The First Golden Buzzer Britain’s Got Talent 2018 | Magic & Emotion Make You Cry

Hi, what’s your name, and where are you from my name is Mark? I’m from North London brilliant How do you I’m 46 who’ve you brought with you today my wife, she is somewhere in the audience Brilliant there. She is my daughter is here, but she’s only 2 years old so she’s Watching Peppa Pig somewhere or something probably are you a magician? I am indeed you and is that how you make a living? I’ve done a lot of jobs not as very living. There’s the good and the bad Well the best of luck. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. Can I join you? Okay I’ve always wondered. What would it be like to experience real magic well two years ago I did and it changed me and my life forever Amanda yeah, I’m gonna. Ask you to give this Rubik’s Cube a mix for me Can you keep on mixing until I come back to you? Yes. Thank you David Inside this box are 25 different colored crayons. I’m gonna give these a mix and David you’re gonna choose one But without looking just grab one at random hold it in your hand David, but don’t look at it keep it hidden Alysha these cards belong to my daughter. It’s important to see that all the cards are different I’m gonna ask you to just touch the back of anyone it doesn’t matter which But what is very very important is That I don’t do any sleight of hand so I’ll spread the cars like this point to anyone that you like Wow right down here You heard out your hand for me I’m gonna place that card on the palm of your hand genuinely the card beat you touch it, okay lovely Amanda yeah you have mixed like you yeah, it’s very completely unique pattern yeah fair to say We’ll get back to that in a moment Simon I’m gonna ask you to hold this pen in your right hand right here perfect. You’ll owe your wrist down get comfortable Lovely this book belongs to my wife. There are over 600 pages around about 200,000 words in the book Alicia can I ask you to close your eyes for a moment? And just say the words stop Simon I’m gonna hold the book above your pen Amanda. Can you say the words stop as I do this? Stop Simon Can you bring the pen up to the page without looking and draw a small circle the size of the five pence piece? You don’t have to be precise I’m gonna place the book down in front of you here Simon. I’ll take the pen Can you do me a favor lift up the book? Don’t show me but have a look at where you’ve drawn that circle Can you confirm that there is a word or words that you can see within that circle? Yeah? Yeah, there is wonderful. There’s a good start David. Can you tell us? What color crayon do you have? Red the red crayon Alisha for the first time. What card did you choose? puppet the puppet penguin Amanda very carefully Can you just lift off the box so we can see the pattern that you’ve created on the very top of that Rubik’s Cube? Now if I told you that I knew this exact outcome Yesterday a week ago, or a month ago. You’d say well. That was have to be magic Or would I would but it’s not real magic It’s interesting Intriguing maybe clever some might even say amazing, but it’s not real magic See for me real magic changed two years ago This to me is real magic Wow and Simon That leaves just you for the very first time Simon What is the word that you circled at hat H-A-T yeah Simon? This is for you? Isabella you beautiful little girl if daddy was going to do Britain’s Got Talent in two years from now what random word Do you think Simon would think of? Oh Simon Absolutely gobsmacked Happy first of all. Thank God your little girls, okay? That’s the most important. She’s okay now. Yeah absolutely good what I’m thrilled to hear that Don’t know what you’ve gone through Mark through your career trying to get the break You’ve been looking for I have a feeling this Is gonna change your life, it was unbelievable, thank you very much. I really appreciate I’ve been doing this show about seven years, and I generally never ever thought a magic act removes Just crazy. I don’t care. How you did it. It was magnificent you have just taken magic to a whole new level Whether really it was a really beautifully put together before my face today I loved your presentation so calm so in control all the time I like that you didn’t bother with lots of silly jokes on the side obviously is incredibly moving Singh the story with your family as well and It’s a lovely way of including them in the act. Thank you. It’s it’s astonishing get your tears. Yeah Utterly extraordinary, you know we’re all parents and that is the greatest magic in the world She’s my magic absolutely we’re gonna take You don’t have to go Oh swallow so cool


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