The Earth is NOT What we Think? There Are no Forests on Earth?

Original video by YouTuber Людин Рɣси Dubbed by Rhonda There are no forest on earth. Before even start, want to thanks Asgard and WakeUpHuman
this video will be impossible without your hardest work
You are humans with big letter H !!! there are no forests on earth when you
read this headline out loud even with the exclamation mark at the end every
sensible person will say that I’m out of my mind and you will want to show me
tons of photos with images of forests I want you to believe that this is
another trick they make us think that this is a forest when you actually are
looking at 30-meter bushes this is total bullshit and nonsense you will say to me
of course we know what forests look like because we’ve all walked in them well I
expect that’s how you will react and that’s fair but after watching this
video its headline won’t seem so strange to you because you will reverse your
concept of forest by 360 degrees and now first things first we will begin with
the well known picture children see nine dolphins on it but adults see two lovers
a huge difference don’t you think try to see dolphins on it and see how
hard it is feminine Fruities just won’t transform into dolphins for most adults
and that’s funny because it’s the opposite for kids there is only one picture but we see it
completely differently what is more children and adults can’t
exchange perceptions why is this the case it is simple eyes see the way the
matrix ordered them to but that’s not the way the real world looks our eyes
become traitors over time we were blinded while in childhood the outward
world is quite different we see things through a prism of habit and experience
and this prism distorts everything completely at 30 years of age this prism
works to protect your mind and at 40 you could go crazy without this prism do you
think I’m exaggerating look at this photo I’m claiming that it is from a
Mesa that was formed from a magmatic melt from the earth steps about 200
million years ago you think I’m out of my mind maybe you’re out of your mind
you will understand soon we will come back to this plot of grass later for now
remember how we bumped into this old stump
sometimes humans even try to take photos trying to hug the unfuckable trunk of a
tree but really think about it old trees are a rarity they are all registered
they are tracked and are being kept in reserves like memorials of nature there
is an uproar in the internet about forests why all forests and the earth
even in Siberia are not older than 200 years old where all the Giants it is right that the people are in an
uproar about it but I want to look at the problem from another angle from the
side of the Earth’s poles the thing is that even Soviet biologists found
strangeness in the poles an unnatural amounts of water kept in the ice and
snow and there’s an unnatural percentage of carbon dioxide in the world’s oceans
this abnormal concentration tells us exactly about a worldwide fire of the
past using simple math those scientists come to the conclusion that those fires
carried away 99% of the Earth’s biosphere we all know that living cells
consists of hydrogen and carbon so the ice and the poles are made mostly from
water from burned organisms and now think about this number 99% it
means that everything that now grows crawls flies swims and runs on the earth
is 20,000 times less in volume than before this catastrophe 20,000 times to
imagine this look at this picture this piece of bread is humans plants animals
just thus pathetic small piece of bread on this large transport truck represents
Earth’s biosphere before those times I hope you understand that today’s myth of
overpopulation is just pure hoaxes and nonsense 100% but here’s the problem
biologists divided this number between all the continents and only calculated
into this figure the dry land not all the ice and snow that is on the earth
and there’s a lot of snow and ice fact is fact but as always illumination can
come suddenly and stereotypical thinking is to blame 30 metre tall forests are
like a virus it takes over both our brains and especially the brains of
biologists which prevent us from finding a solution to this problem if plants
can’t fit broad wise then we should fit them upwards and then it should make
sense in this new theory hypothetical forests of unthinkable height Lords
drawn and here’s the thing we found these old
photos this is the Vandellas filling of the Sequoias in the California redwood
between 1880 and 1920 these trees miraculously survived the planets
bombardment in 1816 just imagine how many years this tree needs to grow to
these sizes then these terrible men come with saws and axes one two and no more
tree in proportion of this tree we can see a rule the diameter of the stump is
three times bigger than the woodcutters or fellers growth let’s look at this
formula you just think about it you are entering a forest that is not
it’s not usually 30 meters 100 meters here are your fairy forests from
fairytales and books forests that are lost because of such barbarians I
understand that they are just wage workers and they must feed their
families that this is just an order from above but if every single woodcutter
refused to carry out these criminal orders all the forests would be saved
because their demon bosses are too arrogant to do it with their own hands
and that is why I will send these merry wood cutters defenders to a well-known
