man,
he isn’t a man at all. All those women sitting here.. All of you wouldn’t have
changed so many saris which he had! By the way.. Why are you talking about him? Ali won’t be here right now.
– What do you mean? He must be doing comedy
for Rs. 4,000 wearing a sari, somewhere. That’s his part time job. Or wearing a sari,
he visits those families who have a new born baby. She is right. Ali still changes saris but Krushna has changed
so many channels which don’t even exist. It’s correct.. Let it be..
– Why should I? Wait. I’m not done yet. Come on.. Okay, listen.
– Go! Go.. Krishna.. – Yes. Had he not been Govinda’s nephew he wouldn’t have got recognition
even from animals! Well said.. Mark my words.. Don’t you dare speak the truth! We are done talking
about all of us. But I want to give you
some sad news. What happened, Sister?
– There is a man.. Give it to me. This man.. – Oh, God! If you see this man anywhere..
– Yes. This man has ruined comedy. Do you see him? You know that it’s true. If you see this man anywhere we’ll pay you Rs. 1,00,000
to catch him. Please nab him
and bring him here. Okay? Anyway, we’ll leave now.
Okay. My stomach is hurting..
I mean.. You were wonderful! Whenever we speak
about television questions are raised
on one relation. Relation between the
channel and the producer. They are somewhat like
a husband and wife. They can’t tolerate each other
nor can they separate. A producer has come to meet
the channel head with a lot of hopes. Let’s see what happens
to her show. Oh, man!
I can’t even have water. Hello. Yes. I’m speaking from the channel. So you are looking for a job,
is it? What are your qualifications? Forget about MBA.
Are you good at gossiping? Can you report
about others’ behaviour? No? How will you do time pass here? This is our job. Yes. Okay, fine.
Shut up. Okay. Wait a minute.
Let me check today’s schedule. I’ve a meeting with a girl
who is coming to pitch her comdey show.
– Yes.. I’m on the way, pal. Wait a minute. I’ve so many thing to do
Oh, God! Hi, sir!
How are you? Hi! Hi.. My God!
You are looking.. Come this side please. Sir.. You are looking so handsome!
Oh, my God.. Look at the shoes! I’ve the same one. Oh, God!
Sir, very nice. Speak in Hindi.
I am the head but I don’t know English. Oh, sorry.. Sorry..
I made a mistake. I’ll speak to you in Hindi. Sir, actually I want to say
that I’ve got a very good, humorous show. I’ve a comedy show, sir. Listen, I agree
but we are done with humour. I want to do a different show. It’s name will be funny.
– Okay. But it won’t have any humour. We need to make
people feel bored. Oh..
– People should fall asleep. I want to make such a show.. Do you’ve any such concept?
– Yes, absolutely, sir. Tell me..
– Along with the concept I’ve a very nice face. I mean.. Internet sensation. A new face, the future star..
Sanket Bhonsle. Sir.. Sanket Bhonsle..
The one who mimicks Baba
in the most original style. ‘Start!’ Oh! Yes..
– Him? – Yes, that’s him.. See.
I knew it. What happened, sir?
– My BP tablet. BP tablet.. Sir.. Whom did you mention just now?
– Sanket Bhonsle. Your show is approved. Wow! From 21st onwards, at 9 p.m. Your show has been approved.
– What are you saying! Let me send a message. Hello, Gulati. Your show has been approved.
You can start from the 22nd. Your show will be telecast
at 9 p.m. – Sir.. Sir..
Wait a minute. You just approved
my show from 21st at 9 p.m. then how can his show
telecast on the 22nd? Your show will go
off air in one day. As you said. Sanket! Sir, I’ve another
famous celebrity. Multi-talented Sugandha Mishra! Really? – Yes, sir. Gulati, you can
start from the 21st. The way she said,
it’ll go off air in a day. Sir, wait a minute.
Listen.. What?
Tell me the name of an actor. We have a Bollywood star. Mr. Tana. We’ll discuss
about the staff later. I don’t want to discuss
about the hairdresser or the make-up man. I want to know about the actor!
