The Fox and the Hound – Theatrical Trailer

After four years in the making, Walt Disney Productions proudly announces a milestone in entertainment: our 20th fully animated motion picture: The Fox and the Hound Look out! Here it comes! Hot out of Walt Disney Productions: – Holy! – Smoke! The Fox and the Hound – My, my, look at that! A fox and a hound playing together! – They were born into two different worlds – I’m a fox! My name is Tod. What’s your name, kid? – Mine’s Copper. I’m a hound dog. – Natural enemies, – Wow! Look at those teeth! – but the best of friends. – And we’ll always be friends forever, won’t we? – Yeah, forever. – Well, Copper, me and Old Chief are gonna teach you all about hunting. Yes sir. – Copper’s gonna come back a trained hunting dog, a real killer. – Oh no, not my friend Copper. He won’t ever change. – But never can sneak up sooner than you think. – We’re still friends, aren’t we? – Those days are over. I’m a hunting dog now. – Alright boy, get tracking. Smell him out. – All the excitement of Disney’s famous action animation is yours again in this major entertainment event. Best friends make the worst enemies. Disney does it again, the way you’ve always loved it. Animation in the revered Disney tradition, a heartwarming story the way Disney’s always told them: The Fox and the Hound – I’m a fox! – I’m a hounddog! (Howls)

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