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Oh, hey! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Edwin and this is my vlog-style documentary breaking down what happened between Elon Musk, Grimes and Azealia Banks. The objective is to put together all the relevant headlines and interactions between the three in a cohesive manner, so I can present to you a story that would otherwise be hard to follow. I know I made a video on this topic before but this time, I’m going in deep. I’ve uncovered some screenshots and videos that I did not know existed and I also have some updates for you guys. So grab yourself a snack, take off your shoes and get comfortable because there’s a lot of information to take in and this is why I’ve also created a table of contents. In case you can’t watch it all in one sitting you can just come back to the segment you left off at. We’ll be going over how Grimes and Elon Musk met. How Grimes and Azealia’s collaboration almost happened.
Azealia’s Instagram stories about Elon and Grimes while she was in LA. Azealia continuing to trash Elon and Grimes after LA.
Elon’s court day, and a lot more in between. Apparently, Elon and Grimes met online when Elon was planning to tweet a punny joke that Grimes had already thought of. [laughs] Yep. So what’s the punny joke, you ask? “Rococo Basilisk.” It’s kind of a cute story. Let me try to explain. So there’s a thought experiment called “Roko’s Basilisk” that considers a hypothesis of a future where artificial intelligence will be powerful enough to rule over the world and could punish those who did not help it rule over the world. “And the grandest sinners of all would be those who knew about Roko’s Basilisk but still did nothing to change their ways.” Basically, now that you know about Roko’s Basilisk, you’re pretty much doomed if AI take over the world. Unless you help AI take over the world. So the joke or pun was to mix Roko’s Basilisk with Rococo. Now, what is Rococo? Rococo is a French 18th century highly ornamental and theatrical style of decoration. Now, according to this article that broke the news on how Elon and Grimes met, Elon’s joke was to merge both concepts together perhaps pointing out that both concepts are complex, too extreme and ridiculous. Now, Ultron, if you’re watching, or Skynet, I don’t think it’s ridiculous, okay, spare me. So that’s Elon’s side of the story and how he came up with that play on words. Now, Grime’s, on the other hand, she actually named a character in her music video Flesh Without Blood, Rococo Basilisk. “Rococo Basilisk is like, she’s like doomed to be like eternally tortured by like, you know, an artificial intelligent– intelligence but she’s also kind of like, uh, Marie Antoinette.” And that’s the story about Elon slid into Grime’s DMS and got the girl. Good job, Elon. Very proud of you.
Very nice, well done. Now again, this all happened in April but the internet didn’t find out that they were together until their debut at the Met Gala on May 7th. That’s the same day he made the Rococo Basilisk tweet. Oh, it’s like a subtle announcement that they’re together. How sweet. I know you like to be subtle, mister, but I catch you on these little “coincidences”. But that’s not the first time, I believe, he’s subtly flirted with Grimes via Twitter. [laughs] Elon tweeted an article about the stars surrounding a comet and Grimes replied in a now-deleted tweet saying, “That’s a lot of cocaine.” To which Elon said, “Yeah, most people don’t know this but comets r mostly made of cocaine.” Sir Elon Musk really used the letter R to represent the word “are.” [laughs] I think he was trying to fit in with Grime’s interesting format of tweeting. But here’s where it gets good. Cloudstrife447 replied to Elon saying, “Just ask her out already, Elon” and Elon replied with a wink. Awwww. Ok, enough about how Elon and Grimes met and now: How Grimes and Azealia Bank’s collaboration almost happened. Let’s start from the beginning. Before I present all of this, I want to give a big shout out to Brazilian fans for keeping tabs on some of this stuff and unknowingly helping Edwin from the future document this into a video. Y’all are seriously dedicated. Props. Some of the stuff was hard to find because Instagram stores expire and Grimes deletes her tweets and Azealia Banks gets deleted from Twitter. The first interaction I could find between the two was Grimes following Azealia Banks on May 25th of 2018. Then, on June 3rd , Azealia Banks quote tweeted a fan asking if there was a grams collab coming soon to which she said, “I would love to.” Grimes then responded by saying, “Dude! Please, can we hang?” Surprisingly enough, Grimes didn’t delete that tweet and you can see quite a bit of the interaction that the tweets had. Most of the tweets were positive and very supportive but, of course, there were some people that were hesitant about the potential collaboration. Which I don’t understand, I mean, what could possibly go wrong? “White women really make me sick sometime.” Someone said, “As soon as you collab, she’s gonna talk crap about you sksksk” Azealia?! She wouldn’t… And Azealia goes, “You don’t even have bone-marrow sis lol,” “Or a decent pair of lips.” Okay, she would. “Or hips or ass or tits. And you smell like a roll of nickels” [laughs] A few days go by, and another fan asks Azealia if her and Grimes have talked to which Azealia responds with, “Yes, we made studio plans.” And Grimes rolls in with a reply saying Cha-cha-cha. Tinker Bell.” June 15th, a fan asks Grimes where the music with Azealia is. It’s been like two weeks and they live in different places. And Grimes replied to the fan saying, “Flying to New York for her next week.” [coughs] Excuse me… On June 18th, Azealia Banks posted an Instagram story saying she’s working with Grimes “next weeeeek.” Looks like it’s a video, I’m sorry that a screenshot is all I could find. Oh! And later on in the same day, she posted another story saying, “I want to pee on Marilyn Manson so badly… Marilyn Manson definitely needs to get peed on by Azealia Banks. Someone needs to set it up for me to pee on him.” [laughs] I know it’s a little random to include that but I just thought it was interesting how hours before annnoncing that she’s going to be working with Grimes next weeeeek, she’s talking about how she wants to pee on Marilyn Manson. And it’s also interesting how she talks about herself in third person. It’s almost like she’s making her own headline that can be a standalone sentence that everybody knows that “Marilyn Manson needs to get peed on by Azealia Banks.” And sure enough, Azealia was quoted in multiple music news articles for wanting to pee on Marilyn Manson. On July 8th, Azealia tweeted her excitement that all the songs to her new album were finished except for her song Lorelei and her collaboration with Grimes. The next day, Pop Crave reported on it and showed a screenshot of a comment from Grimes on Instagram about Azealia replying to someone who, I’m assuming, asked her if she was excited about the collab. And Grimes said, “She’s one of my all-time favorites and after hanging with her, I can confirm she’s a certified genius so yes, very.” July 13th, Azealia posts a story that reads, “Grimes, I’m sending you a postcard from New York City.” July 30th, a fan tweets Grimes asking if the track with Azealia is still in the works and then Grimes says, “Well, I’ve started like four beats for her now lol. She has to come to LA to finish.” August 6th, a Brazilian Twitter fan page reports that as Azealia shared an Instagram story saying, “I can’t wait to go to Los Angeles with Grimes so we can be skinny legends together. She is my new best friend.” Then, of course, the next day, Elon Musk dropped his infamous 4(0 tweet, creating a big scandal with Tesla. In that weekend, Elon and Grimes reportedly went to Vegas for a convention called DEF CON. However, that weekend was apparently the same weekend when Grimes and  Azealia had planned to meet up to work on their collaboration together. So Azealia landed into LA and was kind of left like, “WTF”. She claimed to have stayed at Elon’s house without Grimes around to collaborate and this miscommunication led to the infamous Instagram stories many of us are now familiar with or, if you’re not familiar, make sure you watch my previous video on this topic. But why did sister snap? Was it envy?
