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On time! Now, I’ll be distributing the question papers.
Write down your hall ticket numbers on them. As I’m distributing the question papers on time,
I’ll be taking away your answer sheets on time aswell. Excuse me, ma’am..
– What is the time now? Ma’am, we’re only late by 2 minutes.
– Were you ever late to a movie by 2 minutes? No, ma’am.
– Were you ever late to a date by 2 minutes? Well, ma’am..
– Were you ever late to a booze party by 2 minutes? Ma’am, please excuse us this time!
– Did you ever attend classes 2 minutes before time? You people have no regard for punctuality.
– Had you let us in, we’d have finished the exam by now. Cut the crap! Get in! Consider this the last warning.
– Thank God! Even though you’re late,
I’ll take away your answer sheets on time. Distribute the question papers. Did you all receive the question paper and answer sheets?
– Yes, ma’am! Guys, you only got 3 more hours to go.
Hurry up. You don’t have much time. ‘Only 3 more hours?
The entire exam duration is 3 hours.’ Mention today’s date
and also the hall ticket number. Answer for question 1?
– Option A. Answer for question 3?
– Option A. Cover your answer sheets. Answer for question 5? Even I know
this is for A, this for B, this for C and this for D. So, don’t act smart around me
and help him with the answers. And you! Guys, time is up! Turn in your answer papers.
– Already? Ma’am, I need just another 5 minutes.
– Hey, look there! – Where? Turn in your answer paper.
– Ma’am, just give me another 2 minutes. No! I said no! Guys, the exam is done.
You can now leave. I’m sure you all know how strict I am.
So, don’t you even dare think of copying. You got to be smart even to cheat in exam hall.
And I don’t think none of you are smart. You get out! Ma’am, may I take a drink of water?
– Water? Get out! Hey, you, lovebirds!
You anyway have no lines to speak. So, get out! That sleeping guy over there,
get out. Ma’am, may I use the washroom?
– Washroom? Get out! Even for this? Bro, give me the cheat sheets.
– I can here you both whispering. Get out you two! ‘Not again!’ ‘Shit! All are gone. I’ll leave too.’ It is time and the invigilator hasn’t come yet.
– Maybe the exam got cancelled. I don’t think so.
There she is. I guess I’ve come here early.
– Actually, you’re late, ma’am. Shit! My watch is running slow.
– Ma’am, could you make it fast? Come and help yourself then.
Why are you all in a hurry? And, don’t worry, I’ll give you extra time
to make up for the delay. Hey, you, come and distribute
the question papers. Yes, I’m talking to you! How could you be so lazy?
It is your exam afterall. Show some initiative. Take these.
People these days have become so lazy. Take out your hall tickets. You need an additional?
One additional would do? Alright. Pass it on to him. Move it. Bro, let me copy your answers. Please, bro.
– Hell, no! What if we get caught cheating? Durga, help me out, bro.
– Let me help myself out, first. Durga..
I’ll copy this girl’s answers. Who is that guy murmuring? I maybe asleep,
but my eyes are watching you. Is it?
Let’s check. I told you my eyes are watching you. Hey, you, in the last but one bench.
I know it is you. Get out. Submit your answer sheets.
– ‘I shouldn’t have messed with her.’ I maybe lazy,
but I’m crazy. In total there are 40 cheat sheets in here.
I know how to deal with them. Mr. Cheat Sheet, take out all your cheat sheets.
– I don’t have any on me, ma’am. Is it? What is that if not a cheat sheet?
Don’t anyone of you dare mess with me. Distribute the question papers. Anything wrong, ma’am?
– Wow! You’ve got some fine acting skills. Take out the cheat sheet
you’re carrying. None of you dare
cheat in the exam while I’m around. Bro, pass me the cheat sheet. Here is the sheet for the 2nd answer
from section B. Do you care explaining what this is? I don’t even know what they are, ma’am?
– Bow your head. Is this the reason why you grow hair?
To carry cheat sheets? Out! Get out of the class! Alright! Chill!
– I won’t let anyone with shabby hair appear for exams hereon. Take out your hall tickets. If you’re carrying
any cheat sheets, drop them here. I’ve no cheat sheets.
I’ve only love sheets. Cross check your answers before submitting.
– All the invigilators say the same to cross check the answers, to cover
the answer sheets etc. We hear these all the time. Then hear these again.
– Alright. Cover your answer sheets and do not cheat.
You’ll be debarred if caught. Yes. You may now start answering.
– We will, if you keep mum. Mention today’s date.
Mention your hall ticket number. Cover your answer sheet.
– I didn’t write a word in my answer sheet yet. Doesn’t matter. You still need to cover.
Everyone, cover your answer sheets. Cover your answer sheet.
What sort of attire is this? Don’t you even know
how to dress for an exam? See to it you don’t wear such an attire the next time.
– Yes, ma’am. Mention your hall ticket number.
Everyone, mention your hall ticket number. You both can stare at each other later.
For now, attempt the questions. Hey, girl..
Hell with them. Time is up. Submit your answer sheets.
– Already? I’m sure to get a 90 today.
– Lovely! Let’s share the peg. I meant 90 marks, you idiot.
– All the best students. God would ensure you all get good grades.
God is good. Don’t worry. Ms Harika is the invigilator. We can cheat big time.
– That’s right. Sunita, you didn’t clear this paper the last time?
– Last time you weren’t the invigilator. So, I couldn’t. You’ll clear this time. Because..
– God is good. How could you be so careless
and drop the cheat sheets everywhere? True, God is good.
But, that doesn’t mean you can be reckless. Here you go.
Take help of these cheat sheets. ‘What is he even writing?’ Aren’t you that guy who’d go
to a dessert store and ask for pizzas? You are writing about evironmental studies
in the economics paper. Oh, my bad!
Thank you, ma’am. Don’t mention.
God is good and so are we all. Why did you leave this space empty?
– Because I can’t recollect Newton’s 1st law. Well, that is.. “Hit the ball hard.
Send it out of the park.” What if I don’t hit hard?
– You tell me. The ball stays right there.
– That’s the Newton’s 1st law. How smart!
– I know. Write it down. Be seated, guys.
I’m allotting 5 more minutes. Keep writing. Ma’am, how come you’re so kind? Well that is because few of you
are well prepared and few of you aren’t but all of you have the same desire which is to get
a friendly invigilator and to cheat and to get good grades. Today’s students
are the nation’s future. Frankly, I’ve done nothing special from my side
apart from giving you the freedom to cheat. As an invigilator,
there is nothing more I can offer apart from letting you people
cheat a little. Only for this exam we are together
with me as your invigilator. Who knows if we all will meet again
for another exam. So, the least we can do is to help fellow students cheat.
– Such wise words, bro! You needn’t pray to God about much.
If you want to, pray about your fellow students. Pray to God that all your fellow students
are well prepared and that they’d help you cheat. The rest, God will take care. So, time is up.
Submit your answer sheets now. What’s up! I hope you liked this video.
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– Dhethadi!


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