The Love of a Buzz Cut | 까까머리의 연애 [KBS Drama Special / 2017.12.18]

Hello. Your hair is very pretty. What do you want to do today? Do you want a perm? Hair manicure? I want a haircut. A haircut? That’s a shame. How short? A short cut? This long? No, I want to shave my head. About this short. This short? I also want to dye my hair. Do you want a beating? You will get sued. She wanted it intense and eccentric like a freshly squeezed orange. An orange… You should’ve toned it down. Like a freshly squeezed orange… – Excuse me. / – Yes… I am so sorry… I like it. I really do. You handed in your resignation at the kindergarten? Yeah. Looking like that? I’m not that unprofessional. I had it cut after. It suits you. What are you saying? It looks crazy. Hey, Jiyeong! You are very honest. You worked until the end of semester, as you wished. Now you should go to the hospital. I will, when I feel like it. – Jiyul. / – I’m going tomorrow. That’s why I did this. Good girl. Here, eat this. I feel so left out. You have meat in front of you. – Eat kimchi as well. / – Right. – Hey, dad. / – Yeah? Didn’t you say your company was restructuring? They did but it didn’t affect me. That’s a relief. You know… You shouldn’t leave before I die. The amount of condolence money differs. – Water? / – Yes. Sorry. I guess my joke was a bit calculative. (Let’s leave!) I’m most sad… About you. (The Love of a Buzz Cut) Why did you color your hair gold? Hey. Were you surprised? I’m not a ghost, I’m fine yet. Exactly. I’m so happy to see you. But why didn’t you bring it? Ice cream! I’m so sorry. My head really must be broken. I will bring it next time, for sure. Next time? Are you crazy? You are going to come here again? If you get all better and leave this time, don’t even walk past here. – It’s bad luck. / – It’s bad luck. Come by later. – I’m still where I was. / – Where are you going? My daughter is coming. She always just cries when she comes until she leaves. I don’t know why she keeps coming. So tiring, so tiring. Bye. I’m going to marry Jiae. Siu… What did you just say? Well, for marriage… I decided to marry whom my father wants me to. Why? Is she giving you a pharmacy or something? I’m right, aren’t I? I guess 3 years with me was nothing to a pharmacy. Why did you bring me to the movies? You wanted to watch this movie. – What? / – Jiyul… I’m not leaving you because I don’t like you. You know that, right? Bastard. Hey, Jaehui. I’m at the hospital. What? Your husband? Fine, then. 3, 2, 1. Hey. Yeah? Then I will wait at the lobby. I told you, you can’t be sorry when you’re that beautiful. She even bought me a car behind her husband, she doesn’t have to feel sorry. Where is the customer service center? This is my problem. I’m too kind. (Yu Jiyul) Excuse me. Excuse me. Don’t you hear me? Oh, you are the orange from before. – Hold on. / – Okay. What are you doing? I’m sorry but just for a minute. – Just for a bit. / – What? What are you doing? Hey. Stop. Hey, stop. Hey, Jaehui. No, no. This is a misunderstanding. This crazy lady just burrowed into my armpit. You know I’m very ticklish, right? I thought you didn’t like girls of your age. But look at you. Even so, you shouldn’t do that when you’ve come to see me. No, no, Jaehui. I don’t know this orange. We need to talk. Let’s talk. Was it because of him? What? You got dumped by a guy. Why do you take it out on your hair? Some girls are like, “Cut it like it’s his throat.” So ferocious. It’s not like that. Whether it’s true or not, you need to come with me. What are you doing? Let me go. Do you know what you just cost me? I might need to give her back the car. She won’t believe it until she hears it from you. So let’s go. If you don’t let go, I’m going to scream. For real. You’re driving me nuts. I’m sorry about earlier… And thank you for this, but sort out your problems yourself. I don’t know anything about it. This is unbelievable. Wow… What? Were you going to slap him? Or throw some coffee or a bagel at him? It’s good that you didn’t. Because… If you do that looking like that, he will be thanking God for making him breaking up with you. – Seriously… / – I’m being serious. – Move. / – Hey. Do you want me to break his heart? I’m a professional at it. Instead, you have to explain the truth to Jaehui. How about it? I’m a true artist. This is creating something from nothing. Nothing is impossible. Incredible, right? Look. Well… Well, this is fun. What? Yeah, yeah. You might be confused with your words from being so amazed. You have to come out tomorrow just like this, okay? Don’t mess it up during the night. But you have to explain it properly to Jaehui. Okay? You must like her a lot… She seems a lot older than you. My girlfriend? She’s a baby in my eyes. Honesty is nothing, especially in front of love. You’re so much in love, how lucky. Why are you speaking so informally to me suddenly? I saw your ID card. You’re only a year older than me. What? Why did you see my ID? Also, a year