place look at this photo carefully they look like satanic bacterias that
want to kill the forest organism for those who think that trees were killed
just because of wood materials I want to dispel your claims trees are energy
generators they produce constant electricity
oxygen from photosynthesis food they have a root Network and our program to
exchange data our ancestry had a theory that trees are programmed to keep data
from everything on the planet and save it in their information portal in their
carbon fibers I do not know the reason but some sequoias that these vandals
left alive even put a fence around it and called it a wildlife sanctuary of
course Park guides will tell you tales from the Crypt
how in this stupid zoic era stupid sores scratch their booty on the old sequoias
of california let’s summarize everything remains of the giant trees of the past
are found and homeless ice and snow of the poles took their place in the new
mosaic it seems like everything is clear but it is not nothing is so simple if we
take myths and legends of all nations you can find lots of stories about
people animals and plants morphing into stone this is normal because
paleontologists all over the world dig petrified fossils of humans animals
and plants there are so many of them that old museums are overfilled with
petrified fossils of clovers frogs lizards pieces of dinosaurs and so on
frogs and clovers are fine but what about the forests guys where the trees
old sequoias of california do not fit here because they are made of carbon it
means they are not related to the silicon era why do I know this first off
they were cut and sawed by standard instruments all axes and saws would
break if they had to cut silicon so we’re the silicon trees if those
giants from carbon are not related to the silicon era guess what they were
found guess we’re in the same North America in Arizona to be precise the
zone of the Aryans there are so many things going on there the giant quarry
that is now called the Grand Canyon like one person under the nickname wake up
human said it is an Apogee of the cynicism to name quarry waste as a
national park it is not a national park it is just a quarry and think what the
ancient Russian words root Colo is doing in the opposite part of the world and
the root raw I won’t even mention here is the city of Aryans from which left
only the vortex that made hooligan meter right fifty thousand years ago
that’s how Wikipedia is telling us this total bullshit oh and by the way here
are silicon trees I wanted to introduce to you the museum under the open sky
petrified trees here are just scattered in the desert and also fenced everyone
today can visit this circus called Petrified Forest National Park in this
park petrified fossils are not common they
are unique if turtles and frogs were petrified in
pale grey boulders then this trees marked into semi-precious stones beautiful stones aren’t they it is time to take stock all our forests
are young and do not grow higher than 30 meters remains of Faerie forests were
found in the Sequoias of California and biologists put poles of ice and snow in
its place we found petrified fossils of the Silicon era and trees from precious
gems now everything fits together right or no
in a perfect world everything fits in our curse at hell nothing fits
since that time when I was a kid and I saw petrified fossils on a TV show I was
tormented by that question how is it possible for a frog to be morphed into a
stone instead of rot like any organic body does let’s see what wikipedia tells
us special rare conditions must be met in order for the Fallen stem to be
transformed into fossil wood or petrified wood in general the Fallen
plants get buried in an environment free of oxygen which preserves the organic
structure and general appearance I understand this is dry British humor if
not I will try to explain you need some spontaneous disaster for example a
volcanic eruption tsunami clay rain which would quickly cover the Frog in
Mammoth and make concerts from them where bacteria won’t decompose the
corpse to the state of stinky manure in other words to make the body petrified
you need to cover or engulf the body and to compact him according to so-called
scientists the tissue was organic and then it magically turned into silicon
sio2 remember this formula if you have ever buried your home pets you can
quickly run and dig them out your beloved pet is petrified and you
can put his statue on your table want to reproach me for such black humor
redirect that to the official science community which sells us such bullshit a
dead body has only two options dry up like an insect in the piece of amber or
the second option just simply rot organic bodies will never turn into
rubble never this absurdity is invented to hide the truth magical morphing into stone is a little
thing transforming wood into semi precious stones this is where the lies
and ignorant become uncontrollable tell me how how a stick of wood can become a
semi-precious stone you may have no answer but I do and we will discuss this
later for now let’s analyze what these gems
show I do not know about you but I am confused by three points first of all
according to the official story this these trees lost in an unequal battle
against a neighbor volcano attention 225 million years ago but wait there’s more
this would not only burned and held fire not only rotted into the wet ground
against all the laws of physics chemistry and biology just trans morphed
into precious gems David Copperfield is nervously smoking
