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– [Woman] I need to talk
about this right now. I can’t take this anymore. – Alright, Mom, seriously. We’ve been through this 1000
times already, I’m working now. Do we really have to talk
about this right now? – [Mom] Yeah that’s exactly why we have to do this right now. – I told you, Mom, I’m
gonna be fine, alright? I’m just a watchman now,
that’s it, that’s my career. That’s it. – [Mom] Yeah, well you told me
the same when you were a cop. – Nice, you know, you
really understand me. You really understand me so well. Thanks, Mom. Thanks for
always saying the right thing. That’s brilliant, thank you. – [Mom] I need to talk
about this right now. I can’t take this anymore. – Well, that’s not possible,
because if I keep talking to you all night on the
phone, I’m gonna get fired, so, Mom, I love you, but I gotta go. Goodbye, bye. Bye. (sighs) (phone rings) Hello. – [Man] Hey, rookie, how’s
it going at shit-hole? – Yeah, it’s um, it’s fine for the moment. Everything’s okay. – [Man] Good, listen carefully,
in the last three days, a lot of robberies have been made. Me and my men can’t still
explain when and how. But tonight you’re the only
one man available, right? All calls have been re-routed,
so the phone should be quiet. If you need something, just call me. If there’s an emergency,
call the police station. That’s okay? – Okay. Boss, can I ask a question? I mean, um, why am I here,
and not working security? – [Boss] It’s not the school
policy to hire someone new, when we had so many
robberies in just three days. That’s why, and to be honest,
all my men have a past in the police or military forces
and so-on, so do not leave. I’ll be there to relieve
you when your shift is over. Any other questions, rookie? – No, I’m okay. That’s fine. Thanks. (moody electronic music) (light buzzes) (light buzzes) (phone rings) – [Woman] Help me, I’m trapped. The pain will stop now. They are all dead, they are all dead. Help–
(engaged tone) – Shit. Shit! Fuck. (phone rings) – [Boss] Yeah? – Yeah, it’s Jack, listen,
I’ve just received a call here. And a possible 10-54. You told me the calls
were re-routed anyway, but I just received this
call here now, so I mean… – [Boss] Okay, okay. Were you able to obtain any information? – No, no, the line was disconnected. (phone buzzes) Hello? – [Boss] Rookie? I’ve documented the call, and I’ll confirm on my end that the line from where you’re calling
has been re-routed. If there’s any issues, I’ll let you know. – Yeah, okay. Alright. Thanks. (knocks) (“Piano Sonata No. 14”
by Ludwig Van Beethoven) Cheers, Audrey. Here’s to a long night. (chuckles) (groans) (coughs) (groans) (coughs) (coughs) Jesus. (shutter clangs) Fuck. (girl giggles) Alright, hey, go the fuck away, alright? Fucking go away! Jesus. Hey! Hey, how’d you get in here? Hey. Alright, don’t move,
I’m calling the police. Scary shit. Son of a bitch. Hey, how’d you, who are you? How’d you get in here? Hey! Right, well, you can explain
to them when they get here. You shouldn’t even be he… No, no. (groans) What is going on here? Shit, shit! (wood clatters and scrapes) (woman roars) (water runs) (thuds) Again? Jesus, what is wrong with this place? Alright, that’s enough now. I think we’ve had enough games for once, thank you very much. Oh, jeez. (coughs) Oh, fuck, that stinks. (sighs) (thuds)
What the fuck is that smell? What now? (coughs) (dissonant piano keys) (chaotic piano keys) (sighs) (loud crackles) Oh, okay. (phone rings) Hello. – [Woman] Please, I need to get out. – Hey, hey, wait, you
called earlier, didn’t you? What’s your name?
– Emma. – Emma, alright, Emma. Emma, where are you? – [Emma] I was brought to a farm. – A farm? Alright, listen,
do you know the address? – [Emma] He’s coming. – Okay, quickly tell me,
just give me any information. Can you see anything? Is there anything you can tell
me that people can find you? – [Emma] I don’t know, I hear cows. – Cows? Okay, look, is there anything else? – I must go.
– Emma, wait, Emma, Emma. (engaged tone)
Emma! Damnit! (phone rings) Emma. – [Woman] Hey, maybe I dialed
the wrong number, I’m Nancy. Is the School of Music there? – Yes, uh, I’m sorry, I’m Jack. I’m expecting you to come when
my shift is finished later. – [Nancy] I just wanna
tell you that I’m late. I thought I’d be there
sooner, but I’m dealing with quite a mess here. – Oh, okay, uh… So it’s gonna be more
around about seven, maybe? – [Nancy] Yeah, you know,
I’m not sure, maybe sooner, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll
call you back if things change. – Sure, okay, um, that’s fine. Thank you, Nancy.
