The Drama Company – Episode 43 – Full Episode – 14th January, 2018 new

Well, why are you feeling shy? Come here. I am not shy. My pallu got stuck. It just gets stuck anywhere. Why are you thinking
so much then? Pull it.
Be a man, come on. A man?
– Yes. It took me 40 minutes
to be a woman and now you want me to be a man! It takes a lot of effort. I don’t understand.
– What? The Americans have Superman. They have Spiderman to take care of their problems. God hasn’t given us anything
of that sort until now. Oh, God! Give us something or my life will be ruined. Thank you. Akshay!
– Akshay! – Akshay! Akshay!
– Akshay! – Akshay! – Thank you. Hello, Ms. Rinku and ma’am how are you? Good. – My dance is eager
to come out after seeing you. That’s good, really good. I hope nothing else
comes out from inside. No worries. I have an experience of 4 years,
nothing will come out. Good then.
That’s really good. Stop talking rubbish. You know, he always
cares for women. – Okay. Right. That’s why he
made this movie ‘Padman’ for us. Mr. Akshay she is my daughter, Rinku. She is a little superstitious and very shy! Please explain it
to her in details. He will explain
it to you. Try to understand. Fine, tell me something. Ms. Rinku when
you get your period does your mom..
– That’s something I don’t get. Apart from that,
everything else is normal. So what?
Can it not happen to you? I mean.. That period never
came in my life. It will come..
– I don’t know about her but I get it regularly.
– Listen, if you.. If you’re playing a woman,
do it with perfection. Right. Get into the character.
– The thing.. That’s how you make a living so do it perfectly. This is the thing the thing that you said that you tried to hide it,
please don’t hide it. A woman’s monthly cycle
is normal. It exists and so be it! It is a natural cycle. Am I right? Let me tell you all something. Padman’s trailer got released and I met this girl whom I knew she told me that she saw my movie’s trailer. I asked her
which one she saw. I told her there’s no need
to feel shy about it. I asked her to say openly that she saw the trailer
of my movie, ‘Padman’. Today, she.. Rinku is feeling shy. She doesn’t want to say it. Why? It happens, so be it! What’s there to feel shy? I’m not feeling shy..
– Shut up! – Quiet. People like you
have cheap mentality. Did you see that? Anyway, jokes apart,
but let me ask how many of you know what percentage of Indian women
do not use sanitary pads? Do you know? It is 82 per cent. Some women cannot afford it and few are unaware it exists. Ms. Rinku,
let me tell you one more thing that there are so many women who don’t take care
of hygiene. There are so many women in India who use soil during
their monthly cycle. They use leaves. Some use hay. They use weird things. Let me be very clear if you want to make
your country strong make women strong. If a woman is strong the country will be strong. The defence budget
of our country must be around
2,77,000 crore rupees. but what is the use
of that defence when Indian women aren’t strong? The mother who gives birth
to men.. if she’s weak, what’s
the use of such defence? Many a time, it’s been said that there should be
no tax levied on sanitary pads. It should be made tax free. To heck with the tax free I think it should be
completely free. Great. I told you.
He’ll get us justice. I wonder why you’re
holding a radish! I have an upset stomach,
that’s why. But radish! So that, she can fly
like a rocket. She’ll fly like a rocket
if she farts. I’ve thrown it away. Ma’am, tell me why you
were holding the radish. You’ve started spoiling
the punches. Okay, what was the punch? Okay.. I used to tell you.
Akshay will get us justice. But why did you throw
the radish away? To heck with the radish! I don’t want justice.
I just want some Samosas. How will I get Samosas?
Am I a confectioner? Why don’t you practice
it properly? Actually, ‘Samosas’
can be eaten, justice can’t. Justice doesn’t have any aroma.
But the aroma of ‘Samosa’ is excellent! Okay, leave all this.
My daughter is very stubborn. She won’t rest till
she eats some Samosas. I was saying, you’re very much
concerned about women. You preached about toilets
in your last film. So, my husband got a toilet
made for me. And you’ve become
‘Padman’ in this film. We got that, too. I was saying, please name
your next film as ‘Jewel Thief’. By the way, the title
of my next film is ‘Gold’. That’s great! It’s gold.
– Great! What else do you want? Think.. As of now I’m happy,
with gold. Rest I’ll adjust. By the way, stay away. Why? – Because you
smell very bad! That’s what I want
to talk about. Hygiene. Why high jeans?
Why not low jeans? But.. – I can show
the tattoo in low jeans. Low jeans are good.
Tattoo. What happened now? Being a woman is a problem.
Sometimes I feel that way. Why? You’ve bought so many
flats in Lokhandwala being a woman.
You’ve earned so much! You’ve opened up shops! Let me tell you.
Look at me. She reads the dialogues
written there like this. I realised it today. That he was peeping
while crying. You’re such a nice man!
You know everything. But my husband doesn’t
understand anything. Your husband is an idiot. He doesn’t know anything.
He doesn’t understand. He can’t do it. What are you talking about? Stop crying now.
There are other women present here who have
real problems. Let’s hear those.
Let’s go to the panchayat. Come. Tell you what?
Let’s call them here. What say?
– They are right here. Oh, they’re here! ‘Padman’s panchayat’ Welcome to the
panchayat session. Welcome, all of you.. Never mind. She has
her own cushion at the back. I was going to check that. She has a cushion? It’s fully padded.
– Yes. Okay, welcome everyone
to the session. Let me tell you that
he’s my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law..
He’s the sarpanch today. I have punched him every day
to make him the sarpanch. Oh, that’s how he became
the sarpanch! Oh, you’re feeling hot!
Wait a minute. Let me switch on the fan.
Stand up. Come on, run. He’s your fan.
He’s running. He’s feeling cold. – I’m cold.
– Ask him to run slowly. He’s such a useless boy!
Sit down! Tell you what
You become the sarpanch. Sit here.. – Let’s hear it
for the sarpanch. I don’t smoke.
Because it evokes fire. You know what? I don’t have
a sibling because of mom. How? Dad didn’t go for the second one
after seeing her face. Hey, not my face.
Your dad saw your face and said, the result is
so bad! After that, he didn’t dare
to take the exam again. Do you know what
this is? – Your mom’s eyes. He’s abusing you. She’s such a bad mother!
