The One Who Sings theatre show teaser November 2019

My fans can expect to find out a lot of things that they didn’t know about me during this show The show is a real deep dive into my life and into my story but also against the backdrop of our story, our collective South African story. They can expect to see Zolani acting “We waited all day long with our favorite TV shows keeping us company (Sung) Beat-a-body-beat-bo .. …. …. Good Morning South Africa! Until the evening .. u- McGyver (sings McGyver theme song) The show that I’m doing is a one-woman show so it’s a full hour of me Really laying my my insides out… so to speak And just really letting people have a look in. You know, I’ve been a public figure now for the past 17 years and I’m at a place in my career where I feel like I’m ready to just let all the walls down and just Let people experience the real me. (Acting) “My first day at UCT Drama school…. I met this guy He was a ginger I’m not sure exactly what it was that drew me to him But whatever it was, we just spent hours telling each other stories from our lives He told me that he’d lost his mother So we had that in common (Sings protest song ) “and … as if drawn by a magnet I am up off the stoep, I am across the yard. I’m outside the gate and in that mass of bodies singing!!” (sings protest song in child voice” ” In the morning … at four o clock … we are going to free Mandela!” This play is called The One Who Sings and it’s called The One Who Sings because a lot of the time a lot of people don’t know necessarily my name so they might call me Thandiswa or Simphiwe or Freshlyground, Do Be Do or Waka Waka and oftentimes when they don’t know exactly what to call me, they’ll say “ngulo uculayo mani! ngulo uculayo!” – It’s the one who sings! So I have taken that on as my name The show is on at the Baxter theater in Cape Town from the 19th through 23rd of November and you can get your tickets at webtickets. Just look for Zolani Mahola The One Who Sings.

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