The Library of Birmingham – A People’s Palace

these central I agree here now the big key in the whole of Europe I cannot tell you how proud I am about I have fun watch this grant no I’m and I’m very impressed very
impressed I was going to ask your friends what you
need to eat them the liability saw your article on what you do in the Sun is
this is a good morning to go home flowers way stuff to say breathtaking it’s a bit like a baby or that it reminds me of the building little the
crosses on but with circles instead he looked at
what the hype I am going to go from one float another without walking will these
days plate boom at the the ring feel to it you know and
I your Bowl rings gone berserk alive the circle knowledge
you know only also said he wouldn’t be like No maybe of miles on battery or someone yeah anything done he doesn’t
look like ride 101 some alien race has built a library filled with books on and send off into
the solar system a destination to and now it’s finally
landed and mankind is able to enter this alien building and explore all the books that put in there and it’s
just fantastic experience mine it bro do do 0 but is the is a very big deal as lazy
circles a over who dat I really love me I think it jest stunning I’m good or stock of you keep on top day I was deeply impressed with this or does
the the design in the newspapers initial my for that’s brave now really is brave
and to see realized is just absolutely wonderful
like maker you can trial time I and if they want to be laid out and very
approachable that old lively just walk in and you
have a section on the right think this course there’s an wasn’t
wasn’t really that stimulating planned of I think it’s amazin first I
thought I’ll never get off I’d like books on on
what could this be the day but then eventually ask the people and
they were very helpful man I found where the books where the the building is really fabulous it’s
really big and spacious and like pure genius like hoes great
into and like to thank everyone for this bus got all the air is totally different
library very modern as a totally different from I was little I all I can say is it makes me feel pizzello I’m not hard
to do for me icon I have not gotten old got done by I can just pull the ball out Paula bars
and books and Myers hang out there for a bit understand some college at both sitting
here doing in ally been at home because just a dinner I get distracted done here just a work
environment I’ll probably just going to read in
their so it’s quiet and you know just to get away from home for
a while I think I need their lively because comment interest in books didn’t hit me become a businessman 0 on him %uh do do dome I quite liked the M a delightful that big circular but
Christ and I like the with that’s a very many time and they’re
all the books around it you can’t they all the history books
right well there’s no way around it lovely I really like they got himself
because the basis they really spacious and a I like
the anything like there wouldn’t be any
other more nationalistic between a work environment you need more like the meet a real it on downstairs fabulous and I just the idea
just been having you know places where kids console I
because thats how they treat you know I’ve never seen the kids sat at a table reading a book as it is describe
generally I team thank you to meet I love the idea the concept that just
going into an archive section that represent be home library as well you
know the Shakespeare like I saw that Justin images on television and to see is just absolutely sometimes of this
event proceeded by the the whole it’s been 36 beyond the hole into the
city centre Barbie that get you have everything be
person not vengeance I can and has it the month 0 on %uh 0 do do it do on a call with that problem lease on life you know find it more at
comfortable to be you know snuggle smoke somewhere in but you know on a day like this I’d
probably be drawn to sitting in looking out across the city
definitely just some arkansas abandon breed a good science fiction problem I will leave them in the
lifestyle bombings but you know how you do it have the little bit clout and you can
see through it and that’s really cool kids with pizza makers we came here in
the two so this except for him the arena and place down
like that and it’s a really good too a show here because it’s a natural arena like that all these little room I like week it’s like your own room you can
have your own private space and no one to bother you and its require and you get to do you working a team more mine %uh duo do do my and data with nobody should be
something upon any thought this available for every have begun apartment
it shouldn’t be a uniform begun to fade and the from
something that so we needed to people connect that this
stuff as well never and environment where and you been
encouraged to question think reflect and look at things yeah you want it to inspired me to want to learn the
teenagers definitely I think it would be nice to come in big and sturdy because they can go often go
grab a coffee and then go back to their work and that they can have a walkabout sides but never break something a deaf
may be a great place to study the provide facilities for young people
to use like the music diploma and theater been connected to it it slightly
tylenol then but mom on on because it with amazing I would come
here more often like a lock I’m I’m really looking forward to
getting this to know this place and I think they
didn’t it will take me we will take me probably six to 12 months for my children i’m for
all other premies children in Birmingham I
really wish that and hope that we can continue to you all the resources that
they them to live we have and that they also can be a pop all the work that gets created in the
central library for the future whatever all now whatever collected I’m
gonna be coming here because its next last and are going to
be studying at the library and it’s getting really a friend because I’m gonna feel like home currently this is a a landmark building
its pushed us into the future it makes them
and the standout shouldn’t do the second the
to go in if a person who should fast and mississippi
a nice outstanding I like you highlighted definitely on on in on on more on on


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