She fixed my alliance for five cigarettes. Five cigarettes!
– Yes, among those two were fake,
two were damp only one was good. Only the cigarette was
burning in the first night. My husband seemed uninterested. My life is ruined. Why do you always say that?
Tell him if you have any other problem.
– Yes, there are problems. I have many problems. You see, Akshay, we use
blankets in winter. If we cover the head,
the leg comes out. And vice versa.
What should I do? Let’s do this.
Come with me. Let me break those. Then there will be no problem. How can there be no problem? She’ll start talking nonsense
if you break her legs. Find some other way, Padman. You also say something. Don’t ask him.
You’ve beaten him up badly. Come on, say something. The litchi flavour is a little
less in the ‘Hukka’. Are we having a celebration here
that you want litchi flavour? You are..
– Enough, stop it. You see, this actor..
– Yes. It seems the producer got
him as a dowry. Okay, the session is over.
We’ll handle the problems later. Come on.
– Bye! We can talk now as we’re alone.
I have many problems in life. What happened is, my
husband went to buy oil. So, my neighbour asked
me where my husband was. So, I said, he went
to buy some oil. Mom asked me where he was.
I said the same thing. He didn’t go anywhere else.
I need to tell the truth. Why does everyone get
angry on me? Is that your problem? This is not the problem.
My husband is the problem. He doesn’t love me. Let me tell you something.
Well, there’s a large audience present here.
– Right. Please look at her face. Who will love her? Look over there!
A lady raised her hand saying that she will. My husband doesn’t love me. I can’t say it to you. I can show it to you
if you don’t mind. Look here. ‘You’ve brought a glass of milk
and a glass of alcohol.’ ‘Which one will you drink?’ ‘I will know that only
after you lift your veil.’ ‘Lift the veil quickly.’ ‘I will tell you what.’ ‘Turn off the lights.
It will prove to be useful.’ ‘Keep quiet.
Lift the veil quickly.’ ‘I’ll lift the veil but promise
that after that, you won’t’ ‘beat me.’ ‘I’ll know whether I’ll beat you
or kick you’ ‘after you lift the veil.’ ‘Fine..’ ‘I’ll lift the veil but you need
to offer me Rs. 5 as a gift.’ ‘Why so less?
– More than that would be’ ‘a loss for you.’ ‘I know about myself.
You won’t feel like offering me’ ‘more than that.’ ‘Here’s a 5 rupee coin.’ ‘Now lift the veil.’ ‘Shall I?’ “It’s our wedding night.
And I am lifting your veil.” ‘Return my 5 rupees!’ ‘Return my 5 rupees!’ ‘Return my 5 rupees!’ ‘Return my 5 rupees..’ ‘Return my 5 rupees!’ ‘What is this?’ ‘No.
Easy..’ ‘I’ll turn into a man.’ ‘It’s not getting over.’ ‘I’ve been trying to have it
for so long.’ ‘This is popcorn!’ ‘You don’t drink it
using a straw.’ ‘You eat it.’ ‘I see!
Right.’ ‘I will eat it like this.’ ‘Not like this.
Like this.’ ‘You eat it like this..’ ‘Does anyone eat like this?’ ‘I am going crazy.’ ‘Firstly, I am unable
to watch the movie.’ ‘Why am I unable
to watch the movie?’ ‘Where is the movie?
– How can you watch it?’ ‘Why?’ ‘You’ve got this seat for free.’ ‘You got me seated here.
The screen is behind us.’ ‘The movie is playing there.’ ‘My life has got ruined.
– Did I ruin your life?’ ‘Of course!
Have I ruined my own life?’ Such is my life. This is really very bad. I totally agree with you.
If you need anything ever.. – Yes.
– Then come to me. Please don’t worry.
– All I need is love and nothing else. Just a little love.
– You will get a lot of love. There’s lot of love
in this world. People have a lot of love. I am sure, the women
who know you.. Who know your reality,
who know you deeply.. Will love you a lot. Let me go, man!
Me and a thief! Someone tell them.
I’m not a thief! I am not a thief. Don’t angry me! Leave. I haven’t stolen this.
This has been given to me because I am the anchor
of the show. Sorry, sir. Mr. Akshay, forgive me.
I know that you are always punctual. I had come here last night. But since morning, things have
been going wrong with me. Sir, somebody put dung
on my dress. Then spiked my food
with a laxative. I spent two hours
in the washroom. And when I was getting out,
somebody locked me from outside. Someone here is troubling me.
Who is it? Hold on.
Please step aside. Remember one thing, Mantra. Nobody loves her. What do you want
to leave this place? Momos. Give a huge round of applause
for Ms. Rinku, friends. And today, I am standing
next to this superstar! He is the talk of every home
and why shouldn’t he? Because he wishes ‘PadMan’
to visit every home and deliver a
gift to every woman. Mr. Akshay, firstly, thank you
very much for a unique movie like ‘PadMan’. Let’s promote this movie.
Please tell about ‘PadMan’. Listen, as such,
I have already spoken a lot. But today, in the show,
we will speak about fun because I have already
spoken a lot about the pad. Amazing!
Ladies and gentlemen that’s like a real superstar! Let me ask you something else.
– Sure. You’ve been in the industry
for so many years. Who is your favourite heroine? My favourite heroine
is Padmini Kolhapure. It’s Padmini Kolhapure. Your favourite movie, sir?
– ‘Padosan’. I should have guessed that. What is your favourite
physical activity? ‘Padyatra’. Sir, I have seen your house.
It’s a huge building. But the roof is quite empty. What would you like
to build over there? A helipad. Sir, you were absolutely right.
You are very generous. You said nothing at all
about ‘PadMan’. A person should speak a little
about his movie. That’s more than enough. If you keep
saying ‘pad’ repeatedly it wouldn’t look nice. He is right. Akshay Kumar,
ladies and gentlemen! This movie has been made
on the topic of women hygiene. And until we speak to women
about women hygiene how can things progress? In order to share their views,
we are joined by a few very special women. First and foremost,
I would like to invite three women achievers. The talented trio. Out of which our country
sways to the tune of two and dances
at the fingertips of one. Please welcome Ila Arun,
Neha Kakkar, and Geeta Kapoor. Please, sir.. Wow!