on the sidelines but this is not the end trees are not broken trees are sawn into
even accurate pieces well I want to know the name of this brand of chainsaw that
Aborigines used for this I am joking of course but the conclusion is that this
is not a museum but stage theatre these trees were sawn and brought here
by someone you know only a true fool would believe in the magical
transformation of wood into precious stones and gems here’s another question
for what purpose did they make this circus with all these scattered pieces
of silicon life form and did you pay attention to how small these silicon
trees are they’re incomparable even with the Sequoias of California but this one
is simple they are not trees they are trees branches giant silicon trees and
these trees were so big that American Sequoia is near them look like sticks
near the baobab and while tourists are freaking out over these precious gems no
one is paying attention to the background because everything is hidden
in plain sight to understand what I’m talking about let’s return to our
favorite plot of grass and I want to ask you what do you see a tree stump in the
daisies but I continue this is Mesa that was formed from the magnetic melt from
the earth steps about 200 million years ago do not believe me and now let me
introduce to you this is Devil’s Tower Mesa or so called laccolith that was
formed from a magnetic melt from the earth steps about 200 million years ago
at least that’s what wikipedia tells us and billions of people believe that this
is Mesa laccolith or a mountain really let’s come closer to our tree
stump to look at his fantastically inexplicable columns let’s look in the
Wikipedia ones again igneous rock is formed through the cooling and
solidification of magma or lava really what a smart magnetic melt it’s just
stood still and froze in the appearance of perfect hex on ogle column for 300
meters in the sky you can synchronize your instruments with these miraculous
columns were they squeezed out of cream injector then tied in a bun like a broom
and then a big giant fan blew near to help the columns to curdle faster maybe
the columns of Parthenon or Isaac’s Cathedral are built in the same way
gentlemen scientists are you out of your mind writing this garbage humans are you
out of your mind believing this garbage claiming that this geometrical
masterpiece appeared as the result of the lava fountain is the same bullshit
as claiming that a racing car appears on the track because of an explosion at a
Ferrari Factory have you ever seen what a fountain of
lava looks like in those times lava had artificial intelligence really
comparative analysis all columns are hexagonal why exactly hexagonal because
the universes masterpieces are built in this form there are no snowflakes
exactly the same but all of them are in a perfect hexagonal shape these two
without the knowledge of mathematics correctly identified that the regular
hexagon has at least perimeter among all the other shapes of equal area so you
can fill this shape most efficiently when bees build honey
they instinctively try to make them as roomy as possible and spend as little
wax as possible hexagonal shape is the most efficient economical figure for
building honeycomb blind sheep cannot understand that our universe is fractal
that is why there is no difference in what scale you study it in the scale of
a mountain or the scale of a tree that everyone has outside their window and
now let’s open a botany textbook let’s find the structure of any plan and let’s
compare it with our giant stump we won’t go deep into this we only want
facts that fall into our hands from the stumps photos so it will be useless to
try to argue against those facts I want to introduce you to the cross section of
the stem of flax well well gentlemen biologists are you
noticing anything no look it seems like honeycombs in the middle wowsers and
they are all hexagonal well well what a coincidence
if we remove skin around this flack our stump skin is the same let’s look at the
small rocks around it and guess what flax looks exactly like our stump from
the bird’s eye they look identical exactly the stumps fibers like the
fibers of the flax has a hexagonal shape that is strictly preserved is
geometrical the entire length of the stone and that is as much as 384 meters
I want you to pay attention the stumps fibers are even stricter in their
proportion as we learn from the botany textbooks they are no different for the
whole length but are relative to each other it is a branch of our mature
hexagonal cross-section after leaving the metal rolling mill the fibers are
not attached to each other since they freely exfoliate and fall as the stone
erosion goes each fiber out of our stump is covered with the thin skin exactly
like fascia a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ
as you see petrified skin contacting winds and moisture is cracking
exfoliating and showering and this is direct evidence that the fibers of the
stump consist of at least two components placed inside each other fibers do not
go into the ground vertically they gradually bend to transform into the
root system like every tree does as you can see the official story of
spontaneous and accidental solidification of lava is 100% bullshit
and falling apart quickly in 1977 Hollywood made a film called Close
Encounters of the Third Kind with Devils Tower playing the main role where we
were told a hundred times so this is a mountain where we can meet aliens but