is still a lot. Hey. Age and love is nothing… To me. Jiyul’s mom. A girl like Jiyul… I mean, Jiyul is here. What did you do with your phone? It’s out of battery. Mom. What are you thinking? We were done talking about that. It’s a waste of time. Why are you doing this? Did something happen? No. This is Eunjeong’s phone. I’ll talk to you at home tomorrow. Bye. Jiyul… Hello? Hello? What are you doing? I can understand her. What? Even after chemotherapy and surgery… She might only get another a year and half. If she doesn’t do this, she only has 6 months left. Doing nothing, she will only have 6 months. It’s her choice. I can’t give up on that year. How could I? – It’s all my fault. / – Gosh. You’re talking nonsense again. That’s insane. How is it possible to run into Siu there? I don’t know… I couldn’t go into the hospital. I hated it. Of course. You did good. I’m ridiculous, right? What? – It’s not ridiculous… / – Eunjeong. Yeah? Why should I die? – Hey. / – I mean… I want to know the reason before I die. But I still don’t know. Why do I have to be terminally ill? I don’t know why… I’m here like this. Jiyul. Yeah? You are really pretty right now. You’re such a good friend. Can I… Touch your eyelashes just once? No. I got my nails done. – Let me… / – Hey. – Don’t. / – Just once. No. Just look. Hansol Pharmacy. What? What’s wrong? What are you doing? I need my bag. – My bag… / – What? Why? You are so bothersome. What… Are you taking a sedative? You must be really nervous. It’s just… I don’t want to do this. What? We’re here all dressed up and you want to quit? Yeah, I don’t think this is right. I must’ve been out of my mind for a bit. You… I think it’s too late. I’m sorry but only the pharmacy customers can park here. Then I parked correctly. I stopped to buy some medicine. I think my girlfriend has a cold. I see. Are you… Let’s see. I think your fever has gone down a bit. Right? Yeah. Why are you so quiet, honey? You said she’s your junior from university. Huh? Did I say that? – Have you been well? / – Yeah. – It’s been a long time. / – Yeah. You seem good. You seem much better. Right? Oh, you’d know if you are her senior. I saw a picture of her that was taken 3 years ago and the guy she dated must’ve been terrible. She didn’t look so happy then. You can tell? Of course, when you see a woman, you can tell what kind of person she’s dating. Hey… Right? He was a small-minded loser. For sure, right? As written here, 3 times a day, 30 minutes after a meal. Does this work fast? When she’s sick, I can’t do anything. Yes. She’ll get better. We should get going now. Shall we? We should get to the opera early so we can watch with anticipation. Yeah. Thank you. Good-bye. Okay, I’ll get going. Bye. Fool. Idiot, cockroach, dummy. This is why I hate kids. Why did he pull on the hair? So rude. He’s not rude. He’s just a kid. At that age, it’s normal to pull and tug on whatever. What? Are you taking that kid’s side right now? Thank you. Aren’t you going? Where? You wanted me to explain the truth to your girlfriend. Hey. Orange buzz, you have a sense of loyalty. No need to be nervous. You don’t have to say much. Just say you met me for the first time that day. Not hard, right? Are you nervous? No, how many times do I have to say it? Good, good. Let’s go in. I must have gotten the wrong room. Chihwan, run. – Hurry. / – Chihwan? Me? Run. Mr. Kang. Get in. Get in for now. (Jaehui) Hey, Jaehui. What is this? I thought your husband went on a business trip to the U.S. I canceled because of you. Husband? Excuse me… I think there’s a misunderstanding. Be quiet and bring back the car. If you beg, I might let you live. Gosh. I’m good at borrowing but not at begging. Seriously, you… What? Seriously what? Are you a gigolo who robs married women… Of money by seducing them? – A gigolo? / – Gigolo… What? I don’t rob them. I just comfort those who feel lonely and I keep those who feel suicidal safe from themselves. So you are a gigolo indeed. Or should I call you a player? Hey. An assistant hairdresser during the day, and a player during the night. You are unbelievable. You are the one who ruined everything. If you didn’t show up in my life… If you didn’t burrow into my armpit like a crazy person, none of this would’ve happened. Me? It’s all my fault? Fine, be that way. If that makes your worthless mind at ease! You’re not only rude but also fearless. You need to be left alone in the middle of a bridge… – For you to know… / – Stop the car. What? Stop? – I will really stop the car. / – Stop the car! You… That stupid orange head… Whatever. I didn’t tell her to go, she left on her own. What is this? She left it again. I ought to throw that stupid luggage away. Hey! Take your luggage! That idiot, putting on a show. What’s going on? (Emergency Ward) Brain… Brain tumor? She has brain cancer? She’ll wake up soon, it’s just a shock. The problem is… Right, you said you aren’t her guardian. Let me know if she wakes up or her guardian