That’s great. Ladies and gentleman this was a rocking
performance! Well.. These three renowned
celebrities are here for this discussion
with Akshay. So, Ms. Ila,
I want you to talk about
women’s monthly cycle and about sanitary pads
to these women. Give me a letter pad first. Sir, listen. If we are talking
about all these things then this is how the discussion
went during our times. People used to say.. Mom used to ask us
not to tell it to anyone. They used to fear
that people will know. Girls used to feel reluctant
and confused thinking about this being
an unknown change and she couldn’t tell anyone.. Ideally, they were told
that they have grown up now. Girls were asked to make Rotis. Girls at the age of 12
used to make Rotis. When the same
12 year old girl went through
this obvious phase which is a natural cycle.. God created things that way so there’s nothing
to hide about it. And you are so right
in saying that and I am really happy that you didn’t just
make this film about women as it is every man’s
responsibility to understand a woman’s
physical state and not just the emotional
quotient. Men need to understand
that his mother is a woman and a woman is the centre
of everything and the entire society,
the whole family and the nation functions
because of a woman. Hence hygiene is very
important for a woman. Hence the topic of sanitary
pads is very important as there was a time when women used clothes
as sanitary pads. – Yes. They had to wash it. It is very important
for all the women. Even for the small girls it is important for them
to know about sex education as well as personal hygiene. They should know about the
physical changes in their lives. Teachers should have
an open conversation with them. Sisters should do it. Friends should be open
to such discussions. Even a brother should
discuss it with his sister and so should a father. Even husbands should do it. Because.. I wish to say one last thing you also made a movie
about lavatory awareness. I am from Rajasthan and I used
to work a lot in theatres. There is a place called Kotputli which is between
Delhi and Jaipur. Buses used to halt
at that place. The public lavatory
was so unhygienic over there that it used to stink badly..
– Very bad smell.. – Yes.. It used to stink like crap. Moreover, Kachori and tea was really very famous
at that place. Oh, God!
– Now.. Now,
we used to get off the bus. Not just this.. Because of my travelling
and tourism I went to London once. This was about 35 years ago. I made friends
with an Irish woman. She once asked me
about my native. I told her
that I was from Rajasthan. She said
that it’s a lovely place! The aroma of tea, Kachori and urine! And I actually froze! I kept thinking
if this was what I had to face! Hence it is important. And I liked your film
‘Toilet, Ek Prem Katha’. I am happy that you are
making movies on such subjects and if there were lavatory
installed at that time just like you showed
in the movie then trust me, many love stories
would’ve come true. As one is waiting
with water in hand.. Let me tell you all that we celebrate Holi. We celebrate Diwali, right? We celebrate New Year too. We celebrate
Valentine’s Day as well. We celebrate
almost all the festivals. So, why don’t we
celebrate the time when a girl hits puberty? Let me share with you all that Radhika Apte,
the actor from my film.. Her parents are doctors. She once said.. She told me that when
she turned 12 years old and she started getting
monthly cycle she got scared feeling what was
happening to her. And suddenly she sees that her
parents have arranged a party and not only that people were coming
and offering gifts to her. She felt that getting monthly
cycle is such a good thing. You get gifts! Wonderful.
– You get gifts! Geeta, please. It was right here few years ago,
we were shooting in Film City and it was your film. ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.’ It was night and a forest area. And this is a problem here. This is a huge problem because when dancers
come on set they come in large groups and they didn’t have
any facilities during that time. There were no vanity vans no portable lavatory. Hence the boys
in the dance group used to line up with their backs and we used to go behind towards the jungle. We used to do our job there and then the boys
used to stand there and urinate. That thing really bothered us and now, we have
started insisting at least I demand for a clean portable lavatory or a vanity van or a system in place for all my dancers which never existed earlier. You know..
– So.. You gave me an idea as well.. There’s a first aid kit. I think we should’ve
a menstrual kit on sets as well. Thank you, because..
– And I will – Great. It would really help. Menstrual kit
is a very essential thing. This is what I’ve learnt
from you today and I will remember it as I am a producer too and I should make sure that all my crew,
whenever we work we should have it. The kit
should have sanitary pads and..
– Tampons.. – Right. There must be tablets, pills..
– There are pills for cramps..
– Yes. That is..
– Thank you so much. That is..
– Thank you. It will really help.
– That’s nice. Well.. I wanted to share something. This matter
is so supressed in India. One thing that I don’t like is that people feel awkward when.. You go to store..
– When you buy it.. When you buy it from a chemist they wrap the sanitary pads
with newspaper and the black bag..
– The black polybag.. They put it in the
black polybag.. This scene is in my movie. When the actor
gives me the sanitary pads I ask him
if he was giving me drugs. Exactly! When we watch a cricket match we see Dhoni,
Sachin and Virat when.. They know
that it is a season ball and to face that ball what do they wear? Pads.
– Pads. They wear pads.
– Great! So that.. So that they don’t get hurt! They wear thick pads
just because of a ball! We have ‘Pad Man’
and 3 beautiful ladies with us but there will be 3 more
women who will join us. It is time to invite
few women achievers. Firstly.. Captain of Indian women’s
cricket team Mithali Raj! And with her is India’s youngest
women commander for Boeing 777 Captain Divya Anny and renowned journalist
and presenter Anjana Kashyap! Everybody, come on! Everyone, welcome. Please take your seats. Anjana, we have seen you
in the news room and we are seeing you
live here what do you feel the news
would be around here? The ambience looks prefect and I noticed since a long time
that he has gone bald. Great! The fact is I’m playing
the role of a Punjabi man and I’m wearing a huge turban. The climate is so hot hence I went bald. And Captain Divya Anny.. I swear,
if the pilot is so beautiful I will never get
off that plane! I will be right there
to serve you. Captain,
please tell us. So,
how has this high flying life been so far for you
as a female captain? It’s been great and of course, there were
a lot of initial difficulties. There were problems
since I’m a girl and it has been difficult due to less information
about aviation but right now,
it is amazing. And of course.. Captain Mithali, you are on
the verge of becoming a legend. You have made
the Indian Cricket proud. Specially, I have seen a lot
of aspirational value among the women
of country for cricket and that is probably
because of you. You are responsible for that. How does it feel
being a role model for so many Indian
and international women? Well,
I think it feels great because we’ve finally got
women’s cricket on the map. All of us take a lot
of interest in cricket. Mr. Akshay, you had gone there
to support the team. I was in London.
