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Hi guys! I’ll tell you one story
which happened to us in the past Christmas! I think you will not believe there are
there were miracles! Oooh, a nightmare! In general, take tea or coffee, sit comfortably and listen to my tale! Okay, of course you already realized that it
happened not last year, but in fact in fact, this is a fairy tale written by the great
writer Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, and this story is my favorite
Chrismas story! So now really sit back
and I will tell you what is written in this the book.
Go! Christmas night has fallen it was cold, cold, real
frost, the snow was around, and the stars and the month burned brightly in the sky. Then from one house flew out of the pipe
witch on a broomstick and flew into the sky! What did she do there?
With her hand she took the stars and laid them in the bag. She put one star, another, third …
Saw it Damn! A real devil (the one with
pig face with hooves on hind legs with horns and a long tail), he saw this, and decided to join to our witch. Flew up to her
greeted whispered something so bad on her
ear, and then decided to take the most from heaven the main thing is a month. Coming to a month, grab it! and he
hot! And started it from hand to hand toss! Hot as hot potato!
But he did not give up and still took month and put it in his pocket. AND
it became dark in the village no stars, not a month in the sky left.
Why the hell did this? Was in the village Dikanke
in which all this happens (on Poltava region), one girl is Oksana. Beauty!
And there was a blacksmith of Vakul who was in her very in love.
And on the night before Christmas, Oksana’s father was going to visit the clerk for dinner,
and Oksana was left at home alone. So Vakula, of course, would go to her in
guests, and the devil didn’t like Wakula so much, he’s so didn’t want everything to be fine with him
It turned out with Oksana. And he decided to interfere to this.
And why the hell didn’t love so much Wakulu? The fact that Vakula was good
artist, and on the walls of the church he painted different pictures from the bible, including those
paintings where the devil is tormented, fried at the stake, and the devil was very afraid of Wakul because of this. He thought if it would be dark and coldly,
Oksana’s father, Kozak Chub, will not go anywhere, will stay at home and Vakula will not be able to come
to visit Oksana. And now, Kozak Chub, father of Oksana, together with
with their godfather (godfather of Oksana godfather) went outside, they see – it’s dark! Looked at the sky, look up
no month! Chub swears: “Ay-ah-ah! Yes what Well, for evil spirits took a month ?! But how
Now will we find a way to the clerk? Maybe we won’t go anywhere? Thought Chub, and
asked the godfather. And godfather says: “Maybe not let’s go, I don’t know … “And Chub did not want to show up
lazy, much less a coward. And then he said: “No, still, let’s go!” And godfather says: “Let’s go, let’s go.” He was does not matter.
And they went to the clerk through the dark, dark the road, and the beautiful Oksana stayed home
one. Generally in Russia the night before Merry Christmas all the young people and
girls got together and walked caroling!
This is similar to the Halloween tradition in America, they walked
sang songs and danced for people, and people gave them something valuable in return. Before they could give sausages, they could give
a pig, a ram or some sweets, in in general, everything that could come in handy in
the farm. This is called caroling. AND
Oksana was sitting at home and waiting for her friends, to go caroling with them. What is she
did? She looked at herself in the mirror and said: “Oh … What did all the guys find in me?
What is so beautiful about me? Because cheeks these are not very ruddy, and eyebrows are not
black, and in general, I am not beautiful! .. But although not … Well, why not a beauty? Look
how good i am, look what i have hair, what kind of clothes do my father buy!
Still, I’m a beauty! Not in vain for me guys go! “That’s how the girl admired herself, but at that time looked out the window blacksmith of vakula.
He stands, looks and wonders: Well, what kind of girl is this – she stands herself
and praises in front of the mirror! Eh, anyway I love her, I’ll go to visit her! “. I went to
hut (the so-called houses in the village of Dikanka, in Ukraine), went into the hut, greeted her. Oksana embarrassed, she didn’t want Vakula to see her
praises herself, but on the other hand knew that Vakula loved her very much, and
Despite all her whims (whims), he always stays close.
“Why come here?” she asked, and Vakula began to tell her about his feelings.
He sat beside her, told, told … Oksana sits, listens, rejoices, but not
shows this, because she is a proud girl! Then Vakula tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away! “What did you want, eh ?! Ai-ai-ay! Yes, who are you to kiss me! “Oh, how angry Vakula is,
I realized that she did not love him, she only tormented, naughty. And why did she need him
do you need? Pissed off very, very much, and this moment someone knocked on the door. Vakula
came out, opened it and threateningly asked: “Hey, who is it, who brought it?” What the hell was doing at that time? Heck
with the witch were in the sky, but without a month there
very cold and he started dancing from cold, dance to warm up a bit.