Revenge? Or Justice? So I wanted to dive a little deeper to figure out Azealia’s motivations or intentions behind all this. Many people have doubted the validity of Azealia’s story because she tends to go off into tangents when storytelling and she also has quite the history of attracting or creating her own controversies. So I wanted to dive a little deeper and compile this comprehensive little big video for you guys. First, I want to tell you guys why I, personally, believe the text messages that as Azealia shared are actually legitimate. Every time that the media asked Grimes or Elon about the text messages or any of the claims made in there, they always said, “No comment”. Now granted, after this whole drama exploded on social media, Grime’s never said a peep at all.
Now, in order to believe that the texts are actually fake, you have to instead believe that somebody was texting Azealia and planning everything that they were saying back and forth because they were responding to each other within the same minute. But then you also have to believe that Azealia was planning to text somebody back and forth before she went to LA and then also after, you know? When she was friends with Grimes and then when they started fighting. So that’s why I don’t think she was texting herself. Every other time that Azealia has shared text conversations with other people, it’s always been an iMessage format. But, with Grimes, it’s been in this different application. And also, if we look back at one of the screenshots, we can see Grimes saying, “Wow, the Russians want Elon dead.” And then Azealia asks, “Are you sure they can’t read these? Why?” And then Grimes says that “Elon runs this service and it’s encrypted out the a*s.” So, if you wanna believe that the text messages are fake, you really have to believe that Azealia came up with this plan to frame Grimes with this signal app which she used to talk to either herself or somebody else before the whole drama happened. And then after as well. Adding all that up, it really just feels like a movie to me, you know? You have to submit belief in order to believe something. So with movies that make sense but… To really put that genius master plan onto Azealia must make her some supervillain. Some people even doubt the fact that she stayed at Elon’s house to begin with, which I do want to clarify that Elon himself did corroborate that she stayed at his guest house. He said, “I saw her Friday morning for two seconds at about a 30ft distance as she was leaving the house. I’d just finished working out, she was not within hearing range. I didn’t even realize who it was. That’s literally the only time I’ve ever laid eyes on her.” And that was his official statement. Lastly, and I’m not even sure how much this really adds to the whole equation, but this is one of the few times that Azealia actually has receipts to offer from one of the controversies that she’s found herself in, you know I mean? So that’s why I, personally, believe that the text messages that Azealia shared with Grimes are real and, believe it or not, Azealia had so much more to say than just the other stuff that I showed you guys in the other video. The videos and screenshots from Azealia Banks that we didn’t get to see. Now, for this section of the video, I want to give a big shout out to the Instagram account appropriately called “elon_azealia_drama”. I’ve been in touch with them in DMS and they provided mostly receipts that I’m gonna be going over so, big love. All of her stories were posted on Sunday the 12th and this is one of the stories that I missed out on. She says, “I’ve literally been sitting at Elon Musk’s house alone for days waiting for Grimes to show up and start these sessions. I have no idea when she’s coming back. I’m gonna wait one more day then I’m going home.” “Lol, I waited around all weekend while Grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid. Then she had the nerve to go ghost and ‘book me a first-class flight’ through Roc Nation as if she’s big enough to send ME out of LA.” [imitates laugh] Okay, maybe I was wrong. Maybe she could be a supervillain with the way she speaks. “I should have stayed my a*s in New York City. They invited me here to stay and told me I couldn’t bring my boyfriend. Lol. It was probably some weird threesome stuff to begin with.” Eugh… Azealia’s Instagram stories began to catch buzz on Twitter and Azealia herself shared one tweet from someone saying that drama should be “an HBO miniseries.” She also spoke to Business Insider on the same day which I covered in the previous video. -Apparently, she also told Business Insider that she could run Tesla better than he does. And, on top of that, she also requested for Business Insider to make another article titled, “Update: Elon Musk wants to meet Azealia Banks.” She provided them with a screenshot of this text which allegedly shows a conversation with Mac, who is Grime’s brother, saying, “Elon will meet you tonight.” And she posted the same screenshot to her Instagram story ut she added the text, “Azealia Banks is irresistible.” Do you know anybody else that talks about themselves in third-person like this? Just wondering… Azealia never ended up meeting up with Elon and neither Grimes nor her brother responded to Business Insider’s request for comment. And not that it means much because my name is not Business Insider but I also reached out to Grimes via Instagram and Twitter and she didn’t respond for any comment. On Saturday, August 18th, Azealia began posting screenshots of her conversations with Grimes and this is one of the screenshots that I didn’t show last time around cause I didn’t find it very, you know, juicy or anything like that. But I’ll show it now because I do think it’s funny that [snickers] Grimes is talking about Elon’s accent and Azealia says, “I thought he was a Wild Thornberry for the longest.” [laughs] August 19th, Elon and Grimes unfollow each other on social media. On August 20th, Azealia began posting stories claiming that Elon had her phone. “I been in LA for two weeks and I didn’t get no music done, I didn’t get no trip to Mars. I didn’t get sh*t out of this. I want to go back to my regular normal black girl programming. Gimme my f*ucking phone!” The reason why I bring up her claiming that Elon had her phone is because she also said that he had blackmail on her so I wonder if the whole blackmail was her “quality nudes.” And later on that same night, she shared a video of herself out at what appears to be a bar? Mhm, I know. Detective. “Okay, all this like Bond girl activity is cool and all that but n*ggas have really like wasted a lot of my time. I’m really ready to finish my f*cking album and just f*cking be done with it. Oh, and her last Instagram story that night was this classic: “That mother trucker Elon Musk is actually fine as h*ll. The Wild Thornberry swag is… super hot. I’m into it.” Just a week prior to this, you said he was ugly. Now he’s fine as h*ll?! Pfff… August 21st, she shares a photoshopped photo of herself holding a baby Elon. She also posted a conversation with someone whose name was blurred out but they said to her, “Hi, handling SEC stuff. I’ll call you soon. By the way, Elon loves your note. I think he’s writing you a note back.” This, of course, is in reference to Azealia’s apology letter to Elon and unless Azealia’s suddenly really good at keeping secrets, Elon never wrote her one back. She continued to share conversations and highlighted the person saying, “I made you look really good today. The attorneys like you and said you’re smart. Let’s work this out in a way where we have friendship and this is just damages that Claire caused.” That conversation really came off to me like whoever Azealia’s talking to is really trying to pin all the blame onto Claire. Or maybe we should call her “c” because that’s what she recently changed her name to. But no, no, we’re gonna call her Grimes because that’s even easier. Anyways, I don’t really understand what the mentality was behind sharing that text, like, how is that a good idea? It looks like she’s conspiring against Claire, or c, or Grimes… F*ck… Then after this, is when she showed the conversation with Grimes mentioning Elon getting into marijuana because of her. Almost like she’s trying to make sure her followers know that “Hey, it was Grimes