The House Next Door | Official Trailer | Hindi | Siddharth | Andrea Jeremiah | 3rd November

Jenny…close your eyes. Concentrate on the ‘ticking’ sound. You must answer my questions. Don’t you like this place? Do you want to go
back to your old house? She’s telling us to leave. New neighbors? Will they be an interesting lot? Hi, aunty. I am Jenny, this is Sarah. We just moved in the house next door. Hi little girl,
what are you looking at? What’s going on in that house, Doc? Our child is possessed. I am a neurosurgeon… …and 100 percent sure
that she’s not possessed. She’s cooking up stories in her mind. And now, she believes these
imaginary stories to be true. Doctor, isn’t there a medical
treatment for this condition? This fake exorcism
is a kind of a treatment. This is not Jenny. There’s something else inside her. Whatever is happening… …I need to know why it happened. Sa…rah! Sa…rah!


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