Then the witch invited him to her house. she flew into the chimney of her house I looked through the stove into the room,
isn’t her son Vakula at home … Yes, yes, yes! You right witch
called Soloch, and it was the mother of a blacksmith Vacula!
It happens! Well, nobody was home, and she
climbed home from the stove. What was Solokha? She was over 40, she was not very
good, but not at all annoying by herself, and most importantly, she had a character – a song! all
men, all the Cossacks in the village provided her signs of attention, and to everyone she smiled at
answer, but very tricky, because everyone thought she was smiling
only to him alone: ​​and head, and clerk, and Kozak Chub, and some others too! IN
overall a real witch! So, bye Solokha returned home, damn
saw that Chub with godfather still went to the clerk.
The devil did not want this, and decided to return Chub home. He sank into a snowdrift of snow, and
started digging, digging, digging, digging dig, and such a blizzard rose around! (blizzard) There was snow everywhere! Chub and godfather lost
lost your way started to look, where to go? And in the end
went in different directions. And Chub accidentally returned home! I saw my hut and decided: “Oh, come on him! I’ll go home, since turned out! “Knocked home to Oksana
revealed to him and then he hears a man’s voice:
“Who did it bring there?” – said Vakula. “Hm,” Chub thought, “how strange!” I guess I was wrong, and this is not my hut,
probably it’s Cossack Levchenko, his hut is similar to mine. And what is here
does vakula? Got it! Kozak Levchenko has a young wife, and
while he went to the feast to the clerk, Vakula probably came to visit
to his wife! Now I understand everything! But time Vakula is here, then Solokha is alone at home,
I’ll go to visit her! ” Meanwhile, the devil returned to the pipe
to Solokha. Went to visit her. But while he climbed down the pipe
a month flew out of his pocket, and became back to heaven and it became light again and
beautiful, and youth, girls and boys, went caroling.
They took such a star, it’s a symbol Star of bethlehem
a symbol of Christmas, and with it went caroling, singing songs and taking from people
gifts. And finally they came to Oksana her friends and girlfriends. Oksana saw one
a girl in new beautiful chereviks (so called boots), and says:
“What beautiful chereviks you have! How would I I wanted myself like that! Lucky for you, have
you man who you all this buys, happy you! “And Vakula is standing,
listens and says: “Well, what are you, Oksana, tomorrow I will give you the best cherry
I’ll bring it! ” “Ahaha,” she replies, “are you? And where are you?”
you will find chereviks that will be worthy of me to put them on? Did
what, those that the queen wears! “- and laughed. How insulting and painful Vakula became, because
she doesn’t value him at all and doesn’t love him, but he thinks only of her alone … eh … Turned around and
Vakula left, went home, and Oksana after him shouts:
“I promise everyone if Vakula will bring me chereviki that the queen herself wore, I for
I’ll marry him right away! “And what is there to do? And where is Vakula to find chereviki from the queen herself? Upset and went home. And at this time, the devil spoke all sorts of things to Soloha in his ear at Vakula’s house … Solokha listened, laughed, smiled, and
suddenly, at the door and someone knocked! Heck scared, didn’t want anyone to see
his, and hid in a bag! These bags in the house
left Vakul, then wanted to take them to to your forge. In general, the devil hid in
bag, Solokha opened the door, and there the Head (village chief), says: “Oh,
I walked by, and there is such a blizzard, I saw that your light was on, I decided to go in! ”
Solokha gave him a glass of vodka, he drank, just started to say something and at the door
knocked again! He did not want him seen from Solokha, therefore asked
hide it, and Soloch hid it in another bag, and went to open the door, and
there the clerk comes in and says: Hello, dear Solokha!
You know, I was waiting for everyone, but nobody came to me never came, damn blizzard!
But I decided to come to visit you. He began to flirt with Solokha,
and hears, again, someone knocks on the door! But the clerk did not want to be seen by Solokha,
and asked to hide it. And Soloch hid him in a third bag, and went
open, and there Chub came, Oksana’s father. Finally he reached Solokha. Comes in and
let’s joke: “Well, Solokha, tell me who are you hiding from me here? “He only
joked but if he only knew the truth … Only she wanted to treat him with vodka,
how again someone knocks on the door: “Open, mom,
it’s me, Vakula! “Chub did not want Vakula saw him with Solokha, and asked to hide
him, and Solokha hid him in that bag where the Head was already, right on
Chub planted his head. I opened the door and let Vakula go home. And they knock again –
another Cossack came to visit, but to him she had already taken to the street herself, and Vakula sat down
at home and thinks: “and why only me so love this Oksana?
