The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts: School of Film, Dance and Theatre

The School of Film, Dance and Theater educates
imaginative knowledgeable skilled and responsible artists, teachers, scholars
and audience members through inventive curricula and innovative programming. The
school’s programs, outstanding faculty, exceptional visiting artists,
state-of-the-art equipment and an abundant performance and production
opportunities, give our students the skills they need to succeed during their
study and after graduating. All students who are interested in studying film at
ASU, are to be emitted by ASU first and into the BA in filmmaking practices
directly. The film making practices concentration provides students with
grounding in production practice, entertainment ethics, independent film
production and producing. Students completing the degree will be prepared
for entry-level positions in film production, producing and
management or advanced graduate level education.
After completing 15 hours of film core classes, film students have the option of
interviewing for the highly selective film and media production concentration,
The BA in film and media production program provides students with a
comprehensive practical knowledge of production, awareness of the impact of
media and entertainment on the audience and an understanding of the role of the
artists in the society. Students interested in the dance degree can
choose between a BA in performance and movement and BFA in dance or dance
education degrees. The BA in performance a movement degree offers three tracks,
dance and theater, social and partnership dance, and urban arts. There is no
required application or audition for the BA in performance and movement degree. To
pursue one of the BFA dance degrees students must successfully complete an
entrance interview before enrolling at ASU. If you pass your interview
your major will be changed to BFA dance and you will register for dance major
classes according to your academic advisors recommendation, If you’re
admitted to ASU but do not take the interview or are not selected for the
BFA dance program, you may still enrolled at ASU. Either as a BA in
performance and movement student or a dance interview major with plans to
re-interview for the BFA major during your first semester at ASU. Students
wishing to pursue a BA in theatre, enter the Herberger Institute as theatre
majors directly. After completing core classes, students have the option to
apply to the optional concentrations in acting or design in production. I would
like to take a moment now to introduce you to a ASU Film Spark. ASU Film Spark is
an unprecedented program at the intersection of the entertainment
industry and academia. ASU Film Spark has three goals, a career accelerator to help
ASU students and alumni in their entertainment careers, an innovative hub
to create a better industry culture in society and a Southern California
outreach arm to deepen ASU connections with alumni, perspective students,
entertainment companies and others in the region. The history of ASU film spark
began in the fall of 2009 when film professor Adam Collis hosted a simple
video conference between his students and the cinematographer of the Hangover
films. The students liked it so much that professor Collis sets upon a mission to
connect ASU students with the best filmmakers and executives in the world.
Since then Professor Collis has connected ASU with four Oscar winners, five
Oscar nominees, three studio Chiefs, the presidents of the Academy and the
Directors Guild, as well as numerous blockbuster producers and award-winning
directors. Film Sparks’ feature film internship initiative gave 85 ASU
students and 15 recent alumni the chance to learn
filmmaking on an actual feature film set from an Oscar winning cast and crew. In
spring of 2015 President Michael Crow and Dean Stephen Tepper recognized the
value of Collis’ efforts and formally established ASU Film Spark at the ASU
California Center in Santa Monica, California, with a staff of five. Turning
a professor’s passion project into a university strategic initiative is yet
another example of why US News and World Report named ASU the most innovative
University in the nation. Film Spark headquarters in Santa Monica, is just 12
blocks away from the ocean. The ASU California Center is a convenient
gateway to the academic and research excellence that defines our new American
University. It welcomes students, families, alumni and friends offering nearby
access to a diverse array of ASU programs and services. The center also
supports ASU’s function as a dynamic venture catalyst and technology hub. For
more information about the requirements and application steps of these programs
visit the ASU school Film, Dance and Theatre, and California center web sites.

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