this garbage is suitable for fools only but where were your eyes gentlemen Hey
biologists geologists paleontologists are you here do you study the world in a
welder mask and now let’s find out the height of the tree which was a stump one
day let’s use the formula that I mentioned earlier the diameter of our
stump is 300 meters at the base so if we calculate 300 over 20 we will get the
height of are you ready 6 kilometers 19600 and 85 feet just think about it
everything is learned in comparison I think we can put a big fat dot in here
Devils Tower is a giant stump of a giant silicon tree with all the attributes of
a normal stump that everybody’s seen but we should not underestimate the matrix
that keeps all the cattle in the stables I am sure that after such clear evidence
there will still be deep sleeping people who will ask for more if you think that
that’s all my arguments I want to disappoint you because I have so many
trump cards up my sleeve and I will enjoy every moment that I will throw
them on the table well we figured out everything about
this stump let’s move to another one yes and you thought that this was the only
one you just need to remove your blinkers and you will see you so much
let me introduce to you giants causeway in Ireland notice
something familiar take a closer look again hexagonal columns Wow
if you did not notice the similarity to the Devils towers fibers you must be
100% blind this is the same giant stump but now it did not come out of the
ground this tree grew right on the Seas shore the Giant’s Causeway consists of
almost 40,000 columns of such geometrical proportions that all the
bees in the world would be jealous of course all nerds declared it to be a
National Nature Reserve like I mentioned before as one person
named wake up human said it is an Apogee of the cynicism to name quarry waste as
a national park in which connection is quarry waste here I will say later but
guess what the official science bleeds about this Irish stump giant’s causway
is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt comet columns that result of an
ancient volcanic eruption volcanic eruption please tell me how to stay calm
and not erupt in a fountain of swear words in the direction of this science
society it is hard very hard but I will try because our enemies only want us to
do it I have only two questions first of all how many years was ceci Campbell in
a coma and second why do bees honeycombs not declare it as a result of an ancient
volcanic eruption because they are not distinguishable at all it’s no less
strange why Street sidewalk tiles are not declared as a result of an ancient
volcanic eruption show me a single difference nerds and now I’d like you to
come back to our old method and compare Giant’s Causeway but this time with real
lava I want you to remind you how lava erupts and flows and this is how it
congeals and now let’s compare Devils Tower and now let’s compare with Devils Tower
with Giant’s Causeway oh sorry for my French I mean let’s compare Silicon
stuff with Silicon stem somebody still believes in the lava fountain if I
didn’t know about giant silicon trees I’d rather believe in a giant creme
injector and a fan but not in volcano garbage if you think that these two
giant silicon trees are the only thing that I can show you then you are
mistaken there are loads of them on the planet the funniest thing is that normal
people do not realize that they are stumps but official science realized
that seriously that they should find out how to hide these trees from people who
ask too many questions and they invented a genius name for these silicon stumps
the basal cliffs I want you to pay attention to these two pictures where
fibers hang from the ceiling how could in volcanic version explain
that lava was dripping dripping but it’s drops did not fall to the ground
the drops stuck by their hexagonal honeycombs to the major neighbor drops
which somehow reached the ground look at this picture just an everyday photo with
this girl it’s good but the only thing she does not realize is that she’s
sitting near the stump of a silicon tree all artifacts are in plain sight but the
prism of the matrix do not allow us to see nine dolphins there are tons of silicon stumps in the
network you can research this topic yourself Google will help you let’s move
forward I want to introduce to you one more hexagonal miracle of the earth that
is of silicon nature I want to introduce you to the biggest
Salt Lake in the world salar do a uni in bolivia as you can see
not everything is so simple as it is written in textbooks and shown on the
Discovery Channel our tradition wanted to show you what Wikipedia is telling us
about these hexagons but the fibers of Silicon stumps Wikipedia is changing it
event about the hexagonal structure of South American Lake it is keeping silent
like a fish like there’s none of them but they are there absolutely there you
won’t believe it but Wikipedia is not the only thing that’s silent after hours
of research I found nothing about this hexagonal structure and only in one
place I found a single phrase like look how interesting this dried and cracked
salt and then I fell into a stupor first of all under the blazing sun’s rays
every surface cracks like this but not in hexagonal shape like
honeycombs secondly cracks are deepenings between the fragments of
surface but icy elevations and this is opposite to the cracks
it looks more like fiber fascia like the silicon stumps one and the third thing