After all, she does not value me at all! How so can? No, we must pull ourselves together, we must
to get together, you need to do something useful because with this love I forgot everything! For example, bags they’ve been at home for several days now,
get them out of here! “. Took the bags in which all these people were lying, and carried them outside,
went to the forge. And so, Vakula is walking along on the street with bags, and sees: all the guys walk, carol, sing songs, have fun, but he used to love doing it too …
But that night he could not think of it. He put heavy bags, and
on the shoulder left only the one in the bag which the devil was already sitting. He was the most
easy. He went to Oksana, said hello. Oksana saw him, and asked: “Hey, Vakula, well, I’ve already got the little cuticles from queens? Ha ha ha! ”
Wakula hurt again and he decided: “No, that’s enough! I’ll go drown in
the river! “and said:” Goodbye, Oksana, that’s enough “fool one’s head for others, deceive others, laugh at others, and I’ll go drown!” And went. Oksana
confused, she did not know what to answer, only the other guys shouted: “Hey, are you, Vakula, crazy?” But Vakula them not listened, and went on. Oksana is a little
thought, but decided that Vakula just joked, and went on caroling with the guys on. And so, Vakula walked to the river,
thought, thought, and decided: no, well, that’s me, in fact, I am a believer! I will not
to kill yourself, and in general, you need something to do it, we must somehow get these cherviks for Oksana! Let me even agree with the devil, but
I will get them! And who knows the hell? We have in the village
one Kozak – Patsyuk, he is a doctor, and he knows for sure all this unclean power
such tricks sometimes shows yyy … I will go to him! – With a bag on his shoulder, in which
sat hell, Vakula went to Patsyuk. He comes to him, there is a huge Cossack,
with a big belly and eats dumplings! And HOW he eats them:
with one glance he takes out a dumpling from a bowl, dips it in sour cream, and a dumpling
is in his mouth without hands! Magic! Vakula thought: “Yes, this Cossack can definitely help me,” and asked he has: “Tell me where to find a trait that
will help me do what I dream about? ” Patsyuk looked at Vakula, and said: If
you need the hell, then go to hell! “. And Vakula answers: “So I came to
you that only you know where the hell to find”.
And Patsyuk says: “Tom does not need far walk, who the hell is behind me! ” But Vakula did not understand what he was talking about,
left the house and thinks … but at that moment the devil jumped out of the bag and was ready
offer Vakule all its services! Tells him: “I, Vakula, your friend! Oksana
today will be ours! I will help you! “. Vakula thought and agreed. Damn happy
because he can get one almost a saint, a man in his
power. Vakula says: “Well, come on sign a contract I heard from you
blood contracts are signed? Wait, I’ll take a nail (a pin) to hurt my hand, ”he turned and grabbed the devil by the tail! He began
break out, scared, realized that Vakula deceived him, but it was too late
Vakula sat on a devil on horseback, and said to him: “Take me to Petersburg to
queen! ”Damn, he realized that he had no choice, and listened to Vakula, and now they
fly high in the sky! But what happened to others at that time?
cavalry Solokha, because they remained lying in bags just in the snow. The girls, Oksana and her friends, saw these bags and decided, “Wow! How much Vakula wore on! You need to pick up these bags and see what
there, because they are huge! “But they realized that cannot lift the bags themselves because
they are very heavy, and left for the sled, on it will be easier for them to take the bags home. At this moment, godfather (remember him? Kum Chuba, who was lost during a snowstorm) stepped out of the shred and saw these bags.
He looks at them and says: “Well wow! This is someone dressed up!
you need to take at least one bag for yourself! ” I tried, but the bag was too heavy
and he asked another Cossack who was there to help him. Took this bag
brought to his house, met them his wife who is very
loved to make fun of, started to open, and the bag stirred! What is that over there? And got out
from there Chub, and after him also the clerk! Well they are of course pretended to be kidding
godfather but when they saw each other everyone understood. Forelock
stands and says: Ah yes Solokha! I thought I’m alone with her, and she … yes, she has in every bag
two people sat … So much for Soloch! “And he went home all in
their thoughts. And another bag
they took the girls, took him home on a sleigh, started to open, and he stirred too,
they screamed ran into the corridor, and in this moment
Chub had just returned home. Comes in and says: “What are you shouting here that you
running around? “And they say:” There’s a bag in the room, and someone is sitting in it! “. Chub came in,
opened the bag and saw that it was sitting there Head. He was shocked, but he also understood everything, and
again said “Ai da Solokha! After the awkward pauses Head went to his home, and Chub
stayed in his hut. Meanwhile, Vakula flew on the line.
