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So, sir, you are well met. How Now! Nay, the doors are fast enough:
Now, sir, I will make you confess your treachery. Treachery! Yes, confess to me
Which of my women ’twas you hir’d to put Love-powder into my drink? Love-powder! Yes, when I was at Malfi.
Why should I fall in love with such a face else?
I have already suffer’d for thee so much pain, The only remedy to do me good
Is to kill my longing. Sure, your pistol holds
Nothing but perfumes or kissing-comfits. Excellent lady! You have a pretty way on ‘t
to discover Your longing. Come, come, I ‘ll disarm you,
And arm you thus: yet this is wondrous strange. Compare thy form and my eyes together,
You ‘ll find my love no such great miracle. Know you me, I am a blunt soldier. The better:
Sure, there wants fire where there are no lively sparks
Of roughness. And I want compliment. Why, ignorance
In courtship cannot make you do amiss, If you have a heart to do well. You are very fair. Nay, if you lay beauty to my charge,
I must plead unguilty. Your bright eyes
Carry a quiver of darts in them sharper Than sun-beams. You will mar me with commendation,
Put yourself to the charge of courting me, Whereas now I woo you. I have it, I will work upon this creature.—
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