why is all the salt surface in exactly a hexagonal shape if the official story is
not a sensible explanation let me tell you my opinion as wake up human says
there are no salt lakes just sludge settling tanks I agree with him but this
is not the case and here’s why I think that you’ve already realized that
honeycombs hexagonal shape is an attribute that belongs exclusively to
living organisms either is the possession of Queen B snowflake
structure or plants fiber as we see with our own eyes cell are do a uni is not
just a giant layer of salt it was a living being of the silicon form of life
which was scraped out by the adepts of technocracy by their machines now you
understand how far we are from reality if we can’t even imagine a giant tree
then how can we imagine a creature from salt 10,000 kilometers wide then the
height is impossible to imagine now you understand that 7500 years ago
our planet was so fantastic fabulous and beautiful the Cameron with his avatar is
a poor substitute all that is left to us is a desert which we have turned into a
scrap yard and what I mean by saying scraped out by their machines well to be
short while our society was sleeping in this matrix working 9 to 5 hours a day
doing useless things dreaming useless dreams our planet was literally being
scraped out and they are scraping it out now with their giant graders and
machines I will show you later well the theoretical part is over now
it’s time for the climax and we’re close to the runway
but before we should return to our first stump and see one strange thing I bet
you did not notice we saw many stumps but this one is special it has a flat
surface on top which means it was cut down yes exactly
cut or sawed and now our imagination is asking us who cut it for what what did
they cut it with I will answer this question later we will put these
questions in the background because this stump that was cut is not single one on
the planet I will tell you even more Devil’s Tower is a small one compared to
the others boys and girls our aircraft is ready to
fly of course well we have no course we will
fly around the planet fasten your seat belts and better hold on to the
handrails because everything you will see will overturn your notion of rocks
and mountains let’s go while we’re flying let’s play a game find 10
differences though there are only two differences
material and size these stumps are sticking out everywhere
on the whole planet there are hundreds of them
scientists call them ASIS which means table in Spanish because they have a
flat peak flat as a table well cool stumps and now let’s remember the
beginning of our conversation we thought we saw forests and even
walked in them so what does it matter if they are only 30 meters high is there a
difference or pleased with the one we have left we enjoy its beauty we are
accustomed to these forests so we don’t need another then we discovered that the
old forest was preserved in the u.s. which is described in fairy tales and
myths giant 100 meter sequoias this is the picture our mind draws when we hear
the words fairy forest let’s think about the Sequoias in California and the prism
of matrix forces otherwise our minds protectors will melt because Devils
Tower is actually a six kilometer high tree but realize that devils tower is a young
plant compared to other trees on our planet for example this mountain in Cape
Town in Africa is really impressive this plateau is three kilometers in diameter
if we multiply three by twenty we will get a tree of 60 kilometers high do you
have any clue how big its branches are on one of the branches you could easily
place a huge residential area with all the shopping malls schools and parks
just imagine how huge it is of course your mind will never see that
this mountain in Africa is really a tree that is ten times higher than the devil
tower tree 60 kilometers higher but guess what that’s not the limit in the work of Russian scientists and
poet Alexandre sir gave a Jewish King we can read about giant fairy oaks that was
on the by an island near Luke amore and we now believe has been killed by our
government that okras must be the center of the earth and was some hundred
kilometers high not sure how high but for sure higher than the cape town one
this oak was the biggest plant on earth remember in the beginning I mentioned
our prism of the mind that helped to preserve it but distorts reality ask any
person to show you trees on the right photo and he will immediately put his
finger on the green on the ground without noticing that it’s only pathetic
bushes it looks more like moss in comparison to this size but definitely
not a forest now you understand why we can’t find 9 dolphins but do not dwell
on fish and stumps once again I urge you to think in planetary sizes if instead
of dolphins and stumps we see lovers and mountains imagine what is hidden from us
with a curtain that is why the apocalypse is translated as curtain
opening do you understand now why I mentioned this matrix prism in the
beginning through which we are looking and it turned out that we see nothing
the real world is different I can call today’s state of society a real dream
and the sad part is it is not figurative you know in the Russian language the
word tree is spelled de ar e vo death wrath though the word ancient tree is
spelled D wrathful and the word ancient trees is spelled death read most it
means in Russian language the language of the Aryans time when giant old trees
grew interesting isn’t it well let’s put all that in our pocket and continue our