I had been to the stadium. I had also given her an idea.
Please tell them. He had given a suggestion
about mixed 11. Half men’s cricket
and half women’s cricket. Fantastic, Mr. Akshay. This idea of equality is great. Many great personalities
are seated here. But two more people
will join us on stage to meet ‘Pad Man’. Let’s have a huge round
of applause for Isabella and Annabella. Well.. Well, hi. Lovely.
So nice to see you. – Yes. It’s great.
Thank you, ladies. Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much. Thank you.
– You may go now. All right, Annabella. Isabella.
– Annabella. Isabella.
– Annabella. Isabella. Annabella,
tell me something. Will we find ‘Pad Man’,
the superhero about whom we’ve heard
a lot and have been looking for? The promo was shown
about this place. ‘Pad Man’ at 9:30 p.m.
on ‘Sony TV’. And I have heard that the gentleman
is too punctual. Really?
– He arrives on time. He.. Isabella,
he’s already here! Annabella.
– Isabella. He is Akshay Kumar.
Hi, Akshay Kumar. We know you.
Are you ‘Pad Man’? Yes,
I am ‘Pad Man’ right now. Are you a superhero? It’s not about a superhero.
I’m just a man. How can you be a superhero? You don’t fly.
You don’t wear a cape. You don’t throw nets. And the most important,
interesting and peculiar thing is he doesn’t wear
a red underwear either. It’s a secret.
– No, let it be. We’ll keep it a secret.
– Okay. That’s great. You know,
you had come to our city several years ago. We are from London and you had been there
several years ago to greet us. Do you remember that? ‘Namastey London’.
– ‘Namastey London’. So, we thought
we should return the favour. So, we came here
to greet you. Greetings, Mr. Akshay Kumar. Greetings, everyone.
– Everyone. And greetings, India.
– India. Mr. Akshay, I want to tell you
that I’m a huge fan of yours. You are the only artist
whose film tickets are available even though you have done
the movie ‘Housefull’. Of course,
he’s a true superstar. You know what? There’s no throne,
king or commander in his movie. Still, it’s a period film. Oh, yes!
That’s very interesting. There’s no classroom
or teacher. But there are periods.
– Of course. Mr. Akshay,
you have used cotton very well in your movie. Please tell us how to use
this woman weighing two tons. What if I weigh two tons? Her husband left her
and remarried. She is my co-wife now. We have been looking for you
from the time we came to India. We went to Delhi
in search of you. We saw India’s famous wall
in New Delhi. There’s no famous wall
in India. It’s in China. What was that wall
in Delhi then? Kejriwal. Kejriwal.. I found it slightly odd
when we met him first. Everything was even
later on. We then went to ‘Ahmeda-pehle’. Annabella.
– Isabella. It’s not ‘Ahmeda-pehle’.
It’s Ahmedabad. We came to Mumbai later.
We went there first. ‘Ahmeda-pehle.’ Okay.
Correct. Mumbai.. Mumbai is a lovely city.
All of you stay here. Mr. Akshay Kumar, we wanted
to learn self-defence here. Why do you guys
want to learn self-defence? Who will tease you? Boys will hit us
when we tease them. Self-defence. Well, I know a little bit. I can give you
a demonstration. Oh! Well done. Wonderful.
That is so good. You cannot break that. Mr. Akshay,
let’s check it closely. No, hold on!
Wait.. What did you do? Isabella, what is this?
It didn’t break. I didn’t speak
about breaking this. I broke the trust
of many people. Come on, I’ll teach you. We’ll teach self-defence
to the British today. Okay.
– You guys should give up. There’s no need
to be scared. – No. Assume that this is a knife. This is a knife.
That’s great. If somebody
comes to stab you I’ll tell you what to do. I’ll give you a demo.
– Okay. – Try to stab me. I will kill you! Hold the hand like this
and twist the person’s hand and put him down. Isabella, are you okay? You taught well. Your turn now.
– I won’t stab you. I’ll shoot you.
– No problem. Yes, here I go. Bullet. Ms. Mithali, please come. Let’s do something serious.
– Okay. So.. Now,
when you shake hands.. Where is the thumb facing? You can actually do this. This side?
– Yes. Right?
Now, you can just actually try this. Use your other hand.
– Okay. No, keep this thumb here
and turn it. Yes.
– Oh! Sorry! Sorry.
– It’s okay. Wow, amazing. Mr. Akshay,
can Neha do this? Neha? Very good.
– Neha, try this. You can just bend. Bend it this way. That’s it.
– Why? I will also
make you fall. – What? I want you to lose balance.
– Okay, come on. So, we’ll do it now. I’ll tease you, okay? Mr. Akshay.. How are you? Hey! You better laugh first. Hey! Come with me. Come here.
– ‘Come here’? Don’t be so stiff.
– Yes. You cannot take so long. Hold the hand and twist it. Yes. Hold it like this. And bend it.
– Bend it. – That’s it. Please fall down.
– Okay, I’ll fall. But, you.. Hold my hand and bend it. Yes! What happened now? Mr. Akshay,
she wants you to tease her. Okay.
She is a bad girl. – Yes. She’ll walk with me
if I pull her. Well, I would like to sing
a song for all of them. Wow!
– Superb. Well done. Superb. We are talking about pads. Today, we want to clear
that this is not shameful. You need not be secretive
about this. We would like to know
your experiences. Anjana,
we’ll begin with you. I wrote an article
and it went viral. Yes, I believe. People reacted
as if I said something wrong. But the point is,
this is not filthy. This is something.. People sweat a lot
at home and offices. But women sweat
and bleed too. Well said.
