The Most Dramatic Transformations Ever Seen On My 600-lb Life

For years, viewers have watched TLC’s My 600-Pound
Life, witnessing morbidly obese patients completely transform their bodies and lives. The patients all start out hundreds of pounds
overweight, with the devastating health and emotional problems that come with that. But all of them have something in common — a
desire to change. Dr. Nowzaradan – or “Dr. Now,” as his patients
call him – is a bariatric surgeon who performs weight loss surgeries and coaches his patients
along the road to a healthy weight. While most patients on the show lose weight,
here are some of the most stunning success stories to be chronicled on My 600-Lb Life. Amber Rachdi At age 23, Amber Rachdi appeared on the show,
weighing 657 pounds and saying that she felt like a, quote, “nasty, yucky monster.” “I don’t like being this person. I don’t like being this size.” Her legs carried a great deal of her weight,
and, as a result, she said she couldn’t stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery with
Dr. Now, she ended up getting down to 377 pounds within a year — but she didn’t stop
there. She ultimately lost over 400 pounds and kept
it off, profiling her journey with glamorous pinup-style selfies on Facebook and Instagram. Brittani Fulfer At only 5 feet, 1 inch tall, Brittani Fulfer
started out weighing 605 pounds. She was so motivated to change that she and
her husband moved to Texas in order to be near Dr. Now’s office, where she underwent
weight loss surgery. According to Women’s Health magazine, she
lost almost 400 pounds and dropped down to 222 pounds. She told the magazine that she is cherishing
every moment of her new life, saying that she had, quote, “no idea [her] life was going
to be this amazing.” Melissa D. Morris Starting her journey at 653 pounds, Melissa
D. Morris was forced to ride around in a scooter to carry out basic tasks like grocery shopping. After undergoing weight loss surgery, she
dropped down to a stunning 157 pounds! And to make things even sweeter, after 12
years of trying to get pregnant, she finally became a mom, welcoming three children over
the years. Speaking to TLC in 2017, Melissa shared some
advice for people who might want to change their lives like she did, saying, “I advise others that the first step towards
a healthier life is identifying what you’re doing wrong. You must first figure that out because you
cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge.” Christina Phillips At only 22 years old, Christina Phillips weighed
673 pounds. According to her, she only left the house
at 3 a.m. when she was unlikely to see people. “I’m trapped inside this body that I don’t
wanna be in.” With the help of Dr. Now, Phillips had weight
loss surgery and experienced a shocking transformation. In fact, her weight loss ended up being so
fast and so extreme that the doctor advised her to gain 15 pounds in order to be at a
more healthy weight. In 2017, she told Women’s Health that she
weighed in at 171 pounds and said, “My life has changed so much since the weight
loss! I can do things I never imagined possible… I’ve been able to try indoor skydiving. […] [And] I can walk miles without getting
tired.” Nikki Webster At 649 pounds, Nikki Webster’s weight was
affecting her career in costume design. Luckily, she had strong support from her family,
and she was able to undergo gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Now. “That’s 455 lb weight loss.” “That number is breathtaking to me.” In 2017, she told People magazine, “It’s hard to imagine now how I used to live. It’s just become so vastly different. […] It has been the hardest two years of
my life, but it’s been the most victorious and exciting.” In 2018, Nikki revealed on Facebook that she’d
gotten married, writing, “I kind of got married. He’s the absolute best, and I honestly couldn’t
be more happy…It’s been a busy few months.” Paula Jones When Paula Jones decided to lose weight, she
had a tragic yet powerful motivation — her husband had passed away from weight-related
complications, weighing over 600 pounds. A year later, Jones herself weighed 542 pounds
and worried that she too would suffer a life-threatening complication from obesity, leaving her four
children on their own. Jones moved her family from Georgia to Texas
in order to have surgery with Dr. Now. According to Woman’s World, she experienced
amazing results, ultimately losing 400 pounds! The mag reported that her relationship with
her kids has also improved, with Jones saying, “I can be more active with them. I’ve learned how to be emotionally healthy
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