that did all this.” Oh, and let’s not forget about how Azealia’s a fierce protector of children and can see them in the invisible world. Still want to know what that means, AB. Oh, and of course how Grimes wanted to get pregnant at the same time as Azealia. Huh, you thought we was gonna forget about that one. No way, Jose. “Alright, b*tches, now I’m going home to my stinky dogs. To my little soap factory, back to my normal everyday Azealia Banks life, you know? I don’t know what these n*ggas out here doing in f*ckin’ LA, you know? But I am with the sh*ts.” That clip, as well as quite a few other stories that we’re gonna be going over, definitely add some insight to this whole saga, so, grab your popcorn…. There’s a lot to go through. “Cause the truth about Azealia Banks is that she just wants to make music and get out there, like, I love to just stun on n*ggas with that f*ckin music. Like, once you start engaging me in anything else, that’s when it always goes south. Like it always goes f*ckin south.” See, this is when I really started to feel like Azealia never really cared for Grimes in any other way other than just a collaboration. “Like, I really can’t stand n*ggas that wanna do everything but the f*cking thing. Like, we just gotta do the thing, b*tch like? [laughs]
I can’t stand it all right, I’m ready.” Uber, LAX. But seriously, let this be a secondhand lesson from Grimes to you: never meet your idols because most of the time they will disappoint you. Unless I’m your idol then…
I’ll probably be okay. “And it’s like b*tch, you f*ckin knew better. You knew that like– if y’all knew that this was going on. First off, he sent that first tweet before I even got on my f*ckin flight, b*tch. “ From every angle possible it does seem conclusive that this is where Grimes messed up. Grimes, baby, communication! I mean, unless there’s something that we’re not seeing, this is one tough way to learn a lesson about how important it is to communicate with someone. Especially when they have a strong personality like Azealia’s. “If you knew that you couldn’t work, mistakes happen. You could’ve– you should’ve just told me to stay my a*s home!” So what we know for sure is that Grimes and Azealia had planned this collaboration way before the scandal with Elon even occurred. Now, I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark here and guess that Elon did not expect his tweet to blow up into this massive expensive scandal that it turned out to be. And considering the magnitude of the scandal, it does make sense that Grimes would want to be there for her man’s during these times of grief and, unfortunately, it did happen right before her collaboration was meant to happen with Azealia. So I do think that she kind of left Azealia plantada. Which in Spanish means she left her planted, you know, like a plant meaning she ditched her. Grimes has said in the past that she’s a nervous and shy person and if you watch some of her video interviews you can kind of tell her demeanor is very anxious and sometimes on edge, so I can kind of imagine that maybe she didn’t want to cancel on Azealia because she just felt bad. She thought she could handle it and especially if you remember back in that little screenshot that I showed you guys where she said that Azealia is one of her alll time favorites and she’s a certified genius. I think maybe she thought she could still handle the collaboration, no big deal, but as Elon’s tweet started blowing up more and more in the media then she kinda had to make a hard choice of choosing a collaboration or her man’s, and she chose her man’s. Of course, it’s all observational and what’s done is done, you know, I’m sure in hindsight Grimes would have been like, “I wish I told her to stay her a*s in New York. I messed up! I messed– I’m sorry! I really thought I could do the collaboration!
Why did I even go to DEF CON?!” “You know, instead of leading me on for days and days and days and days and then, like, when you’re on your way back into LA you want to be on some old, “Get her out of my dressing room” type sh*t, like, b*tch, who the f*ck are you?! [laugh] Okay, but imagine being on your way back home and finding out that the person that you’re meant to be working with said this: “He’s got some dirty sneaker inbred out of the woods Pabst beer p*ssy meth-head junkie running around town telling everyone everything about him.” Azealia’s talking about Grimes, by the way. I mean, I mean, come on. “Maybe he’s right. I mean, come on.” “Come on.” Now, listen, if there was ever any time for you to pause this video and actually go get yourself a snack, this is it. Because, ladies and gentlemen, mostly ladies but shout out to the dudes watching, we’re about to witness the roast of Grimes with your host, Azealia Banks. Here we go. “What?! I’m working with your f*ckin weird white a*s, just because, you know, my fans keep asking me to-” Ah! So you was being fake this whole time?! “Like, no shade, I did this for like whatever little mutual fan base we have, b*tch like… Cause y’all know I do not like people. Y’all know I don’t f*cking like people and it’s like… For you to be trying to act like I’m some like fan or like some stalker or some sh*t, b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck.” Man, wow! “No, I did not come to LA to have some f*ckin like mutant alien orgy and do some other f*ckin crazy sh*t, b*tch. I came out here to get out there, you know what I’m saying? To get that f*cking music. And make it look like I could get along with people. Because truth be told, b*tch, I really don’t even like your f*cking music like that anyway, you know what I’m saying? I met you, you seem like a cool girl. I was like, ‘All right, whatever, like, this could be like the one– my one, like, little white girl friend, white girl music friend’, you know?” Is she saying that she wanted Grimes to be her “token white friend”? Because that’s what it’s starting to sound like. “Like, I don’t know what kind of weird, like, white privilege world y’all think y’all live in, that you think that your problems are more important than mine, b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck. I really don’t give a f*ck. I don’t have 20 billion dollars, b*tch. I’m trying to get this little music popping so I can sell some soap. Sell some soap and take my a*s back to f*ckin New York and do what the f*ck I gotta do, you know? Then it becomes all this other f*ckin scary sh*t, like…” The way I interpret this and, again, y’all are free to disagree or chime in with your own opinions in the comments down below, but it seems like Azealia is a bit stressed out from the whole mess that she’s somewhat contributed to, with sharing all those personal texts and everything on her own Instagram stories. So it seems like she’s just very stressed out but doesn’t want to take any blame herself. She calls it “weird white privilege problems”. Now, I’m not saying that Elon’s tweet, which literally cost him twenty million dollars, is Azealia’s fault at all, no. But I definitely don’t think that Azealia saying that when he made that tweet, he was an acid helped him one bit. You know by involving yourself, whether it be true or not, we may never know but, you know what I mean? Like, like that kind of thing is the reason why she was facing a subpoena. Which, I guess, she’s no longer facing a subpoena because apparently, she tweeted last week that she refused it which, I don’t even know you could do but apparently, she did. “And you doing all this, like,
talking between people, like-” Sounds like she might be referring to the text between her and Grime’s brother or maybe Elon’s attorneys because we also know how badly she wanted to talk to Elon. But, like, literally, if you really put yourself in a position where this woman just blasted all this personal information would you really be down to talk to her face to face or personally? It kind of does make sense that she– that they’d have other people talk to her for them, at least in my opinion. And if she really wanted someone to blame she should have just left it all that Grimes because what does any of this– what does her collaboration with Grimes have to do with Elon, at all? Why does she have to involve him, whatsoever? “Like, n*ggas got all the f*ckin time and all the f*ckin money to waste on lawyers.” Elon’s a billionaire.