– Wow! Well said, Anjana. I go to distant places
for reporting. I went to a shop
and asked for a sanitary napkin. He asked me
to send a driver. I told him
that I want to use it. Why should I send him? We’ll have to step out
and speak about it. There’s nothing to hide
about it. And this matter
doesn’t end here, Akshay. You should speak about it. I’m happy that our ‘Khiladi’
has become ‘Pad Man’. Let’s give a huge round
of applause for him. People say that something
comes with the pain that women go through
during those days. That is, mood swings. Men could never understand
these mood swings. Just imagine. It’s one of those days
and you are flying and you are going
through your mood swings. How will you make
the announcements? I am Captain Anny Divya here. We are flying from Mumbai
to New York tonight and if the mood
continues to be better we’re going to New York. Otherwise,
we are landing back in Mumbai. Today, I’m so happy
that it’s in open. We are talking about it. It is so normal.
– Yes. And let’s have a huge
round of applause for the men who are sitting here
and watching this quietly. Mithali,
you guys have long tours. You play throughout the year. How do you cope up
with that the day you have
a cricket match? I think
it’s just a part of our job because when
you represent India all these things
don’t matter when you go on the field. And also the acceptance that it is a part of our lives
and we move on with it. I mean, there are times
when the players struggle with cramps
or overflow. It can be difficult
with joint pains. But then
you go on to perform irrespective
of all these things. Mr. Akshay, have you
been on the receiving end of these mood swings
at home or anywhere else where you think
you should be careful? I am always
on the receiving end. I am always
on the firing line. Yes, ‘Pad Man’. Come on, let’s move on
with the show. Please clap for them,
everybody. Now, a girl who has made
our country proud on the global map
once again will be joining us
on the show. India’s pride
who has brought a precious gift for which we have been
waiting from the past 17 years. Please welcome
Miss World Manushi Chillar. “Jai Ho.” “Jai Ho.” “Come on,
under the canopy of life.” “Come under
the blue sky.” “Jai Ho.” “Jai Ho.” Ladies and gentlemen India’s pride all over
the world, Manushi Chillar! Wow!
Manushi, all we can say is India used to shine
everywhere in the world. But we are very proud of you for what you have done
this time. Very well done. Our ‘Pad Man’ is here. I request Akshay Kumar
to come on stage and meet the Miss World. Akshay Kumar,
ladies and gentlemen. “Wow, Pad Man.” “Pad Man.” “Pad Man.” Nice to meet you, sir.
– Nice to meet you. Congratulations.
– Thank you so much. Manushi, you know
that the women of our villages suffer a lot
due to this problem. Girls don’t even feel
like going to school at times and they bunk school for
five to six days every month. As Miss World,
do you think you should speak on this topic? This doesn’t happen
only in rural areas. It’s everywhere. And you said that girls
don’t go to school during those days. But 23 per cent girls
actually drop out of school. They don’t go to school
the rest of the days either after reaching puberty. And this was an issue. Fortunately, I never faced
any problem while growing up. I never felt
that I should behave differently during those days. But as I saw
my domestic help at home and I chose a medical
college in rural Haryana. When I went there I saw how people
consider periods a big issue. I think
I told my parents that if I want to do
something in life I definitely want to change
this one basic thing. So, that is what
I’ve been working for. We want you to continue
doing the good work. You are Miss World. But will we very soon
see you in this industry? The king of Bollywood
is standing here. You’ll have to invite me
on your next show for that. Well said. Okay. I’ll tell you right now. We should train Manushi. Mr. Akshay is here. We have some of his
famous dialogues. How would it sound if
Manushi recites those dialogues? We want you to try it. Mr. Akshay will say it
and you will repeat it. Don’t angry me. Don’t angry me. Well said. Well said. If you want to learn
something from Akshay Kumar what would that be? One thing that really
inspires me about Mr. Akshay is your schedule. I mean,
how disciplined you are in life. I think,
not just for an actor be it a doctor
or a student it is very important
for everyone. If I can learn this discipline I know that I can
achieve a lot more. Honestly speaking,
I am 50 years old. And there has not been
a single day in life when I have not seen
the sun rise. Oh! I have always followed it. No matter what happens and even if I
return late from the shoot at 4 or 5 a.m. I make sure that I sleep
after I watch the sun rise. I go to bed after that. It’s a great feeling. I recite the Gayatri Mantra. That is what I have learnt. Whenever I recite
the Gayatri Mantra I just feel so good. There is a scientific
reason to it. So, that is what
I would like to tell you. And if you can
follow it, that’s great. – Wow! Mr. Akshay, Ms. Manushi,
I would request both of you to take your seats.
Let’s proceed with the show. Greetings! Greetings.. My hearty greetings
to you all. Ladies and gentlemen.. So similar. I, the fake Amitabh Bachchan,
welcomes you all. Wow! I want
to congratulate Mr. Akshay. You are making films
on women empowerment. Best wishes for you. Firstly.. Your last film was ‘Toilet’.. It was a great movie. And now ‘Padman’. This is the only topic which
I haven’t come in an ad of. You have done that too thank you so much. Even I am doing a lot
for women empowerment. Yes,
and you are also doing so much. I am very happy for this. My chest will
puff up out of pride. So much that
I won’t need to exercise. Even I have done a thing or two
for the advancement of women. Today morning, I was
standing in the bank queue. The ladies weren’t moving
ahead, I asked them to move! I’d like to invite you
on the stage and I’d like
to say something for you. Come. Mister! The one whose husband
is Akshay Kumar is also quite popular. “He’ll wake you up at 4 a.m.” “He’ll wake you up at 4 a.m.
Why do you need an enemy?” “What is your job
at my place?” Applaud for all of them,
friends. We shall begin today’s game
right from here. First of all, I’d request
Ms. Geeta to come here. And you come here, Ms. Divya.
Come here. First of all,
we’ll play jumping the rope! Thank you.
– Oh, darn! I don’t like doing
anything in a normal way. Tell me this. Have you
ever done anything normal? I dressed as a normal woman.
What’s the big deal in it? That’s what. Come on then First, we’ll jump the rope. A grand prize
will be given to you. There’s no need
of prestige and discipline. Do as you want to. Get started.
– I’ll come from there. Okay. – Try to make it
go above my head. Oh, God! We’ll have
to take it much above. Oh!
– One.. Three, five.. Seven.