flight I think you will ask me and maybe it’s time to ask questions who cut down
this forest why did they cut it what did they use it for no it is too early to
ask that we know that the whole face of the planet was covered by giant
vegetation so we can ask ourselves where did all the other force go the thing is
that this so-called Mesa are just single ones because only the best were chosen
for cutting whole other force of the planet were laid down by blast waves we
reviewed only stumps with flat Peaks does anyone remember how not cut but
actually broken trees look like I will remind you understand my hint let’s play
the game again find 10 differences I think you understood the meaning of my
words so I want you to look at the highest stumps of our planet
they were mind like a quarry and were broke by blasts for example the tree
Everest have you already guessed there are no
such things as rocks on our planet they are all just pieces of broken stones you
can look at millions of photos but the only thing that you will find is corpses
of our true environment how official at science explains our origin of rocks I
think you guessed too now you understand why we are so charmed
by Rob why are are all elite properties placed between rocks why the most clean
materials for construction are pieces of rock because even if they are dead they
still emit powerful energy for us mortal carbon human beings stone is a
bridge between silicon and carbon life-forms and now the important thing
you must learn is how to distinguish rocks from mountains they are completely
different things rocks consist of solid pieces of ragged
stone with fragments of fibers that reach to the sky but mountain is just a pile of loose
waste which were brought on by giant machines it has almost perfect cone
shape like every loose structure does sometimes those piles have chemical
wastes inside and sometimes those wastes react with each other and sometimes they
burn and sometimes explode and then nerds a white coat scream that they
invented a new volcano and will immediately tell you stories from the
Crypt how 200 million years ago this volcano
formed those silicon stumps and explained the origin of our streets
sidewalk tiles as a result of the ancient volcanic eruption that is why there’s no such thing as
volcanoes rocks and mountains on our planet you can throw out these terms
from your vocabulary okay let’s fly further so from our window you saw that
absolutely all the rocks on our planet are just corpses of the silicon form of
life they are all fallen trees you want to ask no not all of them have expects
all kunal structure like The Devil’s Tower some of these rocks have lamellar
structure or spongy structure like our mushrooms do like liver is different
from our heart or lung so our ancient world were so diverse that we can’t
identify or even imagine lots of species structure like our mushrooms do like
liver is different from our heart or lung so our ancient world was so diverse
that we can’t identify or even imagine lots of species and subspecies that meet
you know Justine was covered in detail by Pavel Aliannah
his youtube name is wake up humans he did revolutionary work in the theme of
thought geology and bucket-wheel excavators work let me introduce to you
this giant cuttlefish which is a badger to ate ate one of the world’s biggest
rotor excavators and this is how those machines work they
crawl crawl on its wheel parallel to the quarry wall giant wheels with ladles
scratch at Rock and ground leaving concave wall geologists must be hypnotized in schools
while they are students because why else would they call quarry waste miracle of
nature like for example this cliff in Australia want to laugh if you do not
believe in the idiocy of this last stage just Google Wave rock and check the
official explanation 100% unbelievable how people buy into this some people
will ask which stone was part of the living plant and which not I want to
tell you that at least seventy five hundred years ago there were no such
things as stones everything you find now was part of our ecosystem but then
people said they want to be God’s themselves and they screwed everything
up I want to ask you open your minds they
live we sleep but they not only live they’re also killing our planet they are
doing it right now while you are watching this wake up
humans you must review all the instruction they
gave you in elementary school middle school high school history geography
geology open your mind I want you to look at these photos today we have lots
of artifacts which we can’t repeat because of certain technicians as the
lack of technology lack of equipment or specialists and which are evidence that
our civilization is a two hundred years ago and before that compared to us was
way more developed and today society are just kids in the sandbox here are some
examples bubble of Oh bath 1784 – 1820 here is what this man that was near it
tells us sorry for my language but they are led telling us absolute bullshit
that somehow the master made it for seven years and polished it every day
like Papa Carlo absolute bullshit with all my responsibilities as a lathe man
of fifth level I declare that this is machine precession concave and convex
surfaces of this bath strictly precise circle on the whole diameter
very accurate spherical surface in the lower part of the bath inside the
bathroom the bottom the same super accurate concavity of the whole diameter this product is impossible to do
