The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company

Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company is a company run by and for people with learning disabilities *singing* ♫ Life is a cabaret old chum, come to the cabaret! ♫ One of the main things Lawnmowers has given me is confidence a lot more confidence as a person I feel more of a person through being at Lawnmowers than I ever did do People with learning disabilities tend to experience a lot of bullying and name calling Like people don’t understand us, some people don’t want to understand us What Lawnmowers do that is different to anywhere else is they give you an environment where you can just literally be yourself You’re not forced to do things you can’t do and when you’re doing things that you like to do you’re still allowed to do them in your own way * piano playing * I think there’s very little out there for people with learning disabilities who want to access the arts and culture Yes, there are courses and yes there’s day provision but for someone who loves the arts and drama there’s very little People end up enrolling on endless college courses and they don’t get to be part of a touring theatre company and a professional theatre company and that’s where Lawnmowers comes in. * Lawnmowers Glass Orchestra plays music* We could sit here for hours and tell you stories of case studies of individuals who have come to us rock bottom and in a couple of months, in a couple of years have just flourished and they have just found where they belong. * Lawnmowers Glass Orchestra plays music * Please help us continue our important work * Lawnmowers Glass Orchestra continues to play * * Lawnmowers Glass Orchestra continues to play *

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