– Hey! One second. What is this about counting
odd number while jumping? I’m skipping!
One, three, five, seven! The next game
is a very nice one. You have to pay
attention to it. I won’t explain the
rules of the game to you as there aren’t much. Just that nobody shall pull the other’s hair
while playing it. And no attack
shall be made on me. The name of the game
is hide-and-seek. Here I’ll seek,
count till ten, and you’ll hide but it’ll be a must for me to lay a hand
on the one to say, ‘Thappa!’ So, I’ll count now. Ten, nine, eight.. Where shall I hide?
I’ll be seen! Six, five..
Four. Come on. Keep moving.
– Three! Oh! Okay. Two, one. “I’m here,
where are you?” “I’m here, where..” Say, ‘Hail Lord Hanuman!’ Hail Lord Hanuman! Thappa! I had said that you never
do anything in a normal way. Why did you make me roll
by saying ‘Thappa’? I was just playing.
I didn’t know. Ladies and gentleman. Today’s winner
is Mr. Akshay Kumar. The ‘Padman!’ Congratulations! And all of you get this check. Share it among yourselves.
A blank check. It’s so blank that
I haven’t even signed on it. As soon you deposit and link
your account to the Aadhar card your account will not
be credited with any money. So, this is for you. Give him a big hand. Thank you, thank you.. And there! – As if you’re
serving offertory. The sound signaling
that the time is over. Offertory it is. Ladies and gentlemen,
take care of hygiene. And do watch ‘Padman’
in your nearby cinema hall. On 25th January.
Thank you very much. Wow! Great! Mr. Bachchan,
audience is demanding that there should be
a dance performance as Akshay Kumar
and Mr. Bachchan are together on the stage! Of course there should be. ‘Here we are! Presenting
Mr. World of this year!’ ‘Bacha Yadav!’ Of course! Of course! Red carpet.. Red carpet. Hey! Greetings! I know.
I am Bacha Yadav. Let me introduce.
Okay? You must be wondering
why I’m wearing this seatbelt even though I’m not in a car. Manushi, you must know
about this but for all the people
who don’t know let me enlighten you! I am this year’s Mr. World. Actually,
before being Mr. World I was Mr. India,
but if I would come as that you wouldn’t have been able
to see me. Mr. India would disappear
in that movie.. Come on, guys! This is just a joke
to lighten your mood. Sir.. Mr. Akshay Kumar,
I’m filled with talent. Be it singing, dancing..
Anything! I do everything so well!
And you can already see how handsome I am. You can visually see it. What do I do?
Cuteness is overloaded! Ms. Manushi.
– Yes? Did you ever think
that you’d become Ms. World and right after that, you’d meet
this charming Mr. World? Well, we had our very charming
Mr. World last year who is the first Asian to win
Mr. World. And since you are here,
I think, I’m very lucky that I will get to reign
with two Mr. Worlds. It is all by the grace
of God. – And.. Matches are made in heaven. Mr. Akshay Kumar,
I’m a huge fan of yours. To be honest..
You had a film some time ago which was ‘Housefull 3’. Later came ‘Jolly LLB 2’. Then came the first part
of ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha.’ With the dropping numbers,
I can say that you deserve ‘Zero’
but Shahrukh called dibs. Ms. Divya, hello.
– Hello. How are you?
– I’m great. You fly such a huge plane.
Did it ever happen that you had less passengers
in that giant plane? And during that time,
did you ever peep outside and scream, ‘To Ahmedabad!
To Valsad!’ ‘To Vapi! To Vapi!’ Did you ever have to do that?
– Not yet. Ms. Manushi.. I know what is going on
in your mind. You must be thinking
that since I’m talking to so many beautiful women
and not just you they might propose me
before you do. Please go ahead
and talk to them. I’m not at all insecure.
– Since you permit, I will talk. Okay.
– Thank you. By the way, Ms. Neha,
I heard your song. Which one?
– ‘Manali Trance.’ Actually, you just sang
half of it. Had you sung the whole thing,
you’d have enjoyed a lot. Why? – You would have
benefitted from it. What do you mean?
– Had you said ‘transport’ instead of just ‘trance’,
you could have had a business called ‘Manali Transport’. By the way, Ms. Manushi,
I know what you are thinking. You’re wondering what you’d
call me after we’re married. I know that wives feel shy
to call their husbands by name. But let me give you
a better option which is a little faster. You can call me ‘4G’. I’ll come at a great speed.
– I’d rather call you ‘400 KG’. If you call me anything
but with a smile I will respond to it. Ms. Mitali,
I have seen you play cricket. I really enjoy it.
In cricket, on the field there is a spot called gully,
right? Someone can get
four runs from that. Let me give you an idea
with which you can avoid that. Pay attention. Turn that into a love spot.
That way no one would dare
to enter that place. “In the love spot..” Ms. Manushi, to be honest.. I want to tell you that since
I am Mr. World now I will get offers
from Bollywood. I cannot stop people
from offering me roles. But I wish..
I truly wish that I debut in films
with you. I hope, you accept
this offer. Waiting for your reply.
– Absolutely. Yours sincerely,
Bacha Yadav. Bacha.. Please be my co-actor
in a film. I will be the hero,
and you, the heroine. Yes, the romance, I think..
– It is possible. It is possible. – He is looking
for some romance. He’s like straight from Dubai. Mr. Akshay, your film ‘Pad Man’
will be released soon but Ms. Ila’s one film
has done wonders. Let me tell you
about her film ‘Gauru’ that is an amazing movie
and has won two awards in International Children’s
Film Festival. Ms. Ila,
these applause are for you. Congratulations. We are very happy
to see you back in action because we all are great fans
of you. So, with a huge round
of applause let us welcome
our next woman achiever. “Darling! Darling!” “Darling!”
– What are you doing? “I’m waiting for you,
while my heart is burning.” What are you.. – “My darling,
come from wherever you are.” “Darling!” Stop!
– “Darling!” “Darling!”
– She’s falling apart. This fell off. Hello, everyone!
– Hello! Neha, hi!
– Hi.. Geeta, hello.
– Hello! Ms. Ila, hey! Hey!
– Control.. Hey! – Control yourself.
