THE FAREWELL | Official Trailer HD | A24

What’s wrong, Dad? Please tell me. Your Nai Nai’s dying. She doesn’t know, so
you can’t say anything. The family thinks it’s
better not to tell her. Why is that better? Chinese people have a saying. When people get cancer, they die. We have to go to China. The wedding is an excuse so everyone can see her. He’s my only cousin. Don’t you think I should be there? You can’t hide your emotions. If you go, Nai Nai will find out right away. Shouldn’t we tell her? Isn’t it wrong to lie? It’s a good lie. Most families in China would
choose not to tell her. Mom! She’s dying! Can’t you be a little more sensitive? What do you want from me? To scream and cry like you? I want to believe that it’s a good thing.


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