Of course, he’s got all the money to waste on lawyers. All you had to f*ckin do was tell me not to take the f*cking flight b*tch. I could’ve stayed my a*s home, I could’ve prepared for my tour. It was so much f*ckin sh*t that I had to do, you know? But I’m sitting here trying to humor you and trying to help you the–” Right, I can agree with you that this was probably Grime’s fault, so why are we involving her billionaire boyfriend again? And I’ve gotten used to the nasty attitude but to say that you’re doing this to try to help her and everything… Girl, that ego. Turn it down, it’s too loud. “You know, I’m trying to humor you because now, for whatever f*cking reason, I’m caught in the middle of this f*cking dumba*s sh*t. And it’s like, I’m not getting no f*ckin money, nobody’s suing me for no f*cking money. This is just like… these are not black girl problems, okay?” Hey, I agree. There very much are not your average “black girl problems” but they are very much “Azealia Banks problems.” I mean, what did you expect when you’re revealing personal conversations relating to Elon Musk, a billionaire. “But, it’s like, no b*tch, but you really should’ve told me to go home. You really tried to keep me there so that… I don’t know f*ckin know why you tried to keep me there but you shouldn’t have done it.  Let that be a lesson. If you invite me to do music, let’s do the f*ckin music. I don’t give a f*ck about your man–” I could be wrong but I feel like that clip right there implicated that Grimes might have told her to stay put in her– or not her, in Elon’s house while she was in Vegas and that she’d be back soon, right? And then once she was about to be back and she saw all the stories posted about her and her man’s, then maybe she had the change of heart right there and then. Oh, and it’s funny she said she doesn’t care about Grimes man’s, yet she’s still tweeting about Elon to this day. “And you know a b*tch came out there with a whole box of soap. I’m like, ‘Oh, werk,’ like, you know? He was supposed to help me write this business plan for CHEAPYXO, and all this other sh*t, like, that’s really why I came out there, you know I mean? To do this music and like get my f*cking sh*t together, like… Because I just– you know, if time hasn’t already proven to you that like, like, I am really strong and powerful, like, I’m very strong you’re powerful, uhm… I don’t know why people f*ck with me. I don’t know…” [laughs] Okay, I’ve never seen someone so strong and powerful complaining so much… “Like, why did I really have to fly all the way across the country to like lay 16 bars? You should have had just sent me the f*ckin track, it’s like, b*tch, if you think Imma steal your sh*t– I already remember the chord progressions, like, I have very sharp memory. I could steal this sh*t right f*cking now if I wanted to.” Aight, aight aight. Now you’re starting to sound like you never wanted to come to LA in the first place so why’d you agree, huh? ¿Por qué, Acealia? (Why, Azealia?) [laughs] Her name in Spanish is “Acealia.” We’ll get into my theory in just a second but her next story was her just walking to her first-class seat, 1F. “Yaasss” “-Hi!
-Hi, how are you?” “-Good, thanks, how are you doing today?
-Good.” “Okay, 1F, alright.” Then, she said Eric Schmidt is a real-life genius and needs to take over Tesla. August 22nd, the day she lands back in New York, Azealia posts another story stating she wants to do some public betting that Bezos makes it to space before Musk. “-You’re competing with the likes of Jeff Bezos, uh, in, uh…” “-Jeff who?” “[laughs]” August 24th, Azealia shares a quote tweet that reads, “When will y’all learn that Azealia Banks really is a witch.” And the original tweet said, “#BREAKING: flames, fire emoji, and smoke. Fire at #Tesla production plant in Fremont. And Azealia captioned it herself saying, “Pfffft. Aka Elon coincidentally starting a suspiciously contained fire at his factory to burn any documents and cell phones that may get him in trouble. Or maybe I’m really a witch.” Funny enough, Azealia’s username is coincidentally blocking out the word “coincidentally” so it could look like it says, “Elon starting a suspiciously contained fire” or “Azealia Banks starting a suspiciously contained fire.” Huh. August 25th, AB shares an article on Musk keeping Tesla public. “This is literally the best thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t let your druggie art school girlfriend convince you to break it!” Any chance she gets to take a jab at Grimes, she’ll take it. “Congratulations. I literally saved you from being eaten alive by weird cannibalistic feminist pagan lesbian electronic music cult.” What?! What? What does that even mean?! She really is trying to go for a supervillain here. Girl, this ain’t no cartoon, stop trying to be a supervillain! Or an antihero? She also shared her apology to Elon where she acknowledges that her actions have exacerbated the painful events that Elon endured during that week. She says, “I was welcome to a lot of personal information about you, the stuff made me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Yet I never had intentions of using this information against you. What started out as a catfight led to some seriously unexpected consequences and I sincerely apologize. In addition to the aforementioned extras, I’ve also been told that you’re a fan of my music. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in coincidence and I’d like to believe that somewhere, in another dimension or another plane, this interaction happened harmoniously and resulted in positive outcomes for both of us. This was not how I wanted to say hello. If you’re up to it, I’d like to meet you in person to properly and formally introduce myself to you. After all, we are now the co-stars of pop culture’s latest fanfiction, winky-face emoji.” The apology letter is dated on August 19th and she posted it on the 25th, however, she also posted this screenshot on the 21st and this entire video rant on the same day. And all these other posts that I’ve been showing you, as well as more to come that came after the apology, so do I think the apology is genuine? No! [laughs] But I’m sure none of you thought it was genuine either. I think it was just a way to hopefully try to meet him right before she left LA. After the Instagram account that has been documenting this entire drama posted the apology letter someone commented, “So she did not in fact meet him in person,” and later also in another comment saying that Azealia lied. And this is where it gets interesting because Azealia herself actually replied to that commenter on that post! She says, “No I didn’t lie, sis. I didn’t see him as he was walking from a workout. I was asleep in a room behind the kitchen adjacent to a library. I was trying to down a bottle of red wine and sleep but I woke up because I heard his voice. I was in the room for about an hour before I decided to move. I was starving and was going to the kitchen and grab something to eat. I came out of the library and stood in the corridor for a good 10 minutes because I was afraid to walk out there without having brushed my hair or teeth but I was hungry so I just tiptoed into the kitchen so not to disturb and grab the ginger ale. He saw, we both said ‘hello’ to each other and I ran back into the kitchen with the ginger ale because I really wasn’t wanting to even be a part of it lol then I mixed the ginger ale with the red wine and realized I was missing one of my bags.
