The dramatic side of Harry Styles

I can’t write songs! I’ve never been in the Mile-High Club Harry,what are you waiting for?C’mon,we know the answer The album Made in he A.M. is out on November 13th, and the tune perfect which is out on November 16th Yeah, yeah. – October 16… What did I say? Oh, yeah, it’s a genuine cake Harry won’t eat it,he’s off the unrefined sugar right now Where’d you go man? Where’d you go? It’s hard to tell Noooo I’M REALLY UPSET! -There you go OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE What were your go to songs? I usually like to go for Diana,Lionel-Endless Love Ooooh, that is a beauty -It’s the end It felt like we kind of had each other to work it out together and that helped to have Having a song that I’d written and having these 26 gospel singers with a conductor And me sitting there…it just felt like it was growing No, I can’t write songs! Stuck in and then people are like “what are you saying?” You’re saying stuck here But you’re saying stuck in. -Yeah. Stockings! BRO, WE’RE GONNA CHEAT THE SYSTEEEEEM! AMERICAAAA!

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