(engaged tone) (phone rings) – [Boss] Yeah, rookie,
what’s going on now? – Yeah, I’m still receiving calls. – [Boss] Oh, shit, I
told you that all calls are being re-routed. – I know you told me that before but I’m still receiving the same call. A woman, she’s called twice now and she’s saying person name’s Emma. She’s in danger. I don’t know, she just
doesn’t tell me anything. There’s not much information I can get. – [Boss] Okay, did you get her last name? – No, I didn’t. But she said she’s on a farm. She can hear cows. – [Boss] Okay but that’s really strange because she’s not calling
the police station, but she’s calling the school directly. Okay, listen, I’ll call the
police station through the school and let’s see what
they say about it, okay? – Okay. Well, what do I do if
she calls again, then? – [Boss] (laughs) Well, tell
her to call the police station. – Oh, yeah, yeah. I didn’t think of that, of course, sure. Alright, thanks. (clunks) (clunks) (clunks) (clunks) (distorted heavy breaths) Hey, this is Jack, who’s that? (distorted heavy breaths) Hey, hey, hey! Show me your hands, hey. Hey, miss, you can’t be in here, hey. Hey, what are you doing?
You can’t be in here. Hey, show me your hands! I said show me your hands, now! Hey, miss, put that down. Hey, put that stuff, you’re
not supposed to be in here. Hey, get off, get off of me! (taser buzzes)
(woman groans) Jesus. (sighs) (clunks) Alright, miss, you stay there, don’t move. Hey! Hey! Open the door, this is private property! Who the fuck are you people? Open the fucking door, now! Miss, miss, stay there,
don’t fucking move. – [Woman] I’m not ready. – [Jack] Ah, Jesus. – [Woman] Help me! (distorted heavy breaths) – [Jack] What the fuck is it? Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit, oh, shit. (girl coughs) (flashlight clatters) – [Woman] Are you scared? – Alright, miss, just
give me the flashlight. I’m armed, alright? Just give me the flashlight now. Who’s in here? Who’s in here? Answer me! (door rattles) Let me out, please, open the door! Hey, open the door! Who are you? Who’s got my flashlight? I must remain calm in the face of danger. I must remain calm in the face of danger. I must remain calm in the face of danger. (flashlight clatters) I don’t understand. She was here. No. (lights buzz) She was… She was here. (phone rings) – [Boss] This is Mike Champ,
please leave a message. – Hi, boss, yeah, this is Jack. I just wanted to say, uh, well, what I wanted to mention… Uh, thank you for the
opportunity, thank you. I really appreciate it. Thanks. (sighs) (moody electronic music) (suspenseful orchestral music) (somber orchestral music) Okay. (chuckles) (laughs) (somber orchestral music) – You’re not ashamed of what you did. You’re ashamed of paying taxes, taking care of your kids, wife. You did what you did because
you think it’s right. You ever hit a girl right in
the face with a baseball bat? It didn’t even look like people anymore. Face wall and teeth knocked
out inside her forehead. You got excited. You fell on your knees. You’re not ashamed. You’ll be punished for your sins. There was so much blood
splashing around in there. You once stabbed a girl
who sounded like a cow. I like you. I will come back for you and all you love. (static hisses) (phone rings) – Yes?
– Help! – Emma, Emma–
– He’s gonna kill me. – Emma, is that you? Listen.
– He’s a killer. – Okay, okay, who’s gonna kill you? – The man.
– What man? – [Emma] You’ve got to help me. – Emma, look, I can’t
help you from here, okay? I need you to call the police station. Can you do that for me? – [Emma] You won’t stop. – What? – [Emma] You like it. (laughs) – Emma, please, what’s your last name? – [Emma] Sexton. – Okay, how old are you? – [Emma] 18. – Okay, Emma, I don’t have
the ability from here to track your call, so I really need
you to call a police station. – Wait, he’s coming.
– Okay, look, stay calm, okay? Just listen to me, are
you listening to my voice? – Yes.