– Sir, they are the actors! Save comedy for the show,
get serious here. What are you doing? Sir, wait a minute.
I’m going to tell you such a name hearing which you’ll
immediately say ‘Yes’. We have Ridhima Pandit. Listen,
I already have a ‘pandit’. He is going to perform
the veneration. You mean..
– What are you saying? Ridhima Pandit, sir..
Ridhima! The one who speaks
with an expressionless face in a robotic tone.. ‘Yes, I’m a robot.
How can I help you?’ Her?
– Yes, sir. Our very own Ridhima.
– Yes! Then why are you calling her
an actor? I’m getting confused. You call her an actor..
She has a stern face. I don’t want to ruin my show..
Tell me someone more talented.
– Sir.. We’ve some very experienced,
super talented.. No, I want to meet her first.
– Okay, fine. Yes! She came along with me.
I forgot.. Hold on. Ridhima, dear. Come inside. Hi!
– Hi. – How are you? Nice earrings. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Okay, I’ll tell you what. She has praised you a lot.
– Yes. But if you can show us..
– Yes.. Dear, the scene you
did in my audition.. Yes. – Go on..
Perform it before him. ‘How would you know the value’ ‘of a pinch of vermilion,
Mr. Sudesh?’ Wow.. Wow!
Wow! Superb! We can use her in two ways. How?
– She is good at overacting. Indian cricket team will
be having matches now. We’ll make her bowl in an over and also act in our show. Then.. – Listen..
– Why don’t you tell me what I should do? Call her once,
perhaps she’ll agree. Who? – Raveena Tandon. You had said that you
were her manager. Perhaps she hires you again.
– Oh! Oh, God! By the way, what else can you do other than acting? I don’t know anything. Do you have a boyfriend? No, I don’t..
– Then how do you survive? Hey you! In a comedy show, you
always come and sing a song. If you are so fond of singing why don’t you participate
in a singing show? Wow!
That was great! And you! Modern version of Parvati. If you want to learn about style you can come to me. What she just said about singing and all.. Audience gets bored
listening to Sugandha. She is blaming me..
– No.. Actually, the truth is.. She is right to some extent. Because Sugandha sings well and she doesn’t even
make weird faces.. Like this.. Pal, don’t confuse me. Tell me.. – New shirt! Sir, I’ve same dress.
Same colour. – Isn’t it? Beautiful. – Tell me.
– Sir. We have another super
star in our show. Sudesh Lahiri! I had already told you,
it shouldn’t be a comedy show. People burst into laughter
hearing his name. They won’t, sir. I assure you.
You won’t laugh because Krushna
is along with him. He will shout so much.
People will switch the channel thus no one would watch
the actor. No matter what.
Still what if people watch him and starts laughing? Sir, in that case
we have.. Ali Asgar. I want people to get bored.
I don’t want to kill them. What are you doing? We’d need to distribute
blankets to the audience. He will give such
a lame performance. People will die out of cold. Okay, leave alone the actors. The audience will get bored
eventually. Tell me who made this mess! Sir, I’m sure it must be Karan. Is it? – I’m sure. Then hire him as the anchor.
– What do you mean? The one who can make
this place so filthy can also say filthy jokes
on stage. I see.. In every comedy show,
what happens is.. There is one judge. Yes. – He sits on the sofa. Yes. – He keeps laughing making the show hit.
– Yes. Right. – We need someone as such who don’t laugh no matter
how funny the joke is. Sir, well.. Mr. Mithun,
do you have any suggestion? Hey you! – Show.. Wait a minute!
– Lovely! Cut!
Cut.. What’s going on here? He pushed me out of excitement. I fell down. Sir, you..
– Oh, God! No. Nothing can be done.
– Sir. Okay, sir.
