The Making of the Show Trailer | Billy Elliot The Musical

We’re making an EPK for Billy Elliot. Action! It involves a 2 day shoot.
One day in a theatre, one day in a shooting studio, like this, for the green screen leaping
sequences where we can put different backgrounds behind the jumps. It’s a challenge, however. Theatre spaces
were designed for people and not big cranes and things like that, so we had to remove,
I think, somewhere around 200 seats from the theatre to get the crane in.
We had to do that overnight and we had to shoot during the day, when there was going
to be a show later that night. [ANGRY DANCE PLAYS] The show is so diverse there are moments of
reality and there are moments of complete fantasy where one minute we’re shooting a
scene where Billy is getting his letter of acceptance into the Royal Ballet School, and
the next minute we’re shooting a big abstract number with policemen and miners who are dancing.
And then we’re going to a very tender moment of Billy and his mother.
The things which make those difficult is that even thought the cast are in their own environment
here on stage at the Victoria Palace Theatre, we still have to change things ever so slightly
for film. So the cast have been told to change their blocking ever so slightly, change their
focus ever so slightly, and it’s more about the camera becomes the audience rather than
the audience being the audience. [BILLY SINGS: …impossible to hear
But then I feel it move me Like a burning deep inside
Something bursting me wide open impossible to hide
And suddenly I’m flying, flying like a bird Like electricity…] Normally we perform to an audience, so having
a film crew in, having all the seats taken out the theatre and cranes and cameras, it’s
a very new experience for a lot of people in the show. The reason Billy Elliot appeals, it’s a family show, it’s a great show for children, it’s a great show for guys and girls, you
know some shows appeal to a certain demographic but I think Billy Elliot appeals to everyone.
It’s exciting, it’s funny, and I think the most inspiring thing is the talent of the
children and that’s something that drives the show on and makes us adults always work hard to better ourselves because they’re so inspiring. [ENSEMBLE SINGS: ALL OUT ‘TIL WE’VE WON]


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