The Franklin Flash: FCHS Theatre “Jekyll & Hyde”

Jekyll and Hyde is the story of Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde, that is the famous story that everyone knows, as Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego. We see this battle of good and evil
and we raise the question ‘can good survive without evil’ and ‘can evil survive without
good?’ So, he has a split personality, so he has Jekyll, good side and Hyde, bad side. But, Hyde is a totally different person. He’s like all the evil that’s in Jekyll, is Hyde. This show is very different from anything
else we’ve done here. There’s so many like hidden meanings and
like connect the dot moments where it may not make sense at the time, but like near the end
of the show, everything comes together and it all makes sense and it’s just so many little stories in one. Our choreographer we brought in has worked really closely with our director on this image. We’re not doing it like the conventional
way –it’s steam punk. It’s unlike any version of the show
you’ll see, so even if you have seen the show, we’ve added songs to create depth. And, there’s incredible talent throughout
the entire thing. I really like pushing myself, and I think
the character, because she’s so different from who I am, is someone that’s been able to push me outside of my comfort zone. And, I really love that. I think our directors are really pushing
us to look further into like the plot of the story, and so it’s very intense, and we all like — our acting skills are a lot better, I think, than any
musical we’ve ever had. The plot is very interesting. If anybody is
interested in like psychological problems and like dealing with that. The set looks great. All the costumes look great. It’s a great vocal sound. Everybody in the show like sounds amazing. We have an amazing choral department. We have a huge wall of sound. You will not be disappointed
in the vocals of our show. This ensemble has grown so much. I’ve got so many new kids and students that
are involved in this, which is fantastic. And, it’s a dark musical for them. And, most of the time, we’re so happy go
lucky and everything is right in the world and this one doesn’t explore that. We constantly reinvent ourselves, and that’s
what this show is doing with a darker meaning and a deeper plot line, is you’re finally seeing
Franklin Central High School Theatre kind of at its, I say, pinnacle moment of doing something totally different – looks wise, sound wise, plot wise – and that’s why
people should come see this.

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