– Hey! What are you doing? Sorry..
– Control yourself. How can you just
barge into any show? Show? I can even barge
into a running train. This is merely a show.
He has no idea. I’m such an expert that I
can walk into a closed lift. There is just one problem. There
is one place I cannot get in. Ms. Ila, I am so talented.
I have learnt music. But I just cannot enter
the music industry. Poor girl!
She is in deep shock. She is telling bad news
but she is laughing. Why are you laughing?
– I’m actually crying. Didn’t you realise it?
It’s true. You’re going crazy for music..
– No, I’m not going crazy. Listen.. – You are crazy.
– You think I am mad? But the mad
become popular and famous. What!
– Yes.. Fine. Mr. Akshay
is sitting right here. If you truly have some talent..
Sir, will you give her a chance? Absolutely!
She is truly very talented. I have seen her perform
at many shows. There.. – And whichever show
she is part of, becomes a hit. There you go. – Sir..
– Are you happy! Pad Man complimented you.
– He will judge my talent? Yes. – Seriously?
– Sure. The volcano of the talent
within me, is erupting. Careful.. Easy! Mr. Akshay, you do
so much for women. You thought about toilets
for them, and now sanitary pads. Will you even
think of their marriage? I mean, you are a celebrity
and I am still single. So, why don’t we just.. Hey! What..
What! Hush! What rubbish
are you saying? His wife Twinkle
must be watching this show too. What are you implying?
– Are you dumb or dumber? It’s so simple! Look, stay if you want
to discuss music, or leave. Come on..
– One minute. You’re talking to me
about music? I’m an expert! I cannot even tell you
how much I know about music! So tell me,
how much do you know? I said, I cannot tell you! Okay, I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you about myself. Mr. Akshay, I believe
that lyrics are very important in music. – Right.
– For example Neha’s super-hit song.. It’s a nice song.
You sang it well. But I think the problem
is the lyrics. Yes.
How will a king enter like that? First, the subjects would come
followed by horses, soldiers and weapons.
The king comes after that! A female must make
a request with soft voice. I will show you.
– Sure. Ms. Vidyavati, I advise you not
to ever sing an ‘item song’. I won’t do that
as it will be a hit. You have witnessed
my talent now. Mr. Akshay,
should we finalise it.. Am I hired?
I want to know. Sure.
Why are you standing there? Why don’t you sit here? Are you sure?
– Please, come.. Sit with us. Sure.
I was sure Akshay would regard me
as the best singer in the world. ‘There are
better singers..’ ‘Please welcome
the sensational’ ‘the melodious
Dhinkchika Pooja.’ I will help you.
– This way. – Yes.. Hi, everybody.
First of all I’d like to take a selfie
with you all in the background. Neha Kakkar Mr. Akshay Kumar
is sitting beside you. I’m a big fan of yours. On that note,
why is it so hot here? Step away! She is drinking petrol. Oh, God!
She is drinking petrol. Neha. – Yes?
– Don’t you drink petrol? Obviously not! How do you manage
to survive without that? Mr. Akshay,
I’m a big fan of yours. Before you make efforts
to find my contact number and call me, I’d like to say
that I’m ready to sing for your movie.
I don’t have any problem. But he has a problem. Are you out
of your mind? You are dumb
and your confidence is high. Stay in your limit! You know..
You know nothing. You know what? I’ve signed for four
Hollywood movies. Love you. Look at you!
Singing is not your cup of tea. How on earth do you
call yourself a singer? You claim yourself
to be a singer. I’m an established superstar.
You know? Mr. Akshay, don’t bother.
You can hire me. Make me sing.
People will like it. Show your talent. They have reached places
by showing their talents. I’m ready to show
my talent. Show it to me. Will you complete
against me? Sure thing!
Audience and judges are here. They are good critics. The performer to get
the loudest applause will win. Let’s start
with the talent round. One, two, three, four! Great! Sing it. Wonderful! Wonderful! My talent won in the end!
– Oh, God! I never thought
that the audience.. Thank you.. Look, the challenge was to get
the most applause. Applaud, those who liked me. Just a minute..
– Did you hear that? Did you hear that?
– Yes, I have. – Okay. And now..
No applause for you. That’s it, you lost.
– Like this.. What’s this? Don’t fight.
Give a huge round of applause for the both of them.
They’ve argued enough. Wow! “Superhero..” “Superhero..” Thank you.
Thank you, ladies. Oh, wow.. – How.. He..
– I just returned from the moon. What? – My mom asked me
to visit to uncle on the moon because he missed me. What are you saying?
What proof do you have of that? I knew that such
questions will be asked. That’s why I got 250 grams
of ‘Petha’ from there. It’s ‘Petha’. Then you must have
seen Taj Mahal as well. Yes. – That’s not
the moon! That’s Agra! Isn’t Agra that round object
that appears in the sky during the night? Forget about it.
Why talk about moon when we have
such radiance here? Everybody, you guys must be
wondering why an intelligent man like me is wearing
this cape. I’m wearing this
because I’m not a doctor. I’m Dr. Mashoor Gulati, CM. CM, why? What does it mean?
– ‘Cheap Man’. What sort of name is that? People call me that
because of my antics. I would like to not use up
a lot of your time while entertaining you. Because my dad used to tell me
that, ‘Gopal, you’re born’ ‘not to take things,
but to give them out.’ But your name is not Gopal. My father
was a good-for-nothing. He didn’t know.. We’re talking to Pad Man
today. Let’s talk to him. Pad Man was innovative,
so I’m here to speak about my innovations. Yes, I’ve invented a few things
I’d like to share with you all. May I do that?
– Yes, of course, Doctor. Say it loudly. Hail the Goddess! Say it with love.
– Hail the Goddess. I didn’t hear you.
– Hail the Goddess! – Yes! You see, I’m a doctor,
and this isn’t a veneration. ‘Hail the Goddess’.. If I’m not wrong,
you’re also a doctor, Manushi. I’m a medical student. Doctors always
look beautiful. Isn’t that right, Geeta?