I gotta write my own fanfiction too lol” Basically, the commenter didn’t believe Azealia met Elon because Elon originally said that he never met her, then later clarified that he saw her for a couple seconds on the morning that she arrived as she was leaving the house. Azealia, on the other hand, said that she met him on the morning that she arrived in the kitchen tucking his tail between his legs scrounging for investors. And, of course, in her apology she said she wanted to meet him in person properly and introduce herself formally. So a few things line up from both parties. They definitely saw each other on the morning that she arrived and uh… Okay, one thing lines up. Now, it is possible that Elon could have been red in the face but that could be from having just worked out as he explained to the New York Times. In her long comment, she said that they said “hi” to each other and then she ran back so even if that’s 100% true, I don’t personally agree with Azealia when she said that Elon lied about meeting her if all they did was say “hi” to each other. Especially when he says he didn’t recognize and then she says that she just ran back out. Now, I suppose it is possible that she could have listened to this conversation because she claimed that she stood in the corridor for a good 10 minutes, which is really kind of creepy and very supervillain like, right? But even if that part is true and Azealia Banks was indeed eavesdropping on Elon Musk in his hallway for a good 10 minutes, then that means that she completely lied in her apology when she said that she didn’t intend of using any information against him because that’s exactly what she did when she talked to Business Insider. So this is what I mean when I say it’s so hard to tell when she’s telling the truth. “Post these so the folks can see the storyline.” Bruh, what?! Suddenly, me and that drama Instagram account are just Azealia’s puppets?! The Instagram account replied, “You want me to post your comments?” and as Azealia said, “Tes” It’s like when you want to say “yes” but Tesla is on your mind so… Tes! [laughs] I’m kidding, I’m sure it was a typo because the Y and the T are actually next to each other. And her last story of that day was, “I still need my phone though…” Azealia Banks announced a “$1,000 cash prize for whoever can write the best #TSLA Fan Fiction by October 31st.” That’s right, she had a little contest with her fans for who could come up with the best fanfiction of her little experience at Elon’s house. Now, let’s look at the rules, shall we? “Depending on how bizarre dope and creative you guys get – cash price could be larger. All formats eligible (comedy, musical, horror, script, video, cartoons, etc.) Must be in English and at least 30 minutes in runtime or a minimum of 50 pages for a story or comic book or novel.” What?! [laughs]
Now, here’s where this whole thing somehow gets even more interesting. Somebody was trying to call out the account saying that it was Azealia. And that’s when the real AB stepped up and said to that person, “No, this is really not me running this account, I swear!” Then the person that thought it was Azealia running the account said “Oh my god. Queen!” Oh and by the way, in case some of y’all were thinking, “Oh man, that would have been a fun contest! Even though the requirements are kind of kind of intensive,” There was never any winner announced or any outcome about the contest so, you didn’t miss out on much. [awww fx sound] “Once I saw that my Instagram story caused movement of billions of dollars of Tesla stock, I thought of all the dogs that could have rescued with a billion dollars. I love collecting dogs. I already have four and I want more. Three of them are rescues.” Okay. “No, but for real, I really gagged. Definitely, have a much better understanding of stock market now.” Okay. On September 29th, Azealia had a special Tesla “Elon is not going to jail celebration sale” that started at 12 AM sharp. She put her soaps on sale for 420 each. “#Bussysecured” Soon after her, sell the website crashed and, at first, she believed the cause to be an influx of fans until she came up with a different theory. “Yo, I high key– I high key think somebody we all know is f*cking hacking the CHEAPYXO site and trying to crash this sh*t. These f*cking b*tches, yo.” She shared text messages with her web developer saying the web site was receiving over 3000 IPS every 10 seconds and they believe that it could have been Tesla. AB said, “This is making me want to have a very personal time with Elon even more, to be honest” “Lmaooo sexually or like… life-wise?!” She was thinking this:
[gestures] The developer tells her it’s expensive to do what is happening to the server and she says, “To be honest, I think that’s sexy. He’s got big peen energy, for sure” Azealia reposts an Instagram photo from pitchfork and says, “Lol, I’m sorry, Grimes is so busted. Laughing crying emoji.” Then, a photo of Elon and says, “What happened to Elon Musk? He was just attractive in August. He needs a gym and a tan!” “Oh my god, noooo. He looks like the sloppiest most heavy duck now!” “Damn, you should have just been nice and welcoming to Azealia Banks when God sent her to save your life instead of crawling inside a Grimes’ Wiccan elf bussy to die. Laughing crying emoji.” “Grimes is such a bad luck charm. Elon just needs to let her go back to her emo Wiccan lesbo cult and let the real women of the world handle shizz.” Then she posted a picture of Elon and said,
“Damn.” So does that mean that he’s no longer ugly? [laughs] Then, on January 4th, it was revealed that Grimes and Azealia may both be facing “supeas”…Subpoenas. It means that they both may have to testify in court regarding this whole leaking of text messages in regards to the lawsuit against Elon Musk being served by the Tesla investors. And in response to hearing those news, Azealia reposted this text conversation with Grimes and captioned the following: “I’ve never stated that I was there when he tweeted. I was there two mornings after while he was scrambled on the phone. Grimes was the one who told me about the acid-induced tweetstorms, acid at a kid’s birthday party, acid at the UFC fight, MDMA, etc., etc. She told me that Elon gets the best stuff from a laboratory near SpaceX so it was ‘clean enough’ and that they were into ‘micro-dosing.’ She admitted to me via this text that Elon made a 420 joke. Okay, I’m gonna pause right there. Because while the text does show Grimes saying that Elon rounded up the stock works to 420 to a laugh, it doesn’t anywhere in that text say that he was on any sort of acid, which is what you said, Azealia. Now, if Elon did do some “clean acid” at a kid’s birthday party, that’s still way different than doing acid and tweeting that your stock is gonna be 420. So I don’t get why she’s acting so confused when the Tesla investors want her in court to say whatever she might know about Elon Musk, when she’s saying all this stuff publicly, you know? It makes perfect sense, Azealia. She continued, “I have never seen Elon Musk take drugs with my own two eyes ever. I’ve never stated that I’ve seen Elon Musk take drugs with my own two eyes.” Yes, you didn’t say that you saw him take the drugs but you said that he was on the drugs. So that makes sense that the Tesla investors want to know how you know this. “I’m a real-life Bond girl and would love to be a star of this trial but there’s honestly enough evidence online regarding my account. You need to subpoena Grimes. She knows way more than I do. Grimes is a very nervous woman. She will be easily interrogated if you make sure to push the right buttons and ask the right questions.