comes. Cancer? You’re crazy. It’s this month. What are you going to do? I don’t know. I’ll sell the car or something. You will get in big trouble. Just take it back and hide. Or swoon her and get something from her. Doesn’t she have anything? What money does a girl with cancer… What money does a girl with cancer have? Bye. – She can pass out again, right? / – Yes. Then I call the emergency. Does it come fast? It was a bit late before… Hey, hey. Are you allowed to just come out like that? I paid before coming out. Can you move? Is that so? I was harsh on you before. I admit it. You didn’t listen to me and just blabbed so I exploded. I’m so grateful that you took me to the hospital… But you are so full of yourself. So are you. Where are you going? Hey… – Eat something before you go. / – No. What was that? – It sounds like you’re hungry. / – Hey! Did you not hear? – Don’t you know the state I’m in? / – I did. You can eat whatever you want. I asked. Seriously… I’ll throw away your luggage. That luggage must be precious. Let’s go eat. – Let me go. / – Come on. You should get a CT scan. I think there’s something wrong with your head as well. You are the weird one. When I say I’m terminally ill, people look at me differently. Either with pity or uncomfortably. But you look at me the same. So? Does it upset you? No. It’s comfortable. Radish kimchi here is good. Can we some more radish kimchi? Okay. Here you go. Thank you. Why are you seeing that lady? For money? No. For debt. It’s the usual. My parents passed it onto me. I’d have to work night and day for a month to pay the debt off. To some, it’s nothing. At first, that made me mad. But it was also confusing and fascinating. And then… I got used to it. Even so… You are a bad guy. I didn’t say I was a good guy. You’re done, right? Let’s go. – Where? / – You’ll know when you get there. I’m not done. What? Hurry then. What were you doing? Eat the radish kimchi. Can we have more water? (Hansol Pharmacy) You know what this is, right? Spray it as you wish. We shouldn’t do this. I’m a kindergarten teacher. What? Kindergarten teacher? Sure, I believe you. I was a really popular teacher. Wow, sure. Okay, teacher. Draw a chick here or something, okay? A kindergarten teacher? Whatever. Do you know when is the most exciting moment in crime scenes? What? – What are you doing? / – Right now. Run! I feel much better now. Why should you? I was really into the act earlier. – Didn’t you notice? / – So, why were you? Well… I must like you. What? Why not just say you love me? – Will you believe me? / – I don’t have money. What? What do you take me for? A gigolo? I’m leaving. Thanks. For whatever it was. I’ve never done something like that before. It feels better than I thought. Now I know why little kids keep scribbling on the wall. You must’ve liked him a lot. To be so angry at him for doing well. I don’t remember. It’s just that when I went to be hospitalized that day… I was asking the same thing to myself. Why is this happening to me? Why do I have to suffer through this? It’s the usual questions to me now. But I’m still mad. And I’m still curious. But that day… As soon as I questioned myself, he appeared in front of me. Like an answer. You know… When you want to press on that the wrong answer is still an answer. Are you still curious? Why? Are you going to tell me the answer? Yeah. Are you a crook or a player? See me tomorrow. I’ll tell you then. What a player. That orange buzz… (32 missed calls, mom) Number 1, when you don’t have anyone. 2, when you don’t have a car to run away. 3, when you want to laugh like a crazy person. You want me to choose? Call me when one of those 3 applies. Seriously, you… Are a player. Thank you today for many things. I know. Go now. I’m going. 3, 2, 1. And a half, a quarter. A half of a quarter. Wow… She didn’t look back. Fine. If you’re not going to get treated… Then, what? What are you going to do? – I’m still thinking. / – You think then. I will decide. – I can’t let you just die. / – Honey. I don’t want to die in the hospital. Who said you’ll die? A year and half is what the doctors are saying. But if this works, you’ll live longer. You always did well. – Mom. / – Why are you giving up life so easily? I’m agonizing because it’s not so easy. – Give me more time. / – It’s my fault. It’s my fault that you have cancer. What are you talking about? I had cervical cancer 3 years ago. I had a surgery to cut it out. Your dad and I didn’t go on a trip to Europe that time. What? Why didn’t you say anything? I was going to but I couldn’t. Now you see… That cancer in your brain… I gave it to you. It’s my fault. It’s not, the doctors even said so. Even if you all say it’s not… No matter how many times I think this over, it’s my fault. If not, why… Why did Jiyul catch this horrible illness? No, it’s not your fault, mom. Jiyul… If the property deal goes well this time, I will earn quite a bit. I’m going to save you. So don’t give up. You’re a good girl. If you die like this… I can’t live on. You know that, right? When did you find out? It hasn’t been long since I found out. Like 3 months ago… If you knew, you should’ve told me straight away. You know what mom is like. She insisted that I shouldn’t tell. What could I do? Hey… Can I borrow this? No. – Take something else. / – I wouldn’t even be asking… If I was going to take something else. Greedy. Yu Jiyeong. When I die, it’ll all be yours anyway. Can’t you wait? That’s my shroud. I’m going to die in that dress. Ms. Yu Jiyul. Chemotherapy will start in the afternoon. – Let me measure your blood pressure. / – Okay. Oh, right. Hold on. Charge. Charged. 