The Heresy of Love: Audience reactions

It was a story of love and passion and religion
and devotion and things like that and it was just brilliant. It just blew me
away. Amazing. I cried. I laughed. I screamed. And
it was amazing really. I’m so satisfied and proud of what I saw. What I liked about the play was the ambience
and also the subject matter as well I really enjoyed that as well. It was really
thought provoking. So you start to say, ok, it’s a funny play because it makes you laugh. But then you have
the tragic development and I like this. I thought it was a perfect play. I thought the setting and the stage and everything
was really really good. I think they did a fantastic job with the
production and the set. And also, the music was fantastic as well
so we have to give credit to the musicians. I think they set
the tone and the atmosphere. It was marvellous, we really enjoyed it. It was really captivating. It started and
had a great flow. Towards the end you were really captivated. And everyone was silent. You could just feel
that. It was brilliant. I was speechless, as you
can…as you can hear.

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