At first he was a little scared, but then he got used to it. In the sky he met
different evil spirits: there was a witch, there is a sorcerer, there are some spirits … It was a really fabulous night!
They flew for a long time, but they seemed below lights, it was Petersburg! The whole city
glowed bright bright, there were so many light, and so many big buildings. Heck
landed Vakula got down from him and looks around: there
tall houses, richly dressed people, carriages horses, bridges … Everything is so beautiful, expensive, rich. He felt not in his a plate.
Then he said to hell: “I know that in Petersburg now
Zaporizhzhya Cossacks who passed through our village they should soon
go to the queen. Take me to them, I I will ask them to help me. “And the devil took him to
Cossacks, and asked Vakul Kozakov to take him with him to the queen, and they agreed. And so, he goes in the palace, looks around, and there everything is so beautiful
and he goes and thinks: this will cost so many,
but this is so much! oh my god people live here! How rich they are
what art is here … oh well come they are to Queen Catherine, she went to them
towards and asked: “What do you want, Cossacks? “And Vakula decided that now the most
time to say. And he says: “Oh, great queen, you’re so beautiful! Now if my woman
could wear chereviks as you wear t, it would be a miracle! “. The queen was surprised, but
she liked that simple-mindedness, it made her laugh and she
I decided, why not, I will give This strange Cossack has his own chervets!
and asked to bring her the most expensive Chereviki with gold to give them to Vakula.
Chereviki brought, gave Vakula. Vakula did not believe his happiness! He took the chervilki, and said to the devil who was sitting in his pocket all this time: “Well that’s it,
now carry me home. “And flew back to your village. And in the village has already come
morning, everyone went to church and there began rumors (gossips). Women
came up with different stories about what happened to Vakula, because he was gone. One
said he drowned, the other said no he hanged himself!
And so they stood and argued, what happened to vakula, and what
he died by death. Oksana heard these rumors but did not believe them. But on the other
hand she was sorry that she offended Wakulu.
She could not sleep all night, and only thought about him, because he is so
endured her for a long time, and he still loved her, he still considered her the best, and
no one else related to Oksana. And in the morning she realized that she loves Vakula,
but she also realized that she had him strongly offended, and, possibly, Vakula left the village and
now never comes back. And it is very Oksana was very upset. But by morning
Vakula has already returned home on the dash. How gratitude gave the hell
a few lashes, and let him go. Thus, Vakula was able to deceive the devil, not the devil Wakula! In general, Vakula dressed in the most beautiful
clothes, and went to visit Chub to ask for Oksana’s hands. He came to them,
Chub was surprised: “what is it, Vakula came to me? .. “And Vakula came, and said:” I’m sorry
me for all our disputes, I want our relationship again
have settled became good. “Chub thought a little,
forgave him, and says: “What do you want, Vakula? “And Vakula answered:” Give me back
Marry Oksana! “Chub thought for a moment, вспомнил Солоху, и решил:”Ладно, присылай сватов (matchmakers), будем делать свадьбу!” В этот момент домой
зашла Оксана, она увидела Вакулу и безумно
обрадовалась. Вакула показал ей черевики от царицы, и говорит: “Смотри, я принес
тебе черевики, которые носила, сама царица!” Оксана посмотрела на него, и ответила: “Не нужны мне черевики, мне ты нужен!” И вот так начались их отношения, и скоро уже они
поженились, и стали жить счастливой жизнью, даже ребенок у них родился.
Вот такая история! Надеюсь вам было все понятно, а главное, что вам было интересно!
Вы можете посмотреть мультфильм или советский фильм “Ночь перед Рождеством”,
они оба очень интересные. Это самая настоящая рождественская сказка,
и я надеюсь, что вам она понравилась, а главное, запомнилась. If you liked
это видео, я очень прошу вас обязательно поставить лайк и написать комментарий.
Кстати, у меня для вас еще один сюрприз! Вы видите, что у меня две таких книги
“Ночь перед рождеством”, и я бы хотела эту книгу подарить одному из вас. Что нужно
сделать? Нужно быть обязательно подписаным на мой канал, поставить лайк
этому видео, написать любой комментарий и я прошу вас поделиться этим видео в
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социальной сети, чтобы это видео увидело как можно больше
людей. И среди тех людей, кто оставит комментарий, на следующей неделе я
разыграю эту книгу. Кто-то один сможет получить ее, тот кому повезет. Но я очень
прошу вас все-таки поделиться этим видео, чтобы как можно больше людей
услышало эту волшебную историю, и надеюсь она вам понравилась! Всем огромное
спасибо, увидимся, пока-пока!


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