1, 2. Charge. 1, 2. Shock. I’m not going to do that. Why would you want to suffer while dying? 1, 2. Shock. – Raise it to 200J. / – Excuse me. 1, 2. Shock. Stop it. She said she hated that. She said not to do that. What? Mom… Mom! Mom. Oh, no… I don’t want to die like that. I will not die during the meal time. What is this? You’re not seeing her? Are you not going to chat her up? Well… Strangely, I don’t want her money. Why not? That dying girl… I like it. What is wrong with this customer… Is strange. Yet very loyal. Stop the car! Her temper… She has no hair… Yet… She’s sexy. Let’s get you to the hospital. Right? (Orange buzz) That surprised me. Hello? Can I press all three at the same time? Jiyul. Hello. What? I’m sorry, mom. I’ll call you. From a bad daughter. My goodness… The most cruel thing is… The sky. Where are we going? – Cappadocia. / – Cappado… (Chuncheon Hot-air Balloon Experience Center) Hey… They said you can do stuff like paragliding. It’s okay. That’s also fun. It’s not like I was going to go on this for fun. Then? When I was young, my nickname was Dorothy. Because I like “The Wizard of Oz” so much. You know “The Wizard of Oz,” right? What? You don’t know? Hey. It was a shame that… Dorothy couldn’t go on the hot-air balloon. The hot-air balloon that’d carry her home. She missed it. So she cries really hard. That scene… Made me so sad. I’m just saying. I should get changed. People might think I’m crazy. Where did he go? This way, please. It’s going to rise. Hop on, quick. Okay, let’s hop on. Hey, are you okay? What are you doing? Are you getting on or not? You should just go alone. Hold on, sir. Hold on. – Should I get off? / – No. I’m sorry, Chihwan. – Go instead of me. / – Don’t joke. Hold on tight. It’s going up. It’s… It’s real. I’m on it. Unbelievable. I’m on it! I’m really on it! I’m on it! You. Me? What about me? You know that you’re really cool, right? Well… Of course. You’re the best. Mom, I love you. So pretty. How could you smile like that? I’d miss you. That grandpa’s main job… Was bed and breakfast. I asked him a favor for staying here a night. Well… I didn’t say anything. Why are you laughing? Just… Nothing. It’s nothing. Say it. I’ll listen. Do you know why Dorothy missed the hot-air balloon? I don’t remember. In the book, she jumps off because her dog, Toto, jumps off. But that might not be the case. Then? Dorothy… Fell in love. She fell in love with either the Lion, Scarecrow, or the Tin Woodman. So she couldn’t leave and jumped off. Guess who she fell in love with. Tin Woodman, probably. How did you know? He’s the most handsome one. You’re right. Aren’t I funny? No. You’re pretty. I’m going to kiss you. Hey. Are you asleep? I think… I found the reason. The reason… Why it’s me. If I wasn’t sick… Then… I wouldn’t have been able to meet you. I like that reason the most. No matter how much I think… I like that reason the best. That’s when the Snow White opened her eyes. Hey! Where did you… Why is your phone off? Why are you yelling? – You guys go on ahead. / – Okay. They’re the grandchildren of the grandpa from yesterday. What? They wanted to wash their faces by the stream. Should you be like this? You even left your medicine. What are they to you? Why would you wash their faces for them? What a busybody! Why are you like this? Chihwan. Why… Why are you like this? What’s wrong? Did something happen? I should get a CT scan. My head hurts. My head hurts a lot. In the story “Snow White…” Yeah? Do you know who loves Snow White… – The most? / – It’s not the prince? The huntsman. The queen told him to kill her… Yet, he let her go. I rubbed off on you. Yeah, you did. Quite a lot. 3, 2… I sorted it all out. Come back… She’s leaving all sorts of stuff now. There’s something I want to do instead of treatment. I’m not giving up. I’m going to get ready… Really pretty. Are you going to kick me out? Thank you, mom. Pay off the debt or the car. Use it to make you happy but don’t be a player. I’m embarrassed for you. (Let’s leave!) (Jaehui) Yes, Jaehui. Yes. I’m going now. I came to apologize. For the graffiti… For bad-mouthing you. Oh, that. It’s okay. I’m sorry too. 2 years ago, I was a coward. I’m sorry. You’re doing well, right? Yeah. I’m really busy. I’m really dating. What?


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