The GLOBE student sots Nov2017

Hello, my name is Malachi and this is the
GLOBE Academy we speak bilingual languages like Spanish, Mandarin and French (1-11 sec
in video) And when I go to my house I can help my brother
with Spanish because when he goes to higher grades he can know more Spanish than the other
students (11- 29sec) Hi my name is Trevor and I like the GLOBE
Academy because it’s good. The teachers give you more time to do things
like math, science, and language, and it’s not a competition (49sec) They aren’t like
other schools. This is a really good school. I like GLOBE because I can depend on my teachers
to help me if I don’t understand something (1:10). For example, one time we did long division
in my class, and I didn’t understand anything at all (1:19). And then after a little more time with my
teacher who explained more, I understood more, and now I can do it. That’s helped me in class, because I have
more confidence in myself…and yeah. Thanks! 1:40-1:58
My name is Ella. I love learning Mandarin, because when my
friends and I play a game in Mandarin, (1:47) others don’t understand so we are more likely
to win (1:53). We get to do lots of fun things together,
because we speak Mandarin. 1:58-2:24
I like GLOBE very much, because I get to use the computer for many different activities
(2:06). I also like GLOBE because I can speak Mandarin
to my little brother and big brother at home (2:15) and my parents don’t know what we are
saying (2:20

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