The Haunted Halls – Clean Comedy Halloween Video

Narrator: Welcome to the Haunted Halls. ( Creepy laughter ) ( Banging noises ) ( Creepy music ) Narrator: He’s boogey ooogeying.
( Dance music plays ) ( Silence ) ( Weird scream ) ( Creepy music )
( Record scratch effect )
Narrator: He’s… scared? ( Creepy music plays ) Creepy skeleton with a kind voice: Hey guys?
Do you know how I can get back to Ghost Town? I’ve been here for a few days. Creepy friend: Hey, turn around, man.
Hey, I found a way out! Come on, man.
Come follow me! ( Celebratory music plays )
…and what do you put candy in? This! Another pumpkin! ( Running feet sounds ) ( Laughter )
Cameraperson: I told you. I said, I didn’t know you were gonna come around again… I told you… I said, umm… I was dying… I can’t… ( laughs ) ( Happy music plays until end )


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