I’ve one more idea. Why don’t we create
a show based on animals? Sir, let’s base
the show on dog. I’ve already made
a show based on Krishna. I am not going
to make it again. Not Krushna, sir. I’m talking about a dog. Dog.. – I too am talking
about the same. No dog is bigger than Krushna. I’m surprised. How did that dog
marry a black cat? Wait a minute.. Mr. Sudesh. I was telling
Mr. Mithun just now that we too made fun of you but we didn’t mention
about your personal life. Then why are you
getting personal? No.. He was just..
– No. I was just kidding.. You have also said it. We are making fun of each other.
We pointed out at each other but we didn’t target
their families. – Krushna. I had told you earlier.. I.. Kamal.
– Krushna. Kamal, I had told you earlier..
– Krushna, let it be. No, he also mentioned
Uncle Govinda. No.. – Leave it.
Let it be. It’s just a show.
Let it be.. The show is going on.
Leave it. We’ll talk to him later.
– If you didn’t like it they’ll remove it later.
– Yes. They will edit it. – No,
you shouldn’t have said so. Don’t involve someone’s family. Okay.. – No..
– We didn’t.. Okay.. Okay, Fine.
Start.. – No, hold on.. No, I had made it clear
to the writers. You had written how Govinda
is out of work and all.. Such.. – I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. Hold on, let’s cut it.
– Mr. Mithun is a senior person that is why I’m not saying.. – Right..
– Otherwise I’ll go.. – No.. I don’t want to do this show. Krushna – Hold on..
Calm down.. Don’t worry. Listen.
– Mr. Mithun is here. No, pal. Lucky.. – Krushna. Krushna.. – Look at him.
He even slaps me on the show. Wait a minute. That’s because we
are performing. – Mr. Sudesh! Mr. Sudesh, calm down.
– No.. – Mr. Sudesh. Calm down. – Oh, pal..
– Let it be. Keep quiet. – No.. Listen.. – Mr. Sudesh.
– What about when he.. Listen to me.
– What about when he slaps me? No, Mr. Sudesh. – Krushna. Don’t you think about my
family then? – Stop him. Calm down. Please. Only because of Mr. Mithun,
I’m not saying anything. I don’t want to do the show. Krushna.. – Krushna. You.. Please calm down.
– No.. Wait a minute..
– What about when you involve my family? Hold on. I never said
anything about your family. You hit me..
Even I’ve kids. – No.. Even I’ve a family. – Hold on..
– Had I ever mentioned it? Come. Did I ever make any
personal comment? You.. You do that. Please calm down..
– You often.. Yesterday.. – Mr. Sudesh.. Mr. Sudesh, please..
– Wait a minute. Wait a minute.. When I fell down on stage did he not say that see what
all I’ve to do to earn money? Hold on..
– Since 10 years you’ve been working with me
and today.. It isn’t about 10 years,
you always point at my family. What did I say
about your family? You’ve been doing it
since 10 years. – Mr. Sudesh.. Don’t shout. – Wait..
– Mr. Mithun is a senior person. You’ve been doing it
since 10 years.. – Mr. Sudesh.. Hold him back.
– Mr. Mithun, please.. – Don’t.. How can you.. – Since 10 years.. Only because of him..
– He has been doing it. Wait a minute, guys..
– Calm down.. – I.. I’m not saying anything
only because of Mr. Mithun. Krushna! – And you are shouting. He has been doing
it since 10 years. – Leave it. Leave it. – You are his senior. You.. – Calm down. Please.. – Wait a minute..
Karan. Look at his expressions
seriously! You thought I didn’t know.. You thought I didn’t know.. A big hand for Mr. Mithun! A big hand
for ‘The Drama Company’! But Krushna,
you had said it rightly. I was right. He can do anything for money. You.. How dare you..
Get lost! Did you enjoy it? “Across my house..” “There lives an angel who has
descended from the moon.” “Across my house..” “There lives an angel who has
descended from the moon.” “It’s very unfortunate that she’s mad at me.” Actually,
across my house there lives a girl who
has descended from the moon. She’s not beautiful. She has a huge black
mark on face, that’s why. Anyway, she comes
out only during the night. One day, she came out
during daytime. I even sent
her a flying kiss. But when
I saw the beard I realized that it was
her father. I have
told you many times not to wear
your daughter’s night gown and roam around
the house during daytime. What are
you looking at? She’s so beautiful.
