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Welcome to Cinema Summary, ladies and gentlemen. Today’s movie
is a ghost story that’s unlike any other. Close the curtains, and turn off the lights. This is The Others. The movie takes place in a lovely home in Jersey, Britain (not New Jersey) In it a woman, Grace Stewart, screams herself awake and is then relieved to find that her nightmare is over. The real nightmare is how messy the whole
place is and sure enough 3 people apply to work as servants Bertha Mills (right), Edmund Tuttle the Gardener (left), and Lydia who can’t talk (middle) They’re replacements for her old servants
who mysteriously left without even taking their pay. After that she lays down some rules Doors need to be locked if new doors are going to be opened Noise should be kept at minimum, no radios,
tellies, or piano playing since Grace gets migraines and there is no electricity, just kerosene
lamps. As Grace leads them to her children’s room she has her new hired helpers close curtains
throughout the house. The atmosphere is spooky, dark, and eerie. when she introduces them to her children: Nicholas and Anne While Lydia prepares the kids breakfast, Grace
takes Bertha aside and explains to her that the children are extremely sensitive to light so much that they could have a deadly reaction if exposed to sunlight. During breakfast the two kids bicker and argue with each other: how the toast is terrible, how they miss their old nannies and Nicholas wonders if their dad is coming back Before it gets out of hand, Bertha gets them
to stop talking about it but Anne hints at something bad that happened, when their
old servants left. Mom went a bit mad. An angry Nicolas is quick to deny this but
they shut up as Grace enters, having another private talk with Betha. The Postman should have delivered the mail. But he didn’t. He hadn’t even picked up the letters she sent so how did Bertha and her colleagues find out about this place? Bertha confesses that they were just stopping
by, big houses need lots of maids after all and they also used to work at the house. Before Bertha leaves Grace tells Bertha that she shouldn’t believe everything the kids say when she returns to her kitchens she
ominously hears Anne say “It did happen”. for Grace, Christianity is a big thing as is telling the truth since according to Grace, liars go to limbo something that scares Nicholas but not Anne when ordered to study alone, Nicholas tells Grace that he’s scared of ghosts Grace brushes off Nicolas’s concerns, sending
Anne off to study in the piano room. while he stays The two kids study while Grace talks with
Bertha. She asks if Lydia was born mute. to which Bertha tells Grace that Lydia wasn’t born
mute and leaves. before Grace hears Nicolas crying. She rushes into the room only to find Nicolas
reading he wasn’t crying, and if he wasn’t crying then. *Gasp* Anne! She rushes to Anne as she studies in the music
room. Anne says she wasn’t crying either, it was
that boy Victor. Anne tried to get him to leave her alone,
but he wouldn’t stop crying. She doesn’t really like Victor, telling Grace that Victor doesn’t like the house, and that his dad is a pianist. Anne claims that Victor’s father is having a showing
of the house and Victor left through that door, a door that should be locked. Grace chews out Bertha and Lydia, asking them
if they left the door unlocked. Bertha tells Grace that Lydia doesn’t have
a key and that Grace had already seen Bertha in the hall Grace bites back in defense, she’d never
leave it unlocked! She cares too much for her kids. Not that anyone said that she didn’t in the middle of the night Anne wakes up Nicolas. The curtain is open! Anne insist that Victor did it and tries to prove that Victor is real by telling him to stop hiding. Nicolas is too spooked to look, so Anne takes
matters into her own hands. We don’t see anyone else, and it looks like
Anne is pranking Nicolas until she tells Victor to touch Nicolas’s cheek. suddenly a hand comes down Nicolas’s scream wakes up Grace, who rushes
in to their room. Lashing out at Anne who is quick to say it
wasn’t her fault. So, Anne is punished for lying and tricking
Nicolas, setting up an argument between mother and daughter. Grace doesn’t believe Anne’s story about
Victor so Grace talks about Limbo and how children who lie are sent there. Anne firmly rejects this: since Anne was baptized,
she can’t go to Limbo. Even Grace is impressed by this. so Anne is punished again to recite the Bible. for talking back and lying Grace complains to Bertha about Lydia and her running around Lydia doesn’t need to do that, and it’s beginning to sound like 3 people are
up there. Bertha takes that as her cue to leave. Left by herself, Grace hears a noise again, it sounds
like running feet and something heavy moved around. Cross at Lydia for being obnoxiously loud,
she leaves but is surprised when she sees Bertha and Lydia are outside Then who is up there? Grace asks Anne if she heard the noise, who
says she didn’t, but Grace hears it again. Asking Anne one more time, the girl reluctantly
points to a room. A room that should have no lights on, Grace
checks out the room: full of covered belongings and junk, the only thing she can hear are
her footsteps until she hears whispers. Voices are audibly heard. Freaking out she tears off the sheets until
she spots a door closing in the reflection. Rushing out she only finds Anne, who tells
her that 3 people left. They claim that they now owned the house and
that they would tear down the curtains. Grace has a frantic conversation with Bertha,
telling her how she heard a boy and 2 women talking together who she couldn’t even
see. Anne shows her a drawing of the people she
saw: a dad, a mom, Victor, and a old woman. She numbers them by how many times she’s seen them. and she’s seen the old woman the most, an old
woman that Victor believes is a witch. Grace brings out the shotgun, going around
the house along with the others to find the intruders to no avail. In the junk room, Grace finds a 19th-century
so-called “book of the dead”, a photo album of mourning portrait photos of deceased family
members, with some missing pages. The reason for the book according to Bertha,
