The Jungle: Meet the writers

We’ve tried to write the play
so that it reflects our experience of being in the Jungle
and of living there for so long. I think one of the things that people know
about the Jungle is that it was a place of great desperation and chaos, but it also was a place of hope,
in many ways. There were many different people
living side by side, who were very different kinds of people, but somehow,
everybody found a way to get along, even in that desperation –
and that’s an amazing story. There were lots and lots of restaurants
and cafés in the Jungle, lots of shops and barber shops
and there was even a sauna. They were all built out of what you’d find
in a skip or in an old factory or just things lying around. The audience will come into that. They’ll come into this bustling café and they will experience
what people experienced when they went into those places
in the Jungle. The cast is amazing. It’s a huge cast.
It’s a very multi-talented cast. It’s a cast that is drawn
from all corners of the world. It’s just amazing to sit in the middle of
a room where things are getting translated into Farsi, into Dari,
into Pashto, into Arabic, into Urdu, into Tigrinya, Amharic. – French, English, I mean…
– Australian! Australian! To be part of that room, it’s amazing! It feels like a room that you want
to be in, and the cast are creating that. I hope people will leave provoked. This is a play for everyone, for anyone who wants to be involved
in that conversation, from whatever angle, because it’s
the conversation we all should be having.

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