The Noongar Shakespeare Project | Yirra Yaakin

“nidja baal kwobida wa, djinanginy
djinang wilki-kwopitj, kwop-boort mirnitj
winyarn” “mirnitj-moort, wilki mirliny wa
djaaliny-waangk, morn-mirnitj” “moorditj. Kaya”. Nguny kwerl, Kyle Morrison
I’m the artistic director of Yirra Yaakin Theatre company and also a Sonneteer. We first developed these sonnets to be a part of the London’s Cultural Olympiad. Now we are working to build a team of Noongar Sonneteers to help teach Noongar culture through the dynamic form of language. “birok kedela
ngany kaaditj noonar? noonang kwopitj wa, djoorap kedela.” “warra maam-maarrang, baminy” “boorn djilba djinang, birok woort koorl
baal ngoorndiny wa” I’m very happy to be learning my
language makes it me feel like a whole
person. “baal ngoorndiny wa” “worl miyal karlawoorliny bilawiny” We can use art, something that we
all love as a special vehicle for us to
be able to reawaken a lot of the vocabulary that has been dormant for a
while “boordawan ngaank-ngoorndiny” “kwopitj noonar” “baranginy baal, noonar kwop-maadjidil” to perform many sort of insights and thoughts and
opportunities and experiences that I
just would not otherwise receive or be a part of it. “kwop kwerl-boort, woorta-koorl, baal-boolyaka, baal woonartj” It’s been an awesome journey and
now looking towards the future to hear out of our young people’s mouths as we
build up towards a full stage production Kaya ngala djerabiny nidja Shakespeare Nyungar waangkiny (We are excited to be speaking Shakespeare in Nyungar)

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