I can’t even describe it. You will see her
when she comes. Tell
me something. How did you make
yourself so beautiful? What! I am not an
object that can be made. I was born beautiful. I want to
ask you something. Will you marry me? You want me to marry you?
– Yes. I’d rather go in a
river and bathe, than marry you. It’s supposed to be ‘I would rather
drown in a river..” Why should I sacrifice
my life because of you? I would rather eat stale
Samosas from Gupta’s store. I will not die by eating
them and I will enjoy as well. Look.. You will not find
a chivalrous guy like me. I’ve graduated
from high school. I’ve also got
a job as women’s tailor. Congratulations
for landing the job. I am going to learn
singing from my master. Get out of here. Sir? Sir? My pupil.. Where are you,
buddy? “Oh, Julie..
Oh, Sheela..” “Oh, Rano..
Oh, Jamalo..” “Darling, hold me
in your arms.” “And never let me go.” Sir! Sir,
I have lost myself. Did you gamble
and lose your money again? I did not gamble, sir. I am in love.
I have fallen in love. Who’s the girl?
Who is it? Do you see the
window across my room? You are in
love with the window. You are going
to marry the window. Am I supposed
to close your wife when people ask
me to close the window? I am not in
love with the window, sir. I am in love with the
girl who lives in that room. Sir?
– What’s the matter? Sir?
– Yes. Sir, you assured me that I will be able
to sing within 10 days. It’s been
9 days and 23 hours and I
still cannot sing. Baby, don’t worry. You still have an hour left.
I’m telling the truth, baby. If you cannot
sing after an hour then you
cannot be helped. Sir!
– Baby. I am leaving. Baby?
– I don’t want to talk to you. Where are you going, Baby? This is very high. Baby? I am being honest with you. Sir, please teach me
how to sing. I would willingly
sacrifice my life for you but I cannot
teach you how to sing. Please.
– Baby.. Sir..
– Baby! Mate, I think,
she is in love with him. She’s standing so close
to that bald man. – Hey! Sir, she’s not
in love with the bald man. She’s in love
with the bald man’s talent. What are you
going to do about it? I wish I could sing, sir. I could have wooed her. Don’t worry.
I will take care of it. I will sing and
you can lip sync. That’s a great idea, sir. Yes, right! “Across my house..” “There lives an angel who has
descended from the moon.” “It’s very unfortunate” “that she’s mad at me.” “Across my house..” “There lives an angel who has
descended from the moon.” “It’s very unfortunate” “that she’s mad at me.” “Across my house..” “There lives an angel who
has descended from the moon.” Move aside. This mule wants to
take part in a horse race. If you want to showcase
your singing talent then let’s have
a competition! All right,
let’s have a competition. Are you ready?
– Yes. Let’s have a competition. Baby, I need your blessings. “The pretty lady
is decked up..” “The pretty lady
is decked up..” “She dwells in my heart.” “I am madly in love with her..” “The pretty lady
is decked up..” “The pretty lady
is decked up..” Oh, dear.. Hey! “The pretty lady
is extremely smart..” “The pretty lady
is extremely smart..” “She keeps falling
in her own traps.” “I can’t help
but laugh at her..” “The pretty lady
is extremely smart..” “Dance on, Basanti..” “Dance on, Basanti..” “Everyone has left!”
“Everyone has left!” “You ugly crow,
go away! Go away!” “Who do you make so much noise?” “Don’t be the
slave of that lady” “who will make one
forget his destination.” “Oh, no!
Oh, no!” “Go away! Go away!” “Go and wash your
face in a salty drain.” “Oh, just sing!
Just sing!” “Sing! Sing!”
– “Something is weird.” “Sing! Sing!”
– “You are changing the beat.” “Sing! Sing!” “He is distracting me.”
