The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor Recap’: Hometowns, Dads and Drama!

Hey, guys. I’m Tracy. And I’m Andy. And we are almost at the end. Ooh, it’s getting close. It’s getting so close. I don’t want it to be over. I know. Can you believe it? You make a call and
tell it to stop. Not right now. OK, this week was hometowns. And I mean, we went
to four hometowns. Four hometown dates. And we gotta get right to it. You know him from his
hometown, Miss New Jersey! [INTERPOSING VOICES] I have to say,
hometowns is usually– we’ve talked about this–
how hometowns is usually our favorite episode. Yes. And I think because there’s– However. No, exactly. I think that because there
has so much great drama this season– It’s been a great season. –that this episode kind
of was a little boring. It was a little flat. So let’s just get right into it. We started with
Caelynn’s hometown, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. So then they go to
her parents’ house. And my goodness, did
they have a big soiree. Oh, yeah. That was like a– They had the whole town there. So stepdad John
gives the blessing. It was very cute. And then afterwards,
Caelynn tells Colton, I am in love with– I mean, she says,
I’m in love with you. Did you believe that? I do. I do. Because she was really upset– Yeah. But Colton doesn’t
say anything back. So he’s been like,
for some women, he’ll say he’s falling in love–
with pretty much everyone– but he won’t give the,
I’m in love with you. But he seemed pleased
at the moment. And he says it really well. I’m falling in love with her. OK, so then we go to Birmingham,
Alabama, to Hannah G. Tour of the South. Yeah, tour of the South. And they do a cute little class. They go to etiquette
class so that he can be like a Southern gentleman. Yeah, that was cute, though. Which, do we think that
Hannah’s probably sitting there on the table like, for sure. Oh, yeah. She didn’t seem to
know any of the stuff. It wasn’t like–
she was like, yes. She was like, just pick
the bread out, too. Right? Wait– She totally kept saying that. He took out the bread and
just put it on her plate, it’s like that’s
the gentlemanly– And literally the woman
was like horrified. [INTERPOSING VOICES] But that’s the
gentlemanly thing to do. Hey, here’s some bread. It was just like,
this is for you. Bread, bread. But also, who eats
bread like that? Like just. But that’s how
you’re supposed to. By the way, there’s
no tongs or anything. The etiquette was that he picked
up her bread with his hand. No, there was nothing– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I was waiting for
her to make him do like a fork and
a knife situation, where he’d like grab– The whole thing– Could you imagine if
he had to cut the roll? I was thinking about
that the entire episode. The bread was the big takeaway
of this whole episode, I think. So then they go to see– Totally prepared to
go meet the parents. They go. Yeah, now you’re ready. But they all seem
like perfectly lovely. And the dad actually
seemed to like Colton. There wasn’t really
any hesitation here. He kind of just like– No, he seemed to be into it. Gave him the blessing. They clearly have something. I’m not worried about them. Yeah, yeah. She’s still a front runner. Oh, for sure. So then we go to
Santa Ana, California. Yup, West Coast swing
of the hometowns. Lot of West Coasters this year. Yeah, for Tayshia’s hometown. So anyway, so they go skydiving. And Colton, like literally the
blood rushes from his face. So he jumps out. They tell him to backflip. He doesn’t really do it. And instead he gives us
this like insane scream. Oh, it was so good. [SCREAMS] So good. And then they land and
they have this moment. And it was– it
actually was cute. It was cute. Like you feel like they
accomplished it together. It was definitely
a bonding moment. For sure. They always have
experienced that together. So we go and we meet her family. And we finally get tough dad. What I liked about this
hometown was that– There are four
people on the couch. That’s right. No, I liked that it
was just her family. I liked that it was just
her immediate family. It wasn’t like all the
extended people and the fans and the whole thing. It was just her family. Yeah. And her cute little brother. And yeah, and so she’s divorced. So they– which you can get
the family’s reservations. For more than any
of the other ladies, I can understand,
like she’s already been through a relationship
where she’s divorced. And I’m sure that–
and don’t get me wrong, not that you have to be
married and divorced for it to be dramatic for somebody. For a horrible heartbreak. Exactly. She’s got more experience. But she’s already
made what was supposed to be a lifelong commitment
to somebody that it didn’t work out. So I can see how they’re like,
well, just before you do this and put yourself
in the situation again, maybe like,
just take a beat. Yeah. OK, so that– but anyway, we
end up getting his permission and he kind of softens up a bit. Fine. So then we just take a quick,
literally skip and a hop. Down the coast. Up the coast. Literally like an
hour-long drive. Huntington Beach. Yeah, to Huntington
Beach, California, or Cassie’s hometown. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yeah, it is lovely. So yeah, so she’s from there. And they decide that
