The Mind Blowing Color Changing Smart Home Setup!

– [Announcer] Today’s setup is sponsored by Philips Hue. – Yo guys. Jonathan here and this
color changing setup blew my mind and I think
it’s gonna blow yours, too. (electronic dance music) So this stuff’s been in
the works for a couple of weeks now. I’ve almost lost my mind
trying to perfect it, but I think I got it. Now before I hop into the
how to, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the setup, the star of the show is an 85-inch monster 4K HDR TV from Sony. It’s not Oled so it’s not
the latest and greatest, but for the price, it looks
amazing and more importantly it fills the wall beautifully. The console is from Wade Logan. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s minimal, but more importantly does a fantastic job of housing everything together. In this case because the
setup is centered around color and lighting, I love the fact
that you can see directly through the front panels on the console. It add this awesome layer of ambience. Inside the console is the Mac Mini, the greatest of all time, so if you missed that video, definitely check it out, an Asus external Blu-Ray
drive, which isn’t used to play Blu-Rays back, but rather rip them directly out of the Mac Mini and then run into a Plex server. Next to that is an Xbox
One X Project Scorpio edition and finally on top of that,
which is kind of hard to see, is an Apple TV 4K. Now the heart and soul of the audio setup is the Martin Logan Motion Vision X. It’s a little pricey, but oh, my God, it sounds incredible. Yes, there are two home pods
left and right in stereo. They don’t sound better
than the sound bar, but they’re also about half the price, which is pretty impressive and I think for the most part, if you
just want to listen to music, it’s kind of the go to option, but definitely for movies, the sound bar is the way to go. Now as far as the Philips
Hue setup, behind the TV is one strip with four extensions. Below that are two Philips Hue blooms, those are kind of
shooting up towards the TV filling everything in. Inside the console are two Philips Hue Gos and on the back of the media console is one more Philips
Hue strip which kind of rounds everything out. Now as far as how I’m
controlling everything, it’s an Apple Magic keyboard
with Magic Trackpad2 and it’s sandwiched
together with his awesome little Twelve South gadget
that makes it perfect to use on the couch. Now all this is happening because of the Philips Hue sync app,
which just dropped recently and the more and more I’ve messed with it, the more it blew my mind. You will need a computer to run this and it will work on both Mac and PC. It’s not gonna work on
Apple TV or any kind of streaming box or stick. Now this won’t work
with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu,
iTunes and that’s because of copyright DRM. When you try to play it,
it thinks you’re trying to pirate the movie, so
hopefully in the future, those companies will
work with Philips to make that happen, but in the
meantime, an amazing workaround and setup is with Plex. So to rip Blu-Ray, the
setup is pretty simple. I grabbed an Asus Blu-Ray
player for about 100 bucks on Amazon and I use that in
conjunction with makeMKV. If you caught my Mac Mini
video, the time to rip a Blu-Ray is only about 20, 25 minutes, so it’s not bad at all,
way less time consuming than I ever would have imagined. Now if you want to get
into 4K Blu-Ray ripping, it’s possible, but it’s a lot of work. You’ve got to get these custom codes, so more trouble than it’s
worth for me right now, but I’ll drop some resources down below if you want to do that yourself. So as you can see, my Plex collection, it’s not amazing, but
it’s steadily growing and it’s also created
this new sick addiction. More importantly, though,
it works amazingly with Philips Hue Sync. To give you a quick
rundown of the software, there are four modes. Scenes, games, music and movies. There are four intensity
modes, subtle, moderate, high and intense. Honestly, as cool as it is to use this in conjunction with
movies, music is amazing. When you’re using this in
conjunction with music, you have five color
palates to choose from, I think four is probably my favorite. It has a ton of blues and as you can tell, I like blue. If you’ve used third
party apps in the past to get this effect and used a microphone, it always felt a little
laggy, a little slow, but this responds in real time and it is crazy impressive. Now once you have the
Hue Sync app installed on your computer, next
you want to head over to the Hue app on your phone or tablet, hop over to the settings section and then select entertainment areas. This is where you’re gonna set every light that you want in that section. What’s awesome is you can actually see how that looks in the environment
and move the lights so they best react to the scene. You can see the TV, the
couch, so in my case, everything is pretty
heavily centered around the TV, but more importantly,
you can fine tune everything so it works perfectly. From that, once you have
everything configured, it is time to enjoy the light show. Now the one question
I’ve seen pop up a ton is is this distracting while
you’re watching a movie and honestly, it can be at first, especially when you’re kind of looking for those lights to perform,
but the more and more you get used to it and
actually focus on the movie, it almost becomes a secondary enhancement that you would definitely
miss if it was gone. In this case, it is
definitely exaggerated on the extreme side of what you can do. More than likely you’re
not gonna need this many lights or this many colors. If you want to, though, it looks amazing or you can tone it down. The beautiful part
about this is it can all be customized to your tastes. So, yeah, that’s the setup. It’s way, way more fun than
I ever thought it would be and as much as I thought
I was in this kind of streaming, not in a
physical media world, it kind of brought me
back to my inner geek, which is really cool. If you missed my Mac Mini video, that’s kind of the
centerpiece of this setup and how everything runs. That video is here and I
will catch you guys later. (20th Century Fox grand jingle) ♪ Da, da, da ♪ ♪ Da, da, da ♪ ♪ Da, da, da ♪


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