The Flying Man

It looks like a man… A man has been seing flying in the city’s
downtown area this morning at 8:15 People are intrigued about how he does it. Some people say it could be some kind of illusion. All the experts who are analyzing these images say, quote: “This is clearly an extraordinary event” Police can’t provide any further details now
as they are afraid to put out misinformation. Some say he’s wearing a dark gray suit …others think it’s actually his skin. Officials have been ordered to bring helicopters back. Operators say it is too risky and dangerous in
case of an air collision over the populated city. Reports have been coming in that our flying man attacked a car this morning. Two people were found dead inside.
It seems as if he’s demonstrated super strength It’s very difficult for the police to respond to this kind of thing since it’s unclear exactly what we are dealing with, and if
there would be any other potential attack like this one. Over the last 3 days, fifteen other victims have been found dead in similar attacks. He is reckless and violent. The Federal government might intervene
and they ask the population to cooperate and stay home. Authorities released the first list of victims and finally confirmed the existence of a pattern. We believe that the flying man who’s spreading panic in our city
is some sort of a flying vigilante… …due to the fact that most of his victims have extensive criminal records. That could be a relief for the good citizen and an alert to the outlaw. But the question remains: Who’s law is this ruthless vigilante applying? The search is still on for a man who was apparently abducted last night. After surviving a deadly attack he was taken away by the vigilante, hours later, said witnesses. Chances are that he might still be alive. Police are led to believe this is how the vigilante extracts information… for potential leads since the man is assumed
to be part of a larger criminal organization. I was listening to that, thanks. Did you hear me? I’d rather not, could you pull over here, I’m hungry. There’s no time. We have time. I gotta eat something or my heartbrun will act up, ok? Fine. Hi, can I take your order? Do you guys have gluten free selections? No, we have nothing gluten free. I want the burguer without the bum, is that possible? It’ll get soggy in the bag.
Ok, That’s better than nothing… …and anything lactose free like soy or almond milk? How do you think he knows? Who are you talking about? The flying guy. How do you think he knows who to chose, who deserves it? I don’t know, you’re worrying too much,
he’s only one guy, he can’t catch everyone I don’t Know, Rob. I just think that we should be more careful… … you know, just take the proper precautions Mike, please, you taking this too seriously.
The media is blowing this way out of proportion. He’s already got what? 5 guys? 35? 35. Yeah, 35 and that is the last week. Holy… you know? you gotta stop following this shit. Or it’ll make you anxious… …we are not hurting anyone..
No? Take it easy Mike, alright?
Once we’re done, you take the money… go look after your family, plant your flowers or
whatever the hell you want to do. Let’s focus here ok? We are just about to open the lines to the listeners … and actualy just a question I wanna ask everybody listening: What do you think about having a super vigilante in the city? I think he’s taking care of us, he’s doing the work the cops can’t do,
I’m not worried Police will never have control over this vigilante. We’re living in a new time and I’m glad I’m a good citizen. I’m not in favor of the deaths, he could just bring them to jail… 8:00 we blink the headlights twice and wait for the signal. Rob, I don’t feel good about this man, something is off I do. It’ll be over very fast. Yeah? How do you know? I don’t, relax. What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing man, Rob? Jesus Christ, I can’t take a leak no more? Did you hear that? Of course I did, just keep an eye out for anything suspicious, alright? Mike? Open up the trunk. We are not in a war here, but unfortunately we are not in control anymore…. What the hell is that? It was supposed to be peaceful, remember? Of course. Just a piece of mind. …many share the opinion that capital punishment isn’t a deterrent to crime… 8 o’clock, flash the lights. Man, I don’t like this. I say, we just get out of here. For Christ’s sake, do you wanna do this or not? Let’s do it your way. Now what? They’re here So what now?
We wait. For what? That’s the plan, stop asking. Ok, they are leaving. Are we supposed to follow them? I think so.
You think? You think so? Follow them, yes. Just drive. Did you hear that?
Heard what? The noise stopped. What the hell is that?
He wants to say something, get closer. I’m not doing this. We’re getting off in the next exit ok?
I’m done. Jesus Christ! Holy Shit! What’s that?
Drive, it’s him! Oh God. Look out! We received information of another vigilante attack on the Highway 30… Three men have been found dead trapped in their vehicle… One body identified as Robert Costelo, a former cop investigated for weapon trafficking… The survivor is unconscious but doctors say he has no serious injuries. Authorities will interrogate the man upon his recovery. Was he missed by the vigilante or spared? Is this the justice we want after centuries of law development and human rights? What is, after all, being a good citizen? if this being acts in absentia of our institutions, have we failed as a society? Maybe. But history has shown that any form of tyranny cannot prevail. How many more family members will lose their loved ones executed without fair judgement? Those who call him “hero” today, may consider him “enemy” tomorrow.


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