they’re going to go and do these surf lessons. So Cassie teaches
him how to surf. It doesn’t go very well. He wasn’t very good. So then they go to
meet the family. And first of all, she’s got
really attractive family. Very good looking sisters. Wait, does she have a twin? Was it a twin? No, I don’t think so. But they were very
similar looking. Similar age sister,
who like cried telling her that like she
just wants her to be happy and not to like
rush into things. She’s like, you know everything. I learned everything from you. She really poured out her heart. Which is very sweet. Which is interesting,
because she’s only 23. Yes. And the dad brought it up. Dad really went after this one. I forgot until he did. No, he was like– This was like my favorite
line of the entire thing. Colton, well, he’s a guy. He’s a guy. Oh, her dad was not– her dad was not
pulling the punches. He’s a guy. I love that so much. I know. He’s funny. I haven’t seen you
for a month and you come through the door
with a guy, like– It’s odd. So anyway, and Cassie’s
dad ain’t having it. Like he’s just like– He’s real. She’s like, Dad, I’m not dumb. He’s like, I’m not
calling you dumb. He’s like, what
you are is stupid. She got very defensive. And it’s stupid
to date this guy. She was like, Dad, I’m not dumb. He’s like, I’m not
saying you’re dumb, I’m just saying
you’re very young. She wants him and she got
very defense about it. That was like
daddy-daughter talk, though. That was like full on
like, Dad, I’m not dumb. That’s the thing,
being 23, you can tell that she was like, meh. But that was the difference
between the Tayshia and her dad conversation and the Cassie
and her dad conversation, was that they were
kind of similar– Tayshia’s dad, much more
mature, been down the road. They’re having a conversation. Tayshia’s extremely articulate
about how she feels. And Tayshia was able
to convince her dad. Cassie having a baby
talk with her dad. Cassie was like, (WHINES) Dad! Dad, no! I’m really into him. I’m dumb because I like him. I’m not dumb. But the one thing
that we did see throughout this whole
hometown for Cassie was that her kind of
unsureness with Colton. Yes, for sure. Which I was not– No, exactly. –expecting. Every other girl,
head over heels, ready to walk down the aisle. Cassie’s like, ah, I don’t know. And she basically
says like, I’m not there– like when
her sister says like, could you get
accepting a proposal? And she’s like,
I’m not there yet. Well, that’s interesting. Two things. Dad said no and then
she didn’t really say. And she was our pick. So she– I’m starting to worry. No, we’re good. We’re good. And then the tease
with the tears. I don’t know, you guys. OK, so we go to
the rose ceremony. And it’s the four women. So Hannah G gets the first rose,
which we kind of all expected. It like went down the row. Boom, boom. And then Tayshia
gets the next rose. And then it was like, ooh. And so then it comes
down to Cassie, who I think we’re
supposed to think she’s not going to
get it because she’s the only one that’s unsure. Of course, but you can tell
that he likes her the best. –and Caelynn. Yes, for sure. We knew once we
got to that point, it was like sorry, Caelynn. But there’s no way
he’s cutting her now. You know what this
means, you guys? No, it’s a contest. This is sad to say, but
our sweet friend Caelynn– We’re down to– and
then there were– There she is. Right here. Just didn’t happen. That top row is gone. And then there were three. So, Caelynn. And OK, well, let’s talk
about the Caelynn exit. Because the thing that I
was just so upset about is that this entire time,
I felt like Colton has done a great job of at least
telling the women like, here’s the reason this happened. And I agree– Very well-spoken. And I agree that like
at that point in time, that probably the reason
is just like my connection with the other
women is stronger. But at least say that. Because I feel like
getting nothing from him. [INTERPOSING VOICES] He didn’t how to handle it. It’s the first time he
didn’t know how to handle it. And maybe we just saw
an edit where maybe he did say a few things. But even just an, I’m so sorry. Just something. Even if he was just like, I
know you didn’t see this coming and I’m sorry that I did this to
you, that would have been just at least something. But it’s the name of the game. But that was the
first time I really didn’t like the way
Colton handled something. I agree. OK. So then– Big, deep tease.
–we get the tease. It’s not even a deep tease. There’s only like
one episode left. It’s good. It was a good tease. But it’s a two-night
spectacular. Oh, it’s going to
be– it’s so good they gotta put it in two nights. But it does seem like
this time we’re finally going to get the fence jump. Oh, it’s coming. Finally the fence jump. We get Cassie in
the car with tears, which leads me to believe
that she goes home. Eight feet, I heard that
fence was, eight feet. It looked high. It looked high. A big thanks to
ya’ll for watching. And don’t forget to
tune in next week when we discuss the
infamous fence jump. Woo! Comment below to tell
us what you think. I don’t know why,
but I still do it. Oh, I got it. I’m gonna cut my bread. Good job, Corey. Bye, you guys. Wee! I’m going to give you mine.

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