She knows everything.” The difference between you, Azealia, and Grimes is that you are a snitch. There’s no other way around it. Now, whether what you’re saying is true or not, you’re still a snitch. And a snitch for what? What do you gain out of it? Other than some publicity, some tweets written about you, some articles written about you, this video made about you. Is this what you want?! Oh god, don’t– don’t answer the last one… Because when it comes to speaking your truth in court you complain and say, “Hell no I already said everything there is to say! Get the girlfriend, she knows more than I do!” Yes, they heard you the first time you snitched. 
That’s why they want the both of you. I mean, the day after you left Elon’s house you went to Business Insider and you told them that you saw Elon in the kitchen, tucking his tail in between his legs scrounging for investors to cover his butt after the tweet. So I can see why the Tesla investors might be interested in what you have to say and what kind of information you might have. Because even if what you’re saying is completely true, the reason why they might want you as well as Grimes is because Grimes is dating Elon, therefore, she might delete some of the evidence that maybe you have. I don’t know why I’m explaining this.
This is weird… It’s just common knowledge. And how about when you told Business Insider back in October that you would have “walked up in that courtroom looking like a pussycat.” Funny you said that when you thought there was no possibility of you going to court. “It would have been historic but this was ultimately better for America and the public.” Now, obviously, this entire saga has been led by Azealia Banks considering she’s practically the only storyteller out of the three or more like a jigsaw puzzle and I feel like I’m the storyteller trying to put all the pieces together for the past eight months!
Sorry… January 5th, Azealia claimed that Elon hacked her phone her computer her website, had a PI wait on her block, stalked her social media and had failed attempts to poison her. Why did the media never asked her about these claims? She straight-up said that Elon tried to poison her. Anyways, on January 7th we had an interesting coincidence. On one of Azealia’s many returns to Twitter, she posted a tweet on a now-defunct Twitter account that reads, “Why are you copying my AVI?” and the quoted tweet was Elon Musk’s new profile picture with a mustache, edited similarly to Azealia’s picture. Senpai finally re-noticed you, AB. Now, this definitely adds a layer of “what the h*ll?!” Maybe Elon is keeping tabs on Azealia after all or maybe someone told him how often she talks about him and he decided to troll little. I don’t know, but I think it could add some truthiness to some of the things that Azealia says.
I’m just not sure what things. And because of this, I’m sure I have some skeptics watching thinking, “What if she changed her icon after he did?” Hmmm…
Nope! I found a tweet from a triggered K-pop fan who took a screenshot of Azealia’s Twitter shortly after she joined and had the same icon before January 7th. So I guess the last option for the non-believers would be that Elon just happened to change his icon to look similar to Azealia’s, a mere three days after the news broke out that Azealia may have to testify in court in Elon’s Tesla investor lawsuit. Oh, come on. Don’t be that way. That’s not fun. It’s too big of a coincidence, in my opinion I mean, Elon hosted PewDiePie’s meme review and he released a rap song about Harambe so I don’t think it’s a big stretch to believe that he could be trolling Azealia just a little bit. On January 16th, Business Insider reported “court gives investors the okay to subpoena Azealia Banks and Grimes in lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla asking them to preserve information.” January 20th, AB shares the text of her fighting with Grimes from August 16th and Grime’s called Azealia a narc. Afterwards, Azealia shared on her story that she thought “narc” was code for the N-word. February 16th, “I haven’t heard any crazy Elon Musk news in a minute and that is sexy. Yes, Elon! Restored that big energy.” “Plus when you market yourself as a world-saving superhero, you have kids looking up to you wanting to be a part of the mission. You got to hold it together, buddy. Can’t be tweeting about Coca-Cola and p*dos.” “I think the lawsuit thing will go away. To be honest, I don’t want to be the person who snitched on Elon Musk. That would ruin any and all future chances of billionaire D in my hands. I can’t ruin my kitty’s clout for this. Lol. I still got another 20 years of h*eing to do.” March 31st, Azealia quote tweets Elon crediting producers Yung Jake and BloodPop for his…
[coughs] rap song titled “R.I.P Harambe” she said, “Elon tried to send BloodPop to calm me down during the whole debacle. I was preparing dinner for 10 the day they were due back to the house. Imagine me, I went to the supermarket about $300 worth of food, $200 worth of liquor and I’m in the kitchen of the guest house, excitedly cooking for my dog so we can eat and make magic. Then, I get a call for eOne saying Grimes called Roc Nation to say she wants to “send me home.” So I wait three days in the house, barely heard from you but still enthusiastic about working. I’m in the middle of cooking for us a 10-person dinner and my label calls me to tell me I’m being kicked out.
