The Neurosurgery Operating Theatre – Take a look inside!

Welcome to episode 4 of the brain
surgeon’s vlog we’re in theater 11 with Ellen and Stephen they’re neuro scrub nurses and I’m
gonna take you on a little tour of the neuro operating theatre theatre I’m gonna give you a lowdown of
all the different kinds of equipment that we use starting with this bad boy
just behind me this is the neurosurgery operating microscope and we use this for
all of our cranial and spinal cases so that’s for the brain surgery and the
spinal surgery and it’s a really really important tool to be able to see things
that are less than a millimeter this which is what we use to drive the
machine and as you can see because it’s already been Auto balanced this hardly
needs any kind of energy through it to move it very ergonomic very nicely
designed very well balanced and we can use this during the operation to get
really incredible views of very very my Newton Athenee the operating microscope is usually set
up like this the patient is going to be laying on the bed like this with the
head up at this end and then the surgeon can either stand to the left of the
patient at the head end or on the other side and in an assistant can help the
operating surgeon by standing on the other side or just next to them when the
patient is on the operating table here how do we keep the head fixed in
position so that we can move it around and keep it rigid it’s very very
important when you’re doing micro surgery on structures that are less than
a millimeter in size that you don’t get any movement of the head whatsoever one
of the key ways to do this is using a Mayfield clamp this is a pretty barbaric
thing this is it’s with these horrible pins in there the pins will make a hole
through the skin and they will dig into the patient’s skull to keep everything
rigid and fixed in place but those holes will heal up on their own there’s no
lasting damage you’ve just got to be super careful of where you’re pinning a
patient so if you want to see something really freaky this is how we balance the
arm of the operating microscope and it does something that just reminds me of
the Terminator and it’s super freaking and I don’t like it but it’s super cool
at the same time moving on while this keeps doing its own
thing this is the anaesthetic room and this is where a patient is wheeled in
from the other side the anesthetist the ODP and another anaesthetic trainee will
help to puts the patient to sleep we’ve got these x-ray gowns and the x-ray
Galan’s are really good for when we’re doing spinal procedures that’s when we
need an x-ray guidance to help us get the right level in the back we don’t
want to be operating on the wrong level of patient the anaesthetic machine this
keeps the patient alive and breathing whilst the neurosurgeon is operating on
the patient’s brain or spine super important and even more important the
anaesthetic machine is the anesthetist that makes it all work that was a
whirlwind tour of the neurosurgery operating theatre this or 11:00 at the
raw London hospital I hope you enjoyed the episode next time we’re going to see
a little bit more of the operating theatre and maybe the CT scanners buy
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