The One With Galen Hall Thinking Straight –

James Hartigan: First place at the 2011 PCA
paid 2.3 million dollars. The last 2 players standing were the aggressive Chris Oliver
and the equally competitive Galen Hall. It resulted in this memorable match up.
James: Galen Hall on the button, has posted the small blind and is first to speak. Looks
down at 8-4 off suit. William: You can widen your range heads up
and raise almost any 2 cards, profitably, from the button. James: He’s made it 450,000. Oliver has ace-deuce
in the big blind. He’ll make the call and we will see a flop. The flop is 3-5-deuce, it’s an up and down
straight draw for Hall. Oliver still leads with a pair of 2s and a gut shot straight
draw. William: This is a good flop for Hall to continuation
bet. James: Oliver is checked to him. Hall makes
a c-bet of 575,000. William: Oliver won’t be going anywhere. James: Makes the call. The turn is the 2 of
hearts. Trip 2s now for Oliver. Hall still has the straight draw. Oliver checks a second
time. William: He checks the best turn card in the
deck so Hall can fire again. James: But Hall checks behind. Hall makes
a straight on the river but Oliver has a full house! William: The absolute worst card in the deck
for Hall as he makes a wheel. How much money is he going to lose is the real question? James: Oliver sets the trap, he checks to
him. William: What a trap indeed, he’s just praying
his opponent has a 4, as he does. James: Hall makes a value bet with his straight
of 2 million. William: That is a full pot-sized bet, now
it’s going to be back on Oliver. He is contemplating exactly how much he can check raise. Galen
Hall has 9 and a half million chips behind, there are 4 million chips in the pot. James: Chris Oliver shoves on Galen Hall.
He’s trying to end it here. William: As wild as Oliver is, it’s still
highly unlikely he ever shows up with the stone cold bluff. If Oliver was bluffing,
he could have made a standard check raise, rather than the all-in.
James: Can Galen Hall get away from this? William: Only if he dismisses the idea of
Oliver turning missed diamonds or a pair into a bluff and interprets his all-in over bet
as a pure value bet to end it all. James: Oliver praying for a call.
[Player talk] William: Large, it’s twice the pot. James: If Galen Hall calls here with his straight,
the tournament is over and Chris Oliver has won the 2011 PCA.
William: Oliver’s image is telling Hall to call-call-call. James: But something in his gut is telling
him it doesn’t add up, it’s not right. And he makes the lay down! Galen Hall gets away from the straight. That
is an amazing fold! William: Since he realised he was chopping
the pot at best, he caught his losses and made a spectacular fold. James: If that’s the best fold you’ve ever
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