The Love By Hynotic and other dramas premiere, Wang Yibo is accused of unprofessionalism

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update October 19th 2019 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas with premiere dates and there are quite a
few. In this edition, Love is Fate and No Secrets
premiere, and someone claims that Wang Yibo is unprofessional, but first.. The Love By Hypnoticis
a costume drama starring Alen Fang and Lin Meishi and it premiered on October 14th. It tells the story of a prince and princess
who are stuck in an arranged marriage. They bicker at each other nonstop but things
change when try hypnosis. Alen Fang recently had supporting roles in
The Legend of White Snake and Queen Dugu. The Love By Hypnotic is Lin Meishi’s first
drama. Such is the insatiable thirst for costume
dramas. Although this is a web drama and pretty much
has a rookie cast, it is trending right now in many Chinese speaking parts of the world. As far as I know, it’s the only costume drama
to premiere in the past couple of months. The drama is available on YouTube, no English
subs yet though. And if you’re watching The Love By Hypnotic
and have taken a liking to it’s lead actor Alen Fang
well it just so happens that he has another drama playing at the moment – Childhood Sweethearts
Pianist. Childhood Sweethearts Pianist
is an modern romance drama starring Jin Wenxin and Alen Fang and it premiered on October
17th. The drama tells the story of a girl who is
terrible at playing the piano but is determined to win a competition. She enlists the help of an old crush, who
has an obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to music, to help her. Jin Wenxin is another relatively new actor
– she’s only done one other drama before this. Childhood Sweethearts Pianist is available
on YouTube and Youku. No English subs at the moment. Love Is Fate
is a modern drama starring Vin Zhang and Zhenghe Huizi and it premiered on October 16th. After four costume dramas in a row – Ten Miles
of Peach Blossoms, The King’s Woman, The Flames Daughter and I Will Never Let You Go –
Vin Zhang swaps ancient for modern garb in this light-hearted romcom. Zheng He Huizi plays Ma Ke’ai, a hotel heiress,
who after surviving a near-death accident, is gifted with the ability to foresee a person’s
future simply by touching that person. However, that ability also comes with splitting
headaches that is until she meets dashing hotel employee,
Xia Yuxing played by Vin Zhang. The drama uses on-set dialogue recording instead
of overdubbing so we get to hear the actors’ real voices which is a great start. The lead characters have a love-hate relationship and share moments of connection as well misunderstanding. It is all encapsulated in this scene in the
first epsiode where they meet on a plane, and I think it sets the tone for the drama
moving forward. Love is Fate is available on Youtube, no English
subs at the moment. For many of these dramas that don’t have English
subs, you can check back later because some of them will have them eventually. If not, then you can check other platforms
like Viki to see if they’re available there. No Secretsis a modern
drama starring Jin Han and Stephy Qi and it premiered on October 17th. Jin Han plays a man who can read people’s
inner thoughts and Stephy Qi plays an impulsive lawyer in
this remake of the Korean drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’. The drama tells the story of a young girl
who testifies in court against a man who tried to murder a young boy. Years later, they’re all grown up and the
man seeks the girl from his past to thank her and protect her. Maggie Huang who played the heinous Su Jin
in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms has a supporting role as a rival lawyer to Stephy Qi’s character. Jin Han recently starred in Our Glamorous
Time with Zhao Liying whereas Stephy Qi starred in Women in Beijing and
I thought she did an excellent job in that. No Secrets is available on YouTube, no English
subs at the moment. And now an update on the Legend of Fei starring
Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo. Actually this is not really an update, more
of a rumor that’s come from the set of the drama. I generally leave rumors alone but this one
was strong enough to cause the Legend of Fei production to release a statement so I thought
I’d share with you guys what happened. Apparently, someone who claimed to be Wang
Yibo’s stand-in has accused Wang Yibo of being unprofessional on set. For those of you who don’t know, a stand-in
is someone who stands in for the actor while the crew sets up the shot. Generally what happens is the director, the
director of photography and the actors will get together and figure out what the shot
will look like – where the actors will walk from and to, which
way they will face etc – and once they figure that out then they’ll
set up the lights and everything else. The can’t have the actor stand around while
they do that – it could take over an hour – so they have
stand-ins stand in their place. So this stand-in allegedly said that it was
too tiring to stand in for Wang Yibo and that Wang Yibo acted like a big shot and
would only arrive half a day later causing everyone to wait for him. Let me just say as someone who’s never been
on that set, that I’ll never know the truth but I do find those claims hard to believe. I have my reasons but before I get to them
The Legend of Fei production has come out on Weibo to refute those claims. They said:
One, since Legend of Fei began filming, all castmembers have maintained a serious and
responsible attitude. Two, all castmembers of Legend of Fei are
very diligent, dedicated and professional. Regarding Wang Yibo acting like a big shot
and other rumors, they are all baseless. Please don’t believe it and spread it. Three, respect every actor. Don’t let rumors kill their dedication and
hardwork for the shoot. This is a great move from production to support
Wang Yibo and to quell rumors. But honestly even if they didn’t do that,
I’d still find these claims hard to believe and here’s why. It would be incredibly dumb for a stand-in to
say something like that while the show is still filming. Not only would he get fired but he’ll probably
get blacklisted from the industry for a while. I don’t think Wang Yibo has gotten this far
in his career by making bad decisions and I highly doubt he’ll make a bad decision
like this, to be unprofessional at this stage. This is his first big show opposite a proven
A-lister and when it comes out it will be a big deal. Zhao Liying is his senior and I doubt he will
keep her waiting around for half a day for no good reason. It is very possible that he arrives late to
set once in a while – all highly sought after actors can have that problem. His management company is known to be one
of the worst in China in terms of overbooking their clients. If that’s the case, I think it’s not really
his fault and it is something his management company have to sort out. When Wang Yibo was doing The Untamed he was
also hosting the Chinese talk show, Day Day Up among others
and doing voiceovers for animations at the same time. Talk about having a crammed schedule. Anyways, this whole unprofessionalism thing
could very well be purported from a rival fanbase trying to create negative vibes for
Wang Yibo. We all know this kind of stuff happens all
the time in Chinese entertainment. I’ve mentioned it in a previous video. And now a quick recap of the dramas with premiere
dates. The Love By Hypnotic 明月照我心 premiered
on October 14th. Love Is Fate 我爱你, 这是最好的安排
premiered on October 16th. Childhood Sweethearts Pianist 竹马钢琴师
premiered on October 17th. No Secrets 没有秘密的你 premiered on
October 17th as well. And they’re all available on YouTube but no
English subs yet. And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to being a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
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all in the next one. Cheers.


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