The Musical Cats Film? The Claws Are Out!

I don’t think either of us were very impressed
with cats, were we, Medora? Tom Hooper did a fantastic job with Les Mis. Why is Cats
so awful? I kind of knew Cats was going to be a letdown as soon as I saw the cast list
for this. Icould tell straight away that they were putting all of their budget into getting
big names to attract people to see the film, and none of their budget
into actually making a decent film. That being said, it wasn’t completely awful,
there were a few benefits, a few things that I kind of enjoyed. I haven’t seen the Cats
musical all the way through.I had the VHS at one point, I’ve seen
bits and pieces of it, but I have no emotional connection to it. There was no chance that
I would compare this to the original. I was going in with a fresh opinion about it. Iwas
willing for it to make me fall in love with it and make me want to go and see it on stage.
It has not done that. So it’s a story about some cats. That’s basically
it. Not much happens. It’s very exciting.Visually it is abysmal. The visuals are one of the
things why it just doesn’t work. The use of CGI is horrific. We’ve seen that image of
Dame Judi Dench’s real human hand. It’s very badly done. I don’t need to say that. They should have just put them in cat suits
like they do on stage. Iknow that the use of CGI differentiates it between being on
film and being on stage, I get that, but it doesn’t work. They should have gone with the
safer option, which may have worked. The cast is an advantage and a disadvantange.
It’s clearly where all their money went, but there is some good acting. Rebel Wilson is
a pull factor for me, and there’s a lot of people in this who people like. Credit where
credit’s due, I think they picked the right bunch of people., even if the film itself
was abysmal. The songs were fine. Vocally I have no complains.
The actual music elements worked well, and I enjoyed that. Iprobably will go and listen
to the soundtrack. A couple of songs did captivate me, and the song when Rebel Wilson’s character
was introduced was a lot of fun. The music they did well. But in terms of making it into
a film? They should never have bothered. Miaow! The claws are out! I did not like it,
but then most people didn’t, and the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are hilarious. If you loved
it, that’s great. They’ve obviously put a lot of tiem and effort into this… They’ve
obviously put a lot of TIME into it. I’m not sure about the effort. But if you like it
that’s great. It is art, after all. But if you want to go on a big rant in the comments
then be my guest. It’s almost so bad it’s getting quite funny. Let me k now your thoughts
on Cats the Musical.


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