The Merry Wives of Windsor: Pearce Quigley on Falstaff

Listen to those actors warming up! Authentic! He’s never done that before you know He’s probably just doing it because he knows that we’re filming this. ( Jazz music plays throughout ) Um it’s not the same as other theatres in anyway really, it’s a unique
experience You can see everyone and that’s… it’s… I suppose it’s advantageous or not depending on what you’re doing. in the early days of putting something on
here I found for myself… Being out there, and you can see people you have to- I have to pretend to not see them. You don’t pretend there’s nobody there but you just don’t want to engage them! Just in case they’re like- Like that because you can sometimes look at people and they’re like that- I hope you’re not doing that! I hope you’re really all enjoying it! What’s nice is is you get more confident you can start to make eye contact with some people And then eventually, you can you can do it all to people. And then it feels weird that you ever pretended there was nobody there in the first place. Just the best place to work, it’s wonderful. Merry Wives Company this is your pre-show beginners call, standby please Windsor Locals and members of the band. And those of you not involved in the pre-show this is your half hour call you have thirty minutes, thankyou. When I first started reading this- I knew this play because I was in this play years ago it was one of the first plays I was ever in playing Slender… Irony! So I knew the play! The weird thing about doing this production is my overriding memory of that production we did like, I don’t know nearly 30 years ago I suppose. Um, was how complex it was and how… how unclear the story is and when we’ve done this… Doing this it’s like how did we ever think that isn’t clear? It’s so clear! There are two strands of the story and they’re both very clear! The suitors for Anne Page and the.. Falstaff plot with the wives. It’s like super clear! That’s one of the things I love about this production is its clarity All the people who are in it who I think are brilliant and just love doing this show, absolutely love it. The last thing I did here was the ensemble last year um.. Hamlet and… As You Like It Um I was Rosencrantz in Hamlet. As You Like It I adored doing that, because that was you know again a part that’s not necessarily supposed to be funny but I thought… well this is really funny, this could be really really funny. Um… and hopefully it was! And then that was the same sort of laconic dry back-foot sort of thing. They- that’s why I love this place! because they let me do things like that! They let me like you know eat a banana through the seven ages of man speech they’ll let me like… ad-lib Just in the rehearsal it’s like scattergun and throw everything at it and see what sticks and you know and then you finally like… you know… keep the best bits! But I don’t see a problem with that? I don’t see why you can’t do that? I’m sure there are people who are like: Well if it doesn’t say it in the script don’t say it! Well I’m gonna say it if it’s such an anachronistic term that hasn’t been said for centuries! Then why not give you an… idea of what it might mean now? With you know a modern equivalent of it? Plus the original! So you’re getting two lots for your money really! (laughs) If you listen you can hear Shakespeare turning in his grave! There he is now! ( Jazz music fades out )

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