– “Sing! Sing!” “Where is the beat?” Bhola, he whisked her away
right in front of us. So what? We will sweep
her away right in front of him. Bhola! You too, are beautiful. Bhola.. I like you. Bhola, say it again. What should I say? Bhola.. Bhola, say it again. Bhola! Bhola! I have a poem in my mind. ‘I was robbed
by my close ones.’ ‘The outsiders didn’t have
the courage to do so.’ ‘I was robbed
by my close ones.’ ‘The outsiders didn’t have
the courage to do so.’ ‘My boat too, sank in a
place with shallow waters.’ Thank you. Thank you. Now that we are
speaking of a sinking boat today, on the stage
of ‘The Drama Company’ you will witness the story
of the sinking ship, Titanic. So let us see the
boat that did not float. Someone
please play a nice song. I am feeling sleepy. “I woke up from a dream.” “My condition is critical.” “There was an earthquake.
My entire body has shaken up.” “When I see your face,” “you come across
as the son of earth.” “When I see you
from top to bottom, it seems” “you’ve come from
the tales of Kamasutra.” “You have thunder thighs. ” “I wonder, whether or not
the size matters.” “You are jumping!” “My heart is pumping blood.” “Your
heart is throbbing.” Sir, do you remember anything
after watching this scene? Yes, I did. I forgot to turn off
the motor for my borewell. You are
such a renowned man. Yet, you take care
of so many household chores. Sir, this is the famous
scene from the famous film ‘Titanic’. I am Rose and he is Jack. Oh, my! Hurry up! Hurry up!
– I’m coming! The ship will start sailing. If you wanted me to
run, why did you book a seat in the ship? We will reach there first,
if we run. Come on, let us run!
Hurry up! Let us go! Well.. There is no oxygen over here. Shall we go down
and inhale some? You are
scared to inhale oxygen. Look at that girl. She is embracing
her own doom. Hey, you!
Shut up! You won’t say a word
against my husband, Schezwan. My name is not
Schezwan. It is Rizwan. By the way, I am Guddi. And he my husband. The two of us
just got married and we are
on our honeymoon. Okay.
– What about you? The thing is, we
had a honeymoon by mistake. So, we are planning
to get hitched, very soon. We are enjoying
our honeymoon, in a jiffy while they
have done it, by fluke. Actually, once,
I was cooking cottage cheese. I didn’t have enough
and we had our honeymoon. Oh, God! How is cottage cheese
connected to honeymoon? Actually, once,
I was cooking cottage cheese. I didn’t have enough
and we ended up, fighting. The fight
graduated to a wrestle. And I did not
realize as to when he turned it into romance. “The golden
pigeon has flown up” “and is sitting
on the attic.” “The mad pigeon
ate all the grains and fled.” “On the attic.” “On the attic.” “The pigeon
is rolling over the attic.” What should
I say about him? It appears that
a mermaid is standing with a seahorse. Darn it! I need a lift. Give me a lift.
Come on, lift me up. There is no space. Sir, go elsewhere. I’ll curse you
and your entire family! Hey! Don’t speak non-sense! I am the captain
of this ship! If I don’t board the ship,
all of you will drown. Come on! Pull! Move aside! Hey, you! Ouch!
– “Julie! Julie!” “Johnny has
given you his heart.” “I am even
ready to die for you.” “After all,
you are my life.” “You are my
life! You are my life!” “Julie! Julie!” “Johnny has
given you his heart. “I am even ready to die
for you.” “After all, you are my life.” “I neither want
Tony, nor do I want Peter” “I don’t want Michael
with the cycle as well.” “Then whom
do you desire?” “Johny..” “Julie’s heart
belongs to you, Johny.” “I have taken
you to be my honey.” “You are
the love of my life.” Do you know each
other, by the way? No, we don’t know each other.
When we laid eyes on each other the song started
playing in the background. This happens
to me all the time. Whenever I
see a pretty woman I either start dancing or embracing them and sometimes,
I kiss them as well. Is this ‘Titanic’?
