THE GOOD LIAR – Official Trailer

♪♪♪So, tell me…have you done this a lot?Met people on
the computer service?
Don’t you find
it’s always the same?
You mean the anticipation…followed by the letdown?But I tell myself,
“Brace up…”
“This time it will
be different.”
Which is why I must
now confess to you…
a deception on my part. My name is in fact, not Brian. It’s Roy. To the future.How much do you
think she’s worth?
Nearly three million pounds. You’re gonna take the lot? You bloody bet
I’m going to take it all. Is that your grandson? It’s too soon to be
getting so close to him.I’ve grown very fond of you.Do you know who you are? You’re the only
person on this planetwho makes me feel
that I’m not alone.
I know things about you. Who you really are. You don’t wanna do this, Roy.It’s the game.It’s the adrenaline rush.What if it is? Seems like you’ve had,
quite a past? ♪♪♪ [laughs] Enough to last
several lifetimes.In just a blink
your life’s changed forever.
You know, it’s very peculiar…doing things you’d
never imagined…Secrets between you…God…the Devil…and the dead. You don’t know him!


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