manually especially to polish I have the impression that it only yesterday got
out of the machine and the Polish is like from Isaac’s castle columns it’s
impossible to do without high class and high speed polishing and grinding
instruments next one Alexandrian column 1834 weight is 610 s 27 meters high
granite impossible to do manually without turning this on a lathe machine
this column has the shape of ant isis it’s simply impossible to do manually
third peru ally to Tambo polygonal docking of blocks weight is 40 to 120
tons the level of adjustment used can see for yourself
blocks are aligned in three dimensions capela sands Severo
made from a single piece of marble this is impossible to do without an advanced
CNC machine for the last 50 years there was nothing even close to the complexity
of this execution nothing has been done by any sculpture even with the advanced
CNC machine Marvel tombstone on the monumental
Cemetery strength galino Museum in Genoa six stone bridges in Sevastopol each
polygonal stone of the bridge is essentially a single sculpture an
example of modern work the stone were left by today’s standards it is
considered quite acceptable all cities on this planet were built of stone in
the antique style with pre-designed layouts of streets avenues embankments
and so on all cities had a stone Bastion wall the construction volume which is
often equal to the construction volume of the whole city somewhere between 1780
and 1815 we experienced nuclear war and it is likely not the first time in the
world which resulted in a nuclear winter in 1816
a year without summer the anglo-saxons called it 1800 and froze to death purists kameen shots from Google Earth
photos of nuclear craters in the territories such as Belarus such craters
are easy to find white traces around craters are broken limestone the basic
material of that time to visualize the damage search in Google
Google Roger Fenton Crimea or James Robertson Crimea and see the pictures
and you will see the photos of these first war photographers that were sent
Crimea in 1853 after the nuclear war to take pictures of the siege of Sevastopol
compare vegetation then and today this is an example of a photo of Sevastopol
bye Fenton until the 18th century houses were built entirely of limestone for
cutting use were used advanced machines to make perfect parallelepipeds
here are some photos of a house in Crimea all houses in all cities of old
USSR are covered in clay for three or four meters all houses that are deep in
the ground for three to four meters and have such good quality it takes 200
years and during the Soviet era such masonry of limestone is considered to be
very good this is Eskie Kerman illiterate guides
will tell you that this is one of the cave cities of Crimea where people lived
and when I asked about this track I was told that this track was done by car
wheels of local nobility and this is another so-called cave city of Crimea
and this is a modern quarry where limestone is mined
this photo is made before the Revolution of 1917 you can see that from the
limestone is accurately cut segments the bottom of which runs the railway and
where a house stands and now a very important photo of increment quarry the
name some Pawnee made in 1890 you can clearly see cut passageways through the
hill 100 meters and with an 80 meters high under the vertical wall we can see
small pieces of limestone and limestone crumb that fell off because of working
saw machining in the cut holes we can clearly see houses some of these holes
are beginning of catacombs some of which extend for hundreds of kilometers they
conducted a large-scale underground mining of limestone in the days of the
Second World War in the catacombs were hospitals
warehouses headquarters and trucks freely drove in and out of these
catacombs by the way there are ancient catacombs in any city of the world near
Odessa there is a catacomb that is 2500 kilometers long everything they tell us rocks canyons
ravines cliffs are just nothing more than quarry wastes and there are very
old quarries over there and many fresh ones this is a white rock in belogorsk
near Crimea it is a limestone quarry the wall was formed as a result of the cut
slope of the health want to see more look at this passage from which a lot
huge mass of limestone was taken they lie to you and guess what they call it
they call it the valley a beautiful wonder of earth check this out this is
an old photo from the 19th century the mound of the vertical walls of limestone
chips are not yet overgrown with vegetation this is an old painting from
the Year 1855 we can see ancient giant quarry wastes in the background are you
impressed by the scale of mining in just little Crimea I want to tell you more
there is no cubic meter of land probably 100 meters deep over the entire earth
which would not have been in its time mined milled masticated and discarded it
is not a planet but a giant quarry waste pit where in the most violent and
barbaric way the entire periodic table of mandela is extracted and now look at
these photos and pay attention to the tiered structure of the quarries and
minds the rotor excavated tiered cuts are massive it is a formed structure
with right angles when viewed from above and now I want to show you the mountains
ridges gorges canyons cliffs in almost uninhabited ways often they are named by
people who discovered them are all academics and professors of geology and
other science nerds do blind to see it mountain on the Kola Peninsula I do not