is that the spirits of the dead would be restful and sent off if they had their death photo
taken. Much to Grace’s skepticism. That quiet night, Grace and Bertha talk, when
the conversation turns to Bertha’s work experience in the house. Bertha explains that she quit, much like many
others due to an outbreak of tuberculosis. A time that may or may not have made Lydia
mute. Their conversation done, Grace enters the
children’s room, asking Anne for forgiveness. and before she leaves, Nicolas asks when Dad will
be back to which she can only reassure him that one day he will be back. That night, Grace witnesses a piano playing
itself and becomes convinced that the house may be haunted. The next day, Grace runs outside in search of the local priest to bless the house. Before leaving, Grace instructs Tuttle to
check a small nearby cemetery to see if there was a family buried there who had a little
boy named Victor. At Bertha’s behest, Tuttle covers the gravestones
with autumn leaves, who comments that Grace thinks the house is haunted and the two seem
to know more than they’re letting on. While going to see the priest, Grace runs
into her husband Charles, who she thought had been killed in the war. She takes him back home where Charles greets
his children, but he doesn’t come down for dinner. There an argument breaks out between Anna
and Grace over the mysterious intruders. Anne tears up, going to the kitchen, where
Bertha tells Anne that Bertha also sees the intruders. Hinting that there are going to be changes
around the house. That night in the garden shed where Tuttle
lives, the servants speak vaguely about knowing who the intruders are, and how Grace forgot something
about her own family Later on, Anne tries on a white gown with
help from her mother, who goes back to check on Charles. The man is silent, so Grace returns to find
Anne playing with a puppet except it isn’t Anne. Grace is shocked to see an old women wearing
the dress. What have you done with my daughter!? The woman speaks with her daughters voice. Insisting that Grace is confused. mad even. Grace attacks her, furiously asking what happened
to Anne. When the veil is torn, Grace sees that it
was Anne beneath it. Much to her shock. Anne runs away to Charles who later asks Grace what happened ‘That
Day’. Grace claims that she does not know exactly
what he’s talking about but recalls that the servants left without giving notice and
without her husband there, she could not leave the house. Meanwhile, Anne tells Nicholas that Grace
went mad in the same way that she did ‘That Day’ but Nicholas still denies that ever happening. Back with Grace, she claims she would never
hurt her children. When Charles interjects that he must leave
for the front, even though Grace claims that the war is over. Charles cries when Grace tells him that she thinks that he wanted to leave her, and the two embrace, laying motionless together in bed. The next morning he is gone again. The children wake up screaming as all the
curtains have disappeared. Grace moves the children into a room and blocks
out the light. She accuses the servants of removing the curtains
and banishes them at gunpoint. After leaving, an annoyed Bertha asks Tuttle
to uncover the gravestones. That night, as Grace searches for the curtains,
the children sneak outside and Anne discovers a graveyard and realizes that these are the
servants’ graves from years past. At the same time, Grace finds a torn out photograph
from the photo album of portraits of the dead, and is horrified to see her 3 servants there. The servants appear and try to speak to the
children, who retreat. Grace rescues the children and tries to stop
the servants with the shotgun, but it does nothing.. After rushing inside, Grace locks out the
servants and tells the children to hide upstairs in the bedroom. From outside, Bertha reveals that the three
servants died of tuberculosis more than 50 years ago and that the living and the dead
should learn to live together. Upstairs the old woman finds the children, who scream in terror and leads Grace to rush upstairs Guys. Stick with me, because things are going to get weird, really fast starting with the fact that the old woman that found Nicholas and Anne is the same woman that Anne drew a picture of and that Victor thought was a witch Grace discovers that the old woman, described
by Anne as an intruder, is in fact acting as a medium in a séance with Victor’s parents. The medium asks what happened to Anne and
Nicholas. The children’s answers are written down by
the medium and read out by a man. It is revealed that Grace smothered the children
to death with a pillow on the day she “went mad”. Get it? The kids are dead, they’ve been ghosts this whole time and they were killed by their own mom and this isn’t even the weirdest thing The children scream that they are not dead and Grace, in denial, shakes the séance table and rips the medium’s papers. but Victor’s family sees only the table shaking
and the papers being ripped The cherry on top is that Grace is also a ghost. This isn’t a ghost story about the living being haunted
by the ghosts, This is a ghost story where the ghosts are being haunted by the living! Grace, now realizing herself as being the spirit which the séance tried to contact, remembers what happened “That Day” after her husband went off to fight in the war and never came back, she was left alone with the kids, and lost her mind. She killed them and after that she shot herself with the shotgun. Later, when she “awoke” after killing her
kids, who were ‘alive’ (actually ghosts), she assumed God had given her family a second
chance at life. The children, no longer photosensitive , can enjoy now
that they know they’re ghosts can enjoy playing in the sunlight. and although the property is again put up for sale, Grace and the children continue to inhabit the house. Waiting until the next family comes to live
with them. Thank you so much for watching, ladies and gentlemen! If you enjoyed it, leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated on our latest uploads. Until next time! I got to get out of here because it’s feeling a little bit spooky here!


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