– Okay. I need you to go somewhere, I
need you to go somewhere safe. Find somewhere safe and you
call the police station. – [Emma] I can’t, the redial
is all that’s working! – Look, Emma, just carefully listen to me. You need to hide somewhere, find a weapon. Run, when you get the
opportunity, just run, alright? Run as soon as you can,
as fast as you can. – [Emma] Please, help me! – Look, I’m gonna promise, I’ll
stay on the phone with you. Just help me find you. (engaged tone) (phone rings) – Jack?
– Yeah? – [Mike] I got your message, what’s wrong? – I got her last name,
it’s Sexton, Emma Sexton. She’s 18-years-old. She can’t dial any numbers from her phone, she can only redial. She says there’s a man trying to kill her. – [Mike] Okay, is that it? – Yeah, I think so. – [Mike] Okay, I call the police station. I have a friend working there. Talk later.
– Alright, okay. Thank you, thanks, bye. (jaunty whistling) (sharp whistles) (loud crackles) Oh, no, come on! No, it’s enough! Okay, you the rookie, well done. Alright, good, funny, ha-ha. Funny, fucking ha-ha! Fuck, come on! It’s enough! Where the fuck are you,
then, where are you? (shutter clangs) Fucking kill you assholes,
I’m gonna fucking kill you! Who’s there? – [Nancy] It’s me, Nancy. – So. – What? – Is it just you here or
are there others as well? – No, it’s just me. – Really? ‘Cause it’s really fucking mature. – I’m sorry, I’m not following you. – Do you do this to all the new rookies? All the new people that
come in, you put through this little fun house
little joke of yours? Is that what you do? – I don’t think that we
are on the same page. I came over here just to check on you. – Wait, you’re not fucking with me, then? – No, I swear. – Are you sure? You’re not fucking with me, seriously? – No, I swear. – Okay. – So, first night? – Yeah. How’d you know? – I just tried to guess. – You came to check on me and
you’ve checked on me and so, I have to go and do some things. You can go. I’m busy. (Nancy chuckles) – Yes, you seem very busy. Wait, was that a smile? – What’s your story? – Excuse me? – Well someone sent you to come
and check on me didn’t they? – Mm, no. – Oh, well. I could use the company, I suppose. – Rough night? – Yeah. Yeah, you could say that. – That’s terrible, what happened? – Let’s see, uh… Well, it’s a long story. – A ghost story? (laughs) – No, that’s not funny. – It’s kind of funny. – Okay. Yeah, you win, then. – Listen, I have to go. – No, it’s alright, no, you can stay. Look, I didn’t mean what
I said before, it’s fine. No, just, you know, stay. – No, I can’t. Trust me, I really have to go. If you need something
at all, just call me. Assassin. – What did you say? – I’ll see you around, killer. (child cries) (distorted beats)
(whispers in foreign language) – [Woman] Get me out of here, please! Please, open the door, please! – Calm down, calm down. What’s wrong? – [Woman] Let me out! Please, let me out. Please, please. Let me out. Please! – You’re not real. (woman sighs) – [Woman] Don’t leave me
here, don’t leave me here. Please. – Oh, no, no, no! (moody electronic music) (distorted clunks)
(distorted pants) (woman screams) (phone rings) – [Mike] Yes. – Boss, um– – [Mike] Why the fuck
are you calling me again? – I think I’m seeing things. – [Mike] What? – I don’t know if I can finish this shift. – [Mike] If you can’t handle
one hour and a half at school, then I think that you picked
the wrong line of work. So, should I fire you, or should I expect you to
finish this fucking shift? – Alright, I’ll finish the shift, alright. I’ll finish the shift, it’s fine. – [Mike] Good. Don’t call me again until
I have news from my friend at the police station
about the girl, alright? – Yeah, okay, alright. (engaged tone) (sighs) (phone rings) – I escaped.
– Emma? – [Emma] I escaped! – You escaped? – [Emma] I’m running! – Okay, that’s good, that’s good. What’s around you? – [Emma] Hut. – Okay, good, good, what else, what else? – [Emma] There is a sign. – Okay, okay, okay, what does it say? What does it say? – [Emma] Just a road. – Perfect! Alright, is anybody
following you right now? – [Emma] I don’t know, I think so. – Okay, just hang tight. Hang there, hang tight. – [Emma] Don’t go. (pants) Don’t go.
– No, I’m not, I’m not. I’m just gonna call the police
station on my cellphone okay? I’m gonna give your
location to the police. They’ll be over to you ASAP, okay? – [Emma] Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry! – Hey, are you there? – [Emma] He’s getting close,
I’m gonna die, I know it! – No, you’re not, you’re not, you’re not. – [Emma] I don’t want to die. – You’re not gonna die, okay? Emma, is anything around
you you can use as a weapon? Anything. – [Emma] He’s right next to me. – I’m here, Emma, I’m here! I’m here!
