The Indoor Generation by VELUX

In 160 seconds you will decide
how this story ends. This is a story about us.
The Indoor Generation. A generation that spends
90% of its life indoors. It all started the day
we left nature behind. We filled our homes with lovely things
and all the stuff we wanted. Our homes became places
you would never want to leave. Artificial light replaced daylight. And we built our houses
so that nothing could escape. We cooked and showered. Breathed
and played. Slept and sweated. But we had closed ourselves in. To a point
where nothing could get out. So when the air turned bad inside,
we tried fixing it with chemicals. And we put in little artificial suns
everywhere to make the darkness bearable. That’s when things started to happen. Hard to notice in the beginning. Some needed help. To sleep. To breathe. To not itch. Many of us even started to feel sad. So we turned on happy lamps
to make the sadness go away. Then scientists discovered
that the air inside our homes is up to five times more polluted
than the air outside. And that the lack of daylight
can affect children’s learning and increase blood pressure. It turns out that kids’ rooms
often have the highest concentration of toxicants in the house. In fact, millions of homes
are unhealthy to live in. They discovered that living
in damp and moldy homes increases the risk of asthma
by 40%. And I learned
that millions of people like me, suffer from asthma and allergies
caused by a bad indoor environment. And so, here we are. How this story ends is up to you,
because it’s not written yet. If you care about the indoor generation,
do something. Begin to think and live differently. Let
light and fresh air into your life again. Even small changes can make a huge
difference for coming generations. Learn how

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