The New Face of Theatre | Bush 2019 Season

My name is Eve Leigh My name’s Kenny Emson I’m Ruthie Osterman My name is Caryl Phillips My name is Estelle Savasta I’m David Horan My name’s Tobi Kyeremateng Hi, we’re Outbox Hi I’m Iseult Golden. And The Rest of Me Floats is a play all about the messy business of gender. Strange Fruit is a play about intergenerational conflict in the black community in Britain. Babylon is a two week take-over at the Bush. that was joyful and celebratory, and wasn’t rooted in trauma. Rust is a love story that follows two people having an affair. Going Through is the story of a teenager that will do all the journey by herself to France. We wanted to write CLASS to look at invisible barriers to people getting on in life. I would say The Trick is a magic show about things that we really don’t talk about. The realities of old age and kind of dealing honestly with mortality. We hope it appeals to everyone who had a tough time in school. I think it’s really important that people take away the idea that there is no one way to be trans or queer or non-binary. The audience could take away a different point of view about immigrants. To give them a sense of belonging. Like all plays I think, it should have resonance beyond the final curtain. For me, I really wanted to focus on something

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