20 minutes later walks BloodPop.” “Fatty trying to calm me down / kick me out while he is also eating my mac and cheese!” “So I’m getting kicked out after waiting for three days with no regard and you sent this beluga whale to reason with me on your behalf while he stuffs his pink face with the finest of baked mac and cheese, cooked with the spirit of seven generations of black slave women?!” $300 to cook mac and cheese? That better be the finest of baked mac and cheese, then. “The fact that Elon is still doing everything but apologizing to me for being a bad host is insane. Now, he’s in trouble with the SEC for not apologizing to Azealia Banks. He even tried to offer me money to not reveal that he is, in fact, a criminal.” Okay, then. So now she’s accusing him of bribery. “He was set on not giving me simple courtesy in consideration – a testament to “Apartheid Clyde.” Only supreme racists would try to pay a black person to not have to interact with him. He feels too good to respect me but he’s not too good to stick his peepee in me.” Obviously, Azealia is pretty set on her believes that Elon doesn’t want to interact with her because of the color of her skin and not because of everything else like she said. And that’s all fine and dandy, you know, but Imma need some receipts to prove that he actually wants to stick his D in her because, so far, all I’ve seen is her saying that she was his D. You know, there’s no proof from her end that he wants her. All we have is her believing that she was gonna be in some threesome with Grimes but never any receipts, you know? If this is all coming out of a potential collaboration with Grimes, all this mess, you know? She’s just going off on Elon because of Grimes. She continued saying, “I gotta go” but then didn’t actually leave and said “Sidebar – I know the fact that I didn’t walk up in the house with the kitty on a platter is what pisses him off the most. Elon Musk thinks of Azealia Banks every single day!” Okay, this seriously sounds like projection. Or is it one of those things where you put it out in the universe and hope it comes through? April 1st, “My place is def being watched. There are people in cars in front of my window at random times of the day and early morning. I know private eye behavior. Hilarious he would rather spend money trying to scare me when he could just have sat there and ate my whole booty for free.” I’m just saying, so far, there are more and more receipts of Azealia proving that she wants his D and not the other way around. She continued on saying, “All the money he spends on having me watched and hacked via the internet and having people watch and follow me he could’ve gave me that money for CHEAPY and I would have at least bought back some returns lol. He’s not a very smart businessman.” “Shoo, at least keep the money and buy Grimes some booty implants and perfume. Lol, sis stinks.” April 4th, Elon went to court and, to my understanding, this specific court date was because of the tweet he made on February in which the SEC alleged that Elon violated the terms of a court-approved agreement when he posted a tweet saying that “Tesla would make around five hundred thousand cars in 2019.” Hours later, he corrected himself and said the production would be 500 thousand and deliveries would be around four hundred thousand. In the agreement with the Security and Exchange Commission Elon is required to have any written material communications pre-approved by Tesla or its shareholders. Elon believes the tweets are in no way a violation of his agreement with the SEC and the judge ultimately ruled for Tesla and the financial regulators to try to work out their differences within two weeks. And on that day, somebody asked Azealia on her newest Twitter account if she was at Elon’s court hearing to which she said, “No, I am not. I rejected the subpoena.” Frankly, I didn’t know you could reject subpoenas but, then again, I never studied law so all I got is Google. And this website that I found said that a court can force you to testify after sending you a subpoena, unless you fall into any of these categories. And if she did refuse a subpoena, it makes me wonder if she actually accepted the money that she claims Elon offered. That’s a whole other conspiracy realm. Because, of course, if anything that she said has any validity to it then it’s in Elon’s best interest to not have her in the court, testifying against him. But again, that’s complete speculation because the latest update that we had in the news was that Azealia and Grimes were actually okay to be subpoenaed by the judge. And as far as I could tell, this specific court date that Azealia was asked about is actually about the SEC taking Elon to court, not the Tesla investors taking Elon to court. I know, it’s confusing and I could be wrong but if I am, I’ll leave an update in the description but I think I’m right on this.
I did a lot of Googling… At the time of filming this video, I’ve gone through most, definitely not all, but most of Azealia Banks’s social media posts regarding Elon Musk and Grimes. Now, do I believe she’s done talking about Elon and Grimes? No, h*ll no.
Especially not Elon. The more I looked into Azealia, the more apparent it became to me that she craves controversy. Attention, whatever it is, positive or negative.
She wants it all, you know? And even when someone called her out for searching her own name on her Twitter recently, she said that she does it because it’s fun and that she’s being playful. I noticed she’ll search her name to retweet positive tweets about herself. It’s all good, validate yourself, girl. Or she might search her name for an excuse to make another tweet about Elon. Someone said, “I can’t believe Azealia Banks really brought down one of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley. What is life?” And she said, “When you learn that he’s actually not one of the most powerful men anywhere on earth, it will seem like less of a Marvel. Elon Musk is an ugly, fat congested nose cooties kid born to attractive wealthy parents. He’s a beta born to two alpha. He’s always been fighting for visibility and inclusion. I can look at his photos and see that he was the child his mother wanted least to do with. I can sense sometimes maybe she was passive-aggressive/uninterested in him in general because she always knew something was off about him. I’ve heard many instances of mothers in all species groups abandoning or rejecting a child from the brood. This, in fact, qualifies my idea that giving birth and being a mother are not mutually exclusive.” B*tch, what the f*ck? And I’m not cherry-picking here. You can go look at her Twitter feed right now for yourself, while it’s still active and see how she’s constantly trying to pick fights with people. And what’s interesting is that I think that she would disagree with me. I saw an interview where she talked about how some people tell her and that they only hear about her when she’s involved in controversy and drama to which she said, “Oh, I only hear about you when you’re in drama. It’s like… no? It’s what– either what’s happening is either you’re only looking for me because you like the drama, right? So you’re addicted to negativity–” Let me interject real quick to say that, first of all, I agree with you. Maybe people tune into your drama because they like it, they like the entertaining factor of it. But to say that they are addicted to negativity, I feel like that’s an attack on me and all my viewers, you know what I mean? I think that your drama is not only entertaining, sure, that’s good but it gives people an escape and sense of relief that they’re not doing what you’re doing and it’s a reality check to not follow in your footsteps. Of course, that’s subjective, my opinion. Maybe some people do want to follow in your footsteps and get into similar controversies but I don’t believe that drama should be look down upon or dismissed just because it’s labeled “drama”, you know what I mean? I think it’s something that people can learn from. Every story that is “drama” can have a learning factor to it. Azealia, it doesn’t make sense to blame the negativity on the spectator when you are the source of the drama, hence the source of the negativity. You start these feuds and you keep them