The Ice Poseidon , Leonyx and Atheniya Drama – Chinese Player INTENTIONAL FEEDS on EVERY SERVER

Hey whats up guys, its League of Drama here with fresh news from the LOL community, A few days ago, a reddit user makes a post titled: “Chinese player creates accounts in all servers” “Yesterday, I saw this video of a Chilean guy, that commented about this player,” “called “Killtaiwanese”, stated as the World’s Biggest Troll.” “At first it seems like the average troll,
the typical “Auto fill support let’s int” but LastPick discovered that this guy wasn’t the typical intentional feeder” “this guy, according to his op gg, is inting
every single game since 6 months ago. He made a research of his username, and he
found a weird Youtube channel” “and he noticed that this channel was from a Chinese guy, that uploaded 10 hour videos of him inting every single game.” This is a 6 hour video, of him simply running
it down mid, feeding every single time. however, this video is edited and running
at double or triple of the speed meaning that, he probably got 12 or more hours of gameplay, showing him feeding every single game and he uploads every day, a ton of hours of him feeding on different servers You can watch his channel and the reddit thread in the description below In other news This one comes from Leonyx, Ice Poseidon, and Atheniya for those who dont know, Leonyx was the manager for a couple of League of Legends teams known as: Misfits, Renegades, and according to esports wiki, he is still the creative director for Immortals Ice poseidon doesn’t play league of legends, but he was indirectly included in this whole
drama. It all started a week ago, when Atheniya was introduced to Ice Poseidon on stream Since then she was featured on a couple of his streams It turns out that she has an ex boyfriend
by the name of Leonyx, who didn’t seem really happy about this “Okay, I’m defending myself now. I’m tired of being harassed online. Expect something soon within the next day or two.” “The only thing that’s going to stop me is
a public apology before then, that I requested a long time ago.” A few days after, Leonyx releases a response titled, “Clearing my name” “I did not call Ice’s manager thirty times,
in fact, I attempted to handle it privately through texts and he called me,” “so I could find out if Emily was unfaithful or not.” “Emily insists nothing was going on, and it
was all a “show” for the stream. I still don’t know why people keep saying
I threatened him.” “I had requested an apology for over a month,
and yet to receive one from her. “I have posted up the proof through the image
links” “I have more than enough to make this statement
concrete, but only wanted to focus on clearing my name” “So feel free to look through it yourself and make up your own decision.” “Emily has offered me money to not post this, but I respectfully declined.” he also explains how she used the previous accusations, in order to milk donations from viewers: “Meanwhile, she was telling her stream viewers how abusive I was and how she was single.” “She would slander my name, saying I did terrible things to her.” “She makes 6k a month off of this idea.” “This made people feel bad for her and donate more” “In reality, she was manipulating all of her
viewers as much as she manipulated me.” “A perfect example of this, is how she told
her stream how much she wanted to go to PAX East.” “a donation train was started, and she raised $1400 to go, which was more than enough for the entire trip.” “The viewers had succeeded and many would get
the opportunity to meet her.” “But that’s not where all of their donations
went.” “Instead, she went out, got extensions, got her nails done, and said she was going to PAX with me.” “We had actually talked about all of it, before the money was even raised.” “She knew I was renting out a beautiful hotel for us, buying her ticket, and obviously treating her while she was out.” “All she had to pay for was the flight.” “Emily and her friend decided to get dressed up and track down a popular streamer” “named Ice Poseidon.” “Many of you know him and I personally have
no issues with him. “He himself can verify this.” “Through a third party, he actually invited
me on his stream to clear things up.” “The day they met, Emily had spent an hour on the phone with me helping pick out her outfit.” “Since we were still faithful to one another,
but in private” “After she met up with Ice, she spent the
day hanging all over him, kissing him on his stream,” “and the moment she met up with him,
blocked my phone number and Snapchat.” In Other Fast News And now, as some of you may know, Doublelift, league of legends pro player, joined Team Liquid as adc for the rest of the split Here is a few clips from his first two games on Team Liquid “I leave for dinner after watching Doublelift die to red buff, come back and he has the audacity to call ME garbage” “LOL” All links in the description below. If you enjoyed this video please dont forget to drop a like and subscribe for more drama and news from the league community Thanks for watching!


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