The Globe Theatre Recreation in Odessa Will Blow Your Mind!!

So we’ve already seen a
replica of Stone Henge, but if’th we were’st
to venture’th to
another college’th, with yet another
fair replica’th, what would’st it be? Well how ’bout this? Odessa’s own Shakespearean
Globe Theater, a replica of
Shakespeare’s famous stage in London, England, here on
the campus of Odessa College. And here’s theater lover, and college board
member, Larry Johnson. Oh, wow! (laughs) I feel like I’m
back in the history books, this is incredible! So are we standing
in a pretty authentic replica of the Globe, right now? – Well you know,
what they have said is that this is the
most authentic replica of the Globe, that we
have in the United States. This is Marjorie Morris that
was teaching Shakespeare, and she had the
vision of experiencing the opportunity to be in plays, and they came up with the idea of actually building a
replica of the Globe Theater. (Chet laughs) Now this is crazy. – Oh, that’s a crazy
idea but I love it. West Texas has no shortage of
crazy ideas, crazy brilliant. So how does it work,
can it be reconfigured, is this our Juliet
balcony, up here? – You got it! The Juliet windows
on both sides, the top portion
is called Heaven, but as there is Heaven,
there is also Hell. (Chet laughs) So the stage opens up
with the trap-door, and allows us to have
actors that are underneath, so yes it can be reconfigured. They had no seats
in the bottom area, and the people that
were close to the stage were called groundlings,
and the groundlings would work back-and-forth
with the actors, they would ask questions of those groundlings
that were there, and the people that
were enjoying it were up in the balcony seats. – Okay.
– The ones that could afford the good seats
– Yeah, these were the cheap seats on the
ground, right here. – They were the groundlings. – But if thou be-ist
not a Shakespearean fan, well they also use the
stage for countless other productions
and music concerts. It’s truly a one
of a kind venue. Aw, this is bringing
back some memories, I did drama in high-school, and I don’t know if that
surprises you or not. La la la la la! (Larry vocalizing) (Chet vocalizing) (Larry vocalizing) (Chet vocalizing) I’m feelin’ motivated. Set the stage, set the
lighting I’ll be right back. (soft harp chord) To be, or not to be,
that is the question. Some achieve greatness,
some have greatness thrust upon them. Romeo, (coughs) Romeo, Romeo,
wherefore art thou, Romeo? What light through
yonder window breaks? It is the east, and
Juliet is the sun. (gasps) Et tu, Brute? Friends, Romans, countrymen,
lend me your ears, I come to bury Caesar,
not to praise him. Get thee to a
nunnery. (cries out) All the world is a stage, and all the men and
women, merely players. (audience applauds and cheers)
Where my players at? Broadway and Hollywood,
you have my number, and now my audition tape.


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