The new Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

There’s some extraordinary things about studying at the VCA that probably isn’t a better time to be a student studying with us. We have two new degrees. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and it’s going to radically change the training opportunities for actors and theatre-makers in this country. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the Australian theatre community and for performance in this country and this region. So this is the first time that VCA is gonna being doing this, we’re going to be separating the theatre component and the acting component. They’re new courses that focus on the one hand on the craft of acting and on the other hand the craft of theatre-making. There’s nowhere else in Australia whose proposing this theatre-making training alongside the sort of skill-based training for performers and I think that’s really exciting for what it’s going to produce. The first year for the new degree is a combined first year so it’s bringing together both the BFA Acting and the BFA Theatre to give both of those courses a foundation in all of the professional skills required to be a performer. When you get into your second year you’ll be focusing more on your skills as an actor and then go to your third year there will be more film focus. You’ll be working with the film school and doing a short film, doing a web series, ah we will have a motion capture training as well and ultimately preparing you for professional career as an actor with the industry. In the theatre program our students will spend time working overseas developing work, offsite at other institutions. Looking at aspects of the ah the creation of performance, what are the kind of materials that make up live theatre performance and how as artists do, do you kind of work with those materials to make compelling work. By the end of the three years they’ve got a strong skill base as performers but also really strong skills base as makers of their own work. This course is going to offer the students and extraordinary opportunity to train in the greatest city in the world with some of the greatest practitioners you could possibly work with. So the type of student we’re interested in is one that is culturally diverse, ambitious to bring forward art that represents them and to also change the aesthetic of Melbourne theatre and film. Our students are brave, they’re strong, they’re willing to make change in the world and to lead change in the world. They’re the students who want to come study with us at the VCA.

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