The Laundromat | Official Trailer | Netflix

First you must ask yourself: “Are you wealthy?” Simple truth of the world is
that most games, for someone to win, well, someone has to lose. Think of this as a fairy tale
that actually happened. There’s confusion over
who has to pay. So, they drowned Joe? And 20 other 
innocent people? And somebody is 
making money from it. It all goes back to this law firm,
Mossack Fonseca. So what happens next?
What do we do next? All I did was try and 
save money. It’s a scam that goes 
from Houston to the West Indies to some bank,
who knows where. -Getting away with murder.
-Which is bad. Bad? “Bad” is such a big word for being such a small word. How does it all work? Bribery, corruption, 
money laundering, millions and millions
and millions of dollars. Somebody has to 
sound the alarm. -Shit!
-Shit! Where the fuck is my money? Most of the time,
we don’t even know.


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