(engaged tone) (phone rings) – [Mike] Rookie? – Hey, hey, hey, she called
again, she’s in danger. We need to help her for Christ’s sake. – [Mike] Calm down, now, I
talked with the police station. – Alright, I’ve got her location now. We can send someone there. – [Mike] Look, you shut
up, she’s fucking dead! – Look, I just got off the phone with her. – [Mike] (sighs) No,
she’s been dead for years. She was killed brutally,
no one found any clue and the killer is still free. Her body was found bruised beaten to death with a baseball bat. – Mm, I don’t understand, no,
I was just talking to her now. – [Mike] Look, the murder was committed in that school years ago. The building was rebuilt,
so there’s a chance that maybe someone is playing a sick joke. I didn’t know about it,
honestly, before tonight. Tonight, you know, is the anniversary. I don’t believe in these
kind of things, but… (moody electronic music) – Alright, okay, okay. Thank you, bye, bye. (phone vibrates) Mom? – [Mom] Honey. – Mom, sorry. I did it for him. – [Mom] So why are you trying to leave? Your father was a good cop,
I expect you to do the same. – I’m sorry. I’m just too scared. I don’t know what I’m
doing, I’m going mad. Mom, I’m going mad. (mom laughs) Mom. Mom! (woman laughs) (dramatic chord)
(woman laughs) (moody electronic music) – Did you realize how
lucky you are to be here? – How do I know this is even happening? – Do you see my gun? – How do I know that gun is even real? How do I know I’m not talking to a wall? That I haven’t gone crazy? – [Woman] I could pull the
trigger so you could find out. You were devoted to someone you loved. You would have done
anything for your father, even cover his murder, cover
what happened that night in this place, five years ago. Your murder, as it was. Do you really believe
that leaving the police could clean your sins forever? Do you think that you are
here for a coincidence? I lost my life, now your
father will lose his son, and I’ll have my revenge in hell. I can’t forgive him
because he’s out his mind imprisoned in the shitty asylum. But you? You could stop him. You were pointing the gun on him. But, you didn’t. (laughs) – No, don’t! Shit!
(gun fires) Shit, shit! (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) Yes.
– They know where I am. – Who the fuck is this?
– Emma. (sobs) – Emma’s dead.
(Emma sobs) (Emma laughs) (woman pants) – [Ghostly Voice] Help me. (overlapping whispers in foreign language) (dark atmospheric music) – Let me out, God-damnit! Let me out, now! (groans) (overlapping whispers in foreign language) – [Ghostly Voice] I’m watching you. – Let me out, now, come on! Oh, you fuckers! You fuckers! – [Ghostly Voice] Go away. Go away. – Fuck you! Fuck you all. Let me out, fuck you!
– Leave here. – Let me out, now! (phone vibrates) (phone vibrates) Mom? – [Mom] Honey? – I’m sorry, Mom. I did it for him. – [Mom] So why are you trying to leave? Your father was a good cop,
I expect you to do the same. – I’m sorry, Mom. I’m scared. I don’t know what’s real
anymore, I think I’m going mad. (mom laughs) (overlapping whispers)
(dark atmospheric tones) (sobs) No. (sobs) Leave me. Go away. You’re not real! No! No. (sobs) No! You’re not real, no. (groans) No. Get off. (groans) No! (grunts) No! (groans) (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun fires) (moody electronic music) Listen, I have to work, okay? And if I keep talking to you
all night, I’m gonna get fired. Alright? I love you, goodbye.
– That’s good. (laughs) (moody atmospheric music) – Krishna, Hare Krishna. Krishna Hare, Hare Krishna. (chatter in foreign language) Does she still do the same thing? I knew she was gonna do the same thing. (chatter in foreign language) (Emma screams) (chatter in foreign language)
(laughs) (chatter in foreign language) Hey, hey! Who are you? This is private property, hey! Right, you’ve gotta open
this door right fucking now. (distorted heavy breaths) Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Shit. Alright, ma’am, stay on the ground. Ma’am, stay on that ground. (woman coughs) (laughs) That’s so fucking creepy. (chatter in foreign language) (chatter in foreign language) Let me out! (chatter in foreign language) (laughs) (moody electronic music)

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