know the name mountains on Antarctica they were only discovered in 1820
Antarctica here are even the traces of the heavy machines and equipment
greenland watkins mountains look at the scale of the mining greenland the flight
from frankfurt to Los Angeles Gunn Bjorn the highest mountain in Greenland 3700
meters no problem almost completely gutted Val bard Norway aurora borealis
in the background of quarry waste Antarctica trans arctic mountains at the
foot where the traces of machines are still visible Antarctica trans arctic
mountains quarry systems pay attention to the background Mount Kailash Tibet
the height is six thousand six hundred and thirty eight meters have you ever seen in our time have a
mining equipment that’s raised to such Heights goblin Valley State Park Utah
USA gloss Mountain State Park Oklahoma USA Grand Canyon Arizona USA it’s just a
giant quarry waste gutted territory millions of tourists think that they are
looking at a miracle of the world because they were told so quarry Grand
Canyon Arizona USA no where can we find traces of water erosion only this
shocked explosive impacts on the silicon vegetation quarry rocks Pittsburgh
quarry Grand Canyon the cut of the stone with a
circular saw quarry in Australia blue mountains Blue Mountains from another
angle blue mountains the vertical wall compare it with the marble quarry in the
Alps marble mining in the apse giant quarry do not know where this photo is
offered is wallpaper on your desktop across the Internet Caprock canyons State Park Texas again a
national park created from exhausted quarry wastes in the USA in some quarry
waste where there is a lot of moisture people do farming but now rice terraces
again but now rice terraces and this is canyon de chelly nation monument USA the
saws apparently did tunneling the so-called Painted Hills in Oregon
mountains ravine South Africa orange river and mountains Timna National Park
in Israel just a quarry quarry Green Canyon in China flooded quarry
cherrick reservoir in Uzbekistan flooded quarry another angle as you can see
there are no natural rocks mountains cliffs and gorgeous on this planet you
know while people argue on the internet how flat the earth is like a pancake or
maybe a little concave our masters are literally devouring our home and turning
into a desert and a scrapyard guess what it appears there are quarries on our
planet the size of several countries for example in Tajikistan Afghanistan
Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan and Iran there was almost no soil in these
parts of the country because 100 meter layer of soil and all living things on
it was removed it looks like the URL Sea and the
Caspian Sea are just giant flooded queries yes yes all areas in the world
that is painted yellow on Google Maps are the bottom of quarry wastes whose
Girt plateau in the middle of the picture is a group of cars if you fill
this quarry with a layer of water 1500 meters high you will get in an analogy
of the sea of essa and this is the sea as a Azov flooded old quarry the bottom
is as smooth as a table on which rotor excavators ruled the maximum depth is 15
meters perhaps thorium was mined here the edge
of the Karakum desert the area of which is 350 thousand kilometers squared the
impression is that planetary Reapers worked here in reality quarry for the
rest of the population can yin-yang kukkala the wonder of the world in
Turkmenistan in reality quarry for the population plateau toes bare Kazakhstan
USA Monument Valley USA previously this area was several hundred
meters high up to the stumps of the silicon trees in the background
same Monument Valley USA Namibia the desert is the bottom of a quarry Egypt
the top layer is scraped out with soil and all living things on it also burnt
by nuclear blast most part of Australia is cut and scraped almost completely no
soil only red desert left Australia Nigeria desert
the conclusion is deserts are 100% artificial they emerged as a result of
long-term mining activities even more you can easily reach safely replace the
words canyons gorges rocks ravines plateaus mountain lake and just simple
lake in your vocabulary to the words quarry mine flooded quarry flooded by
craveable war in russia capable war in a different angle in the middle of this
island overgrown with bushes stood a rotary excavator crudo fan in
switzerland obviously the work of a rotary excavator Siberia a nebari quarry
and now look at this this is pile of waste rock and on bass the height
sometimes reaches 300 meters inside them are chemical reactions they burn and
sometimes they even explode when they accumulate XX pressure and more let me
introduce to you this pile of waste called Vesuvius in Italy 1281 meters high but science nerds will
tell you that this is a volcano because it is burning even once it exploded what
a story how people buy into it is beyond me
and now let’s look at the biggest pile of waste called Tara Khan’s or volcanoes this is Tara Khan in Fujiyama in Japan
people if you think that our masters lie to you you are still sleeping if you
think that the earth is flat you are half awakened we are on a desert and a
giant quarry that we are turning into a scrap yard since we can trust no one
maybe it’s time we think for ourselves really think about what you’ve been told
your whole life and question everything The earth is not what we have been trained to believe. Open your eyes! THINK! Are you still sleeping ?


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