Aren’t doctors beautiful? All right then,
I’d like to ask you. How much did
the medical degree cost you? I got it for Rs. 450,
along with its frame. Let’s come back
to the main point. Innovations. I want to talk
about my first innovation. It’s my contribution
to the society. It’s dedicated
to my dear Geeta. Geeta, I’ve created a torch.. No matter how much
you press its button.. It won’t turn on..
– …it won’t turn on. It won’t work.
Do you want to check? But it’s not turning on.
– It doesn’t have batteries. So how can you use it? There’s a reason for that.
Look at this. It works, but like this. This.. What’s this? You know, Divya, my father
wanted me to become a pilot. He felt that I can fly a plane
since I can make fun of others. My dad was hellish.
– What was he? He was hellish.
Let’s not talk about him. Let’s move towards
my next innovation. This.. I created
this alarm clock. – Hey.. Wonderful..
– Yes, the speciality of this alarm clock is.. – Yes?
– …it doesn’t disturb you. You can just sleep and you
won’t have to hear its noise. Nothing works..
– Why is it an alarm then? How will people wake up
if it doesn’t make a sound? People just have
to be motivated to awaken. Look at him.
He wakes at 4 am.. He doesn’t use an alarm clock. Instead, he asks
the rooster to crow.. I’ll move towards
my next innovation. This is for Neha.
A mobile phone. This is a lie..
– I discovered it. He’s lying! It’s your discovery?
Everyone knows that Graham Bell invented the telephone. He just invented it.
I discovered it from the sofa where it was stuck. I’ll give it to you later. I’ll talk about my
third-class invention.. I’m sorry,
my third invention. Come here for a minute,
Akshay, if you don’t mind. “Superhero..” “Superhero..” I’ll show you an invention,
Akshay which will shock you. I’ll show you..
Look at this.. I can become
a very influential man. I’ve tried this. Excuse me, gentlemen. There’s nothing to worry.
It’s not cheating. Yes.
– Yes. I’ll become
an influential person with this. People will be amazed. “Superhero..” “Superhero..” “Superhero..” Very well done. Look..
– I’ve become like Malinga. He has become
like Malinga. Now let’s make his look,
a little better. Oh..
– All right? Wonderful.
– What do you say? Please do it. Come on..
– Come on! – Yes.. Are you going to paint me?
– No, I’m not painting you. I want trying to make you..
That same invention. I want to do it
in a different manner. Yes..
– Because you’re an inventor. And so am I. Wow, Mantra.. “Superhero..” What are you doing?
– Hey, something is sticking. “He doesn’t fire guns.
He doesn’t make grand entries.” Tell me now, Dr. Gulati,
how is my invention? This is an invention?
I’d like to.. I’d like to dance with the
ladies. Is that okay with you? Please. – Thank you.
– If the ladies don’t mind dancing with a sheep..
– What! He looks like a laboratory.
– Let’s have some music! Let’s have some fun! We’re talking
about ‘Padman’ today and for the topic
we were just discussing we have some special people
here with us. I would like you
to see to my right that there are some people who have worked for years
and years in the field of sanitary hygiene
and women’s hygiene. They are the true heroes here. “Superhero! Superhero!
Superhero!” Let’s say it this way,
that I am a reel hero while they are the real heroes. Firstly, Ms. Swati Bedekar,
how are you? I’m very happy to be here. We have read and heard
a lot about you. For many years,
you have spread awareness among people
about sanitary care. Tell us something about it.
– I’m from Vadodara, Gujarat. I went to a village
as a science propagator. Okay. – And I noticed that girls
are expelled from schools as soon as they turn
into teenagers. I wanted to bring them back
into that school and help the boys and girls
understand that your bodily systems are self-reliant and functional. And all the processes involved
in it must be respected. If women produce sanitary pads
and sell them they’ll earn a living from it.
That would have helped to create
awareness and break the taboo in the society. That is how we began
to produce sanitary pads. Together, we started
a campaign called ‘The Hygiene Bucket
Challenge’ which was inspired
from ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. It meant that a woman
can gift another woman a hygiene bucket
which would consist of 12 packets
of sanitary napkins. It is easy to do,
but the focus was to spare five minutes of your time
to discuss menstrual hygiene. This went on for a while.
Many women got associated and we have reached
five lakh women so far. Thank you very much,
Ms. Swati. After winning the crown
of Ms. India I went to 20 village communities
in three states of India. We thought of the same idea.
And it was on a small scale.. A very small thing compared
to what you have done! So, we asked women
of the problems they were facing to which we found out that they
found the napkins expensive and that they struggled to go
to the shop to buy it because usually,
they are dependant on the man of the family. And mostly, those men
are truck drivers and all.. So, they don’t stay home
all the time. At that time, they didn’t know
who could bring them napkins. So, whatever piece of cloth
they found in the house and any ashes,
were used by them. So we suggested that they
can become entrepreneurs. I spoke to a local manufacturer
of sanitary pads to start a line
which was non-profit and that I’d support that,
and we made that available at a local market. And these entrepreneurs
could purchase pads at a low cost and later dispense
at a very small profit but they were also earning. So, I think that if
such systems exist it will automatically become
something which is very normal. Aakar Foundation is also
with us here. My name is Jaideep.
We were the first ones in India to launch compostable
sanitary pads, in 2013. It mixes with the soil
within 180 days. It turns into a fertilizer. We’re operating from 12 states
in India. And that is how we’re trying
to have affordable sanitary pads reach as many women
and girls, as possible. We also have the ‘Pad-girl’
of Mumbai. Amreen, how are you?
– I’m great! Thank you so much. You recently completed
your schooling. – Yes. And right after completing
school, almost all students look for good colleges
and rush abroad to start off their careers,
but you have dedicated your life for this very noble cause. I need a year
before I get into a college so that I put in many efforts
towards this cause. Actually, this issue
was very close to my heart. Because I thought that there
are so many girls of my age or somewhere
around my age who have no knowledge
about this issue. They are scared of this. So, I
went to many government schools. And I spoke to them about it.
There is another issue. The disposal
of sanitary waste causes sewage problems. In almost all schools,
not having proper disposal is an issue. So, to handle this issue I installed sanitary-napkin
destroyers in these schools. This is my friend Jayati
who has supported me throughout. And she has provided
all logistical support. We are proud of you all!
Thank you very much!


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