THE DRAMATIC LIFE part 2 – Merrell Twins Jokes, Boxing, Cooking, Roblox

Did you hear the joke about pizza Ah, never mind it’s too cheesy Hey great crowd tonight you guys are looking good out there I’m just gonna get on right into my jokes. Have you heard the one about pizza? Nevermind it’s a little cheesy Tiger, where are you going? No, don’t go that way. that’s not a good idea! *actual gibberish* oh my goodness! Tiger, stop it! STOP Stop chasing the squirrel!! tiger please stop! *begging a dog to stop. how ironic* Tiger what the heck! why are you going dow the slide?!? Oh a brownie sounds so good so good. Oh, yeah, it does. There’s one left split it okay Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event tonight Veronica and Vanessa Merrell fighting for the brownie and in this corner We have pro Veronica Merrell weighing in at 100 pounds and in this corner, we have Vanessa Merrell also weighing in at 100 pounds Fighters, please. Enter the ring You’re going down nessa I’m only going up from here your boyfriend’s ugly Well nice try. I dont have a boyfriend your winged eyeliner is off. Well, your guitar playing is average your dad Is cool. Well your ponytails crooked you only have one earring in your Hands are too small for these gloves. Okay. All right. All right settle this the right way fight It’s a draw we both win yay. eyeryone gets the brownie. Whoo, high five What no a draw this is not fair! we want a rematch! *compleatly real* Geez, we didn’t plan this That is the worst peanut butter and jelly sandwich I’ve ever seen in my entire life Do it better Yes chef Hello, I’m going to help you and save the Earth by recycling your water bottle I’m going to save the planet by recycling this water bottle It’s hot Oh Much better. UGGH It’s so hot. Oh, I need a fan *Insert Runway Music Here* So, how’s life been it’s been good So, I’ve got the list of questions I gotta ask my sister I’m so nervous. I don’t I Don’t know Should I just start with like the big question first, I think so. Oh I’m so nervous. Oh, let’s just go. Okay. Let’s just go. Yeah Okay, so I just want to know How how are you doing? Good SHOOOOOOOOK we’re almost there i dont know If I can make it any longer, yes, you can I dont think i can do it it just keep going Go on without me Roni! NOOOOOOOOOO! I have to keep going Are you tired of wearing boring old clothes Well, then you’re in luck because we’re having a Black Friday sale for our clothing line true image a Black Friday sale If you didn’t know that we have a clothing line now you do or having a Black Friday sale You can click the link in the description below. You can buy so many things t-shirts tops Unisex long sleeves shirts of Tiger on them. There’s so many cute options and it’s only limited edition So grab some your favorites before they run out because of the sale visit true link in the description below and now back to your regular Merrell twins programming K we need a build a ramp to get over this hill okay. I’ll go get the wood. Okay All right, so we need to build a ramp to get over this hill I’ll get the wood okay Here’s the wood, okay, I’ll start building now got it. Let’s go We need more we need more wood How was your day today it’s been good. I’m tired. Yeah, I’m tired too, but I think there’s a spider right there So, how was your day it was good AHHHHHHHHHH * Rambling I couldn’t understand* We should go Black Friday shopping, okay. Should we make a plan? No. Okay. Let’s go So, this is our Black Friday shopping plan, okay This is the layout for target and I mapped out everything we need to do. Okay? So here’s the plan We are going to ride on Main Street at the very entrance of target and we both get out Wait, hold on you’re r2d2 and I’m lucy.. Why am I r2d2? I don’t know anyways So this section right here? Is going to be full of people which we have to avoid and same with this aisle right here have to avoid these two areas so we will split up and I will go down the lane with the clothes and you will go down this aisle. I will need clothes And we will meet at the rendezvous point Okay, once we meet there we will go over here To the shortcut because if we go this way, it’s too crazy and if we go this way too crazy, too So we will go down the toy aisle Wait won’t there be kids in the aisle? Yes, but we’re big enough to push them out of the way So from here, we will split up once again So I will go over here did check out while you will get a prize Which is the Nintendo switch but the code word is frog prince Frog prince. Got it so once you get Frog Prince, you will call me and say Frog Prince in Motion once you do that you will then throw the Frog Prince and I will catch the Frog Prince And then I will proceed to checkout I will check out with the Frog Prince I Will exit out hop in the car Then I will leave and go to the entrance which where you will backtrack Go all the way back from where we came and meet me here and get in the car and we’ll head off With the Frog Prince AKA the nintendo switch got it. Let’s do this And that was the dramatic life part 2 hope you guys enjoyed this video Like we said in the middle of the video. We have a true image of Black Friday sale go check it out Get some clothes we have new clothes out. And there’s also some old ones that are still available So go check that out right now link in the description below. 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