The Night Before Panto – A Merry Christmas from Oxford Playhouse

’twas the night before Christmas and all
through the Playhouse not a creature was stirring Except for the Bar Staff and
Ticket Office who all work very hard. The Ushers were looking after the audience with care In the hope that Panto soon would be there. The children were nestled snug in their lines All cheering on Jack as the Beanstalk he climbs And Jack in his jerkin and Dame trot in her dress Were about to start a show that’s been
called “Your best panto yet!” And up on their stage there was such glamour It was the baddie Judi hench played by the wonderful Amrou! And the fireworks and stage lights with their mighty glow gave a lustre of Christmas magic to the performance below. More rapid than Eagles, the laughter it came From both children and adults the joy was the same. Now cheering, now booing, now “oh yes she is” and “he’s behind you!” “Encore”, “Bravo, we want more” and “hurrah” and “whoop-de-doo!” And it’s like this all year round when you work at the theatre. Come heck or high water, we bring people together! And fit them all inside thehouse made of play and treat them to shows that make everyone yell “yay!” And 2018 too will be filled with such
dramatic delights (see you there) But for now: Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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