going. A lot of your feuds are one-sided, some people don’t even take the bait and you just keep on ranting about them. “Or, you know, the media is only posting the negative things about me so that you stay addicted to negativity and, you know, I’m basically– I’ve basically been used as a pawn.” See, this would work for a lot of celebrities because obviously, the media does take a lot of what celebrities say out of context. But with Azealia, I disagree with it heavy. I challenge anybody watching to follow her social media closely for a couple of months. You’ll see how she goes out of her way to insult other celebrities and say outrageous things in general in a way where she’s almost asking the media to pick up on her name. You know, I don’t frequent rap music but I can acknowledge that she is talented. But I can see how some people might have a tough time separating the art from the artist when the artist is so much louder than their art. And when there’s no one argue with, she’ll bring up old controversial things that she has said in the past. So I was gonna use a completely different example but earlier today I noticed that Azealia started tweeting at Lana and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys might be familiar with her feud with Lana Del Rey. So I figured you watched this much into the video, might as well give you a little bit extra sweetener on this tea. At Lana Del Rey, “I’m in LA sis drop the addy,” and she followed it up with, “Exactly what the f*ck I thought.” [laughs] Alright, we’re gonna do a video within a video and unpack this real quick. Last September, Lana Del Rey commented on Kanye West’s support for Donald Trump as a “loss for the culture.” She said, “If you think it’s alright to support someone who believes it’s okay to grab a woman by the kitty, just because he’s famous, then you need an intervention as much as he does.” Then Azealia went off in a lengthy thread saying, “Wow, okay, Lana. This would be cute if you were consistent with your outrage and refused to collab with ASAP Rocky who has physically assaulted women too. To me, this just looks like the typical white woman taking using a weakened target to pretend to be an ally.” “Especially because you know that a white woman versus a black male will result in an immediate victory for the white woman due to societal circumstances. Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is so much more bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to try and take down 45. You wouldn’t dare challenge a black woman on her opinion because you don’t have that much of a social prejudice in place between between women as there is between sexes. Kanye is not your enemy.  Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is so much more bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to try and take down 45. Kanye is not your enemy or the enemy. In fact, your selective outrage makes you the enemy. You approve of ASAP rocky because his victims weren’t white. You’re exactly the kind of thought police Kanye is fighting against.” “You would never in your white mind try to battle me on my ideas. I suggest you apologize to Kanye for trying to selectively make him complicit in 45’s abuse of women simple for agreeing with parts of his ideology while you frolic through society with other black male abusers.” “Like ASAP Rocky who have kicked random women in the face at concerts simply because they paid their money to come see their idol and, in the moment of excitement, reached out to touch him because he didn’t have adequate security that night. You white female liberals are so self-serving.” You know someone’s heated on Twitter when their grammar is this bad. And Lana Del Rey responded with: “You know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say to my face.
But if I were you – I wouldn’t.” “You know I woke up like, ‘Yaaass, the girls are fightiiiing’ [laughs]” “I won’t not knock you the f*ck up. Period.” “Banks, you could have been the greatest female rapper alive but you blew it. Don’t take it out on the only person who had your back.” “I’ll send you my surgeon’s number and a good psychiatrist I know in LA. Your psych meds aren’t working #youneedanewcocktail” So back to present-day Azealia, April 13, 2019.
“I’m in LA, sis. Drop the addy.” “Exactly what the f*ck I thought.” “Dumba*s white b*tch.” Someone replied to her saying, “You gave her a whole half-hour” and she said, “In that half-hour, I rode some pee-pee and drank a smoothie. And what?” “Let me leave this wack ass doggy alone. Lord knows I’m praying for the day I can violate this doggy on the LA streets. Lord only knows. Let’s move on.” “I will Rodney King this doggy dead a*s, lmfao. Yooo, the rage is real.” “Ughh, you ever just be in the mood to mess with a dog? Just in the mood to beat someone’s booty? Lmfaooo” “No, I really would like to see the doggy mess with me.
I would really like to see it.” “I would like to see it.” “For the fudging culture!” Got it. Yeah, guys, that was Lana’s publicist and Lana Del Rey will not be commenting on the situation. [laughs] I’m sorry. I just thought it was interesting that, like, Azealia really went off. That was all within one hour and she actually deleted most of those tweets so that’s why I was, like, might as well just– might as well just give this video a little bit of bonus and tell you guys how was Azelia really feels about Lana. It’s interesting to see Azealia talking so aggressively now when last year she was like, “Where’s the pull-up tweet? I’m talking to my lawyer.” And then Lana was like, “Tell him it’s a promise, not a threat.” Oof. So that’s just another example of Azealia bringing up old controversies. I did see a tweet that Azealia now deleted but I can somewhat agree with. Azealia said, “Literally no one watches TV anymore, babe. We watch YouTube.” Hi, Azealia. [laughs] Alright, folks, if you enjoyed this little documentary saga, share with your friends so you have something to talk about. I hope I don’t have to make a third installment to this. I really don’t see why I would unless Azealia, hit me up. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Azealia in the past and the present and probably in the future and a lot of them sometimes don’t make too much sense. Yet when you put them in a long-a*s video, they have some entertainment value, don’t they? Please support this video by giving it a thumbs up and, I almost forgot, I got to cover Elon Musk and Grimes. Are they still together? Let’s wrap this baby up in a bow, shall we? So it turns out that yes, they’re still together. What the f*– At least it’s 95% likely. They seem to lead a fairly private relationship but they’re once again following each other on Twitter. The paparazzi saw them in a pumpkin patch in October. In China, back in January, when Elon was at a Tesla event and again on March 15th at another Tesla event with Elon’s family. Last but not least, on March 20th, Grimes had an interview with The Wall Street Journal and the interviewer brought up Elon. The article noted that she groaned and she said, “Don’t tell him I groaned just now.” Wow. Don’t trust that interviewer again, Grimes. ” ‘I groaned out of, I don’t know, feminism. I mean, he’s a super interesting godd*mn person” then she stops. Musk says via email, ‘I love c’s wild fae artistic creativity and hyperintense work ethic.’ ” That’s right, folks. Elon emailed the Wall Street Journal just to tell them some things that he loves about Grimes. “Look, I love him.” she won’t even say his name but she’s talking about Musk. ‘He’s great. There’s gotta be some reason. I just think–‘ and now, starting and stopping again, she begins to contour her body slightly smaller as if disappearing into a ball. ‘I wish–‘, another stop, ‘Yeah, it doesn’t matter.’ More thinking, contorting, shrinking then she straightens up. She has moved on, ‘Cool.’ And that is all she will say about that.” So they basically described a girl that’s too shy to talk about her boyfriend, which is why I said 95% because, hey, she didn’t confirm it 100% so there’s still a very slight possibility that they might not be dating and all these things are just once again coincidences. Alright, see you the next video, guys. Cheers. “Wha-Wha”


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