The Haunting of Ford’s Theatre – Paranormal History

hello my friends and welcome to another
episode of ghost stories in folklore tonight my friends I’m going to share
with you some of the haunted history of a very famous Theatre in Washington DC
and that is Ford’s Theatre just three days after the surrender or generally at
Appomattox Courthouse putting it in to the American Civil War President Abraham
Lincoln set relaxing in his upholstered rocking chair on April 14 1865 in his
presidential theater box at Ford’s Theatre and what seemed like a very safe
to his right to set his wife Mary leaning close and laughing at the actor
on stage just beyond her where their guests major Henry Rothman
and Clara Harris at door before 10:30 p.m. the pleasant
good Friday evening and turned into a nightmare when assasin crept into the
box shot President Lee he shot the president the assassin John Wilkes Booth
who had thorough knowledge of Ford’s Theater because of his acting career
left from the presidential box onto the stage and shouted Sic Semper Tyrannis translation thus always to tyrants when
booth jumped from the box he’d knighted incorrectly breaking his leg yet he
managed to hobble off the back of the stage out into the alleyway and onto a
horse where he escaped out into the night this event not only set off a massive
manhunt for the assassin of the president but also put a nation into
mourning it’s set into motion a series of events that continue to happen over
and over again the paranormal reports that come out of
Ford’s Theatre have typical characteristics similar to that of a
residual-type auntie in a residual haunting the apparitions involved a
phenomena that can be heard or that somewhat similar to it past event and
they play over and over again like a recording of that tragic moment the
theory behind the residual haunting is that certain building materials can
capture and record the energy of the tragic event or at a time of heightened
emotions it is still not known what triggers the release of this recording
to be replayed yet researchers in the paranormal are still trying to answer
that question it is not certain if it is the right weather conditions the
witness’s energy or level of sensitivity or some other type of energy release but
listen to these reports that come out of the theater and make your own
determination my friends see if you feel that this could be a residual-type
haunting many people say that the theater is
haunted not only by Lincoln’s ghost but Mary Todd Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth
as well many of the witnesses have seen and heard the entire tragic event played
out even to this day the sounds of disembodied footsteps rushing the
balcony box can be heard and then followed by a loud gunshot in screams
some have seen Mary Todd Lincoln’s ghost shortly afterwards leaning over the
railing pointing towards the stage and yelling he killed their President
Abraham Lincoln’s apparition has been seen by some in various places of the
theater especially in the booked where he was killed others have reported
seeing the ghost of Booth and feeling that he is haunting one particular part
of the stage some of the actors have stood on a left center of the stage have
reported a cold spot becoming nauseous and having uncontrollable tremors
causing them to shake and mess up their lives booths ghost has also been seen
running across the stage on numerous occasions
perhaps the exact area that he ran to make his escape the tragic events that took place in
this theater on April 14 1865 were definitely traumatic and had such a huge
swing of emotions as at the exact time of the shooting the audience was
laughing at one of the lines from the play and most of the people that were in
attendance barely laughed again for the rest of their lives could this be a
residual haunting that will forever continue to be replayed over and over
again my friends well it has now for over a hundred and fifty years but just
remember to stop by the Ford’s Theatre if you are in the Washington DC area and
see if you witness this occurrence yourself if you liked this episode of ghost
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