– Yes. I will play
Jack’s role then. No. He is
playing Jack’s role. He?
– Yes. He looks like
he has been hijacked! Jack is the
lead of our movie. How can he be the lead? He, who has been facing rejection all his life? Come, let’s enact a few
romantic scenes from Titanic. Come on. But this is not possible.
Jack is the lead in our movie and he will be playing
Jack’s role. – All right.. All right. Enact all the romantic scenes
with him as he is the lead. Yes.
– But.. I will enact the scene
where Jack paints Rose. This ship will sink
if I don’t do that scene. I will sink the ship.
– Oh, my God! Oh, no!
– By the way I just remembered this
when you mentioned death. I’m free too.
Please paint me as well. Her painting? Get some
treatment first. Come on, play the song. “The romance between
two people is budding” “as they embrace one another.” “The romance between
two people is budding” “as they embrace one another.” “Don’t know
what the brain says.” “You should listen
to what our bodies want.” “The hearts
have started to talk.” Hey, stop it. I will kill you. I wish we could stay here
like this for a couple of hours. Have you
lost your mind? This show
is for one hour. After an hour, will you get into
‘CID’ and sink the ship? Dear?
– Yes? Looking at them I feel like
enacting Rose’s character. Keep Rose aside. Try to
become a proper woman first. I do become
a woman every day. I will kill you
with the egg of a dinosaur. Did he say egg? This ship was made
with a lot of hard work and you people are
playing with words right now? Let’s enact the scene
where Jack paints Rose. Okay. Get the materials required. Thank you, Robert. I will get a dog
and name him after you. Get up. He will be painting me.
– Keep the argument amongst each other.
Why are you dragging me in it? Come here. Move a little, this side. Do this now.. Is it done? Wait a minute. Yes, it is done. Leonardo too could not have
made this in the original movie. Awesome! I am so excited.
Show it to me! Show!
– Have a look. This! What is this? What does it say? ‘My Painting.’ Yes, this is your painting. What! What is written here?
– ‘My painting.’ What is written here?
– ‘My painting.’ What is written here?
– ‘My painting.’ This has a 3D effect.
Whoever sees it will say ‘My painting.’ This is how sharp my mind is.
– What! Everyone settle
down in their places. It is time to sail the boat.
– Okay. Move! I cannot sit down, sir. There is a metal
rod placed in my leg. It is placed
in the wrong place. You should’ve placed a rod
in the balcony of your house. It would be helpful
in drying the clothes. Okay, so I am
about to sail the ship now. Slow down.
– It is time for me to rest now. Sir, how can someone
sleep while standing? This is nothing. I can sleep
while sitting down. Everyone can do that. I mean, I sit and sleep
during a comedy show. Hey! Fasten your seat belts fast. Okay.
– Where is it? A ship doesn’t have a seat belt. Exactly,
use your brain a little. You start looking for
everything I say. Crazy people! Save me.. I am drowning. I am drowning, someone save me. Don’t you worry.
Here, catch this parachute. Jump. Fetch. Take it. Oh, my God.
Jack! Jack! No, Jack! Jack! What did you do? You
had my husband jump in water. I did not have him jump,
I just sent him to the Almighty. Jack.
– Listen to me. I don’t want to die
drowning in water. Then
drink some poison. I mean to say I know how to swim. You just tell me
how far is the land. Two kilometers. Two kilometers?
That’s it? Okay!
Excuse me. Where are you..
Hey.. What are you doing?
– Hey.. What are you doing? Hey.. I said it is two
kilometers in this direction. Why did she
jump in that direction? Crazy woman. What should I
do now? Will I also.. Wait a
minute. Take this. What is this? All a drowning person
needs, is a stick to survive. Hey.. Wait, I am coming as well. Come on, sit behind me. Did you see? A man never changes his habits.
He is begging in water too. Yes. Come on, darling. Everyone has left. I will be
making the real ‘Titanic’ now wherein, there
will be 100 romantic scenes. But.. I will enact the scene
where Jack paints Rose.


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