The Return of Lilly D – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #40 – The Haunting Hour

Oh Man it’s just a doll. I thought it was a real girl me too Wicked This watch this Chill out kids just a doll Still not right Percy wait OE drop her off Todd’s roof You kill her kid you can’t kill a doll still please Look like it’s okay We’re not gonna drop her off a roof who says Me you want it really no way shut up Mike. I found it. I’m in shut up Who cares take it thanks Whoa I Didn’t hear you come in She’s a new friend She’s sweet some boys foundering David Seely, but first they tortured her a torture victim, huh? Well that wasn’t very nice of them. I know it was terrible but We’ll be nice I’ve never seen a doll like this. I’ve seen him on TV. It’s a really you know oh Yeah, custom made by really you for Lily D Lily D. That must be her name lady At least it’s snuff straight dog or a litter of mice Oh Remember the mice Natalie if I’m not that good home after some vet bills and some stains we may never get out Frankie’s not gonna make any stains She’s not gonna be any trouble at all Are you ready? After I get you clean Graham’s gonna fix your arm Maybe I’ll do not designate goodwill and thinking you a new outfit Now don’t squirm, but I have to get every little part in it clean oh Gee look at those boys did So me why would anybody wanna be some new teen Dating damn it. I think there’s a part missing I Couldn’t bolt it together, but I thought it would hold very long You’re really you company has it all Hospital I’ve seen on TV I Know it’s probably expensive, but I’ll save up all my money. I’ll sell lemonade I Tell you what I’ll try and scrape up the money to give proper medical attention to Lilly D And you’ll sell lemonade and pay me back I mean I mean good morning my babies I Hope you slept better than I did tossing and turning Turning and tossing that’s me just get you ahead Something has changed my children. Can you feel it? Something has changed could it be a miracle Oh Gamblin You must be Natalie Yeah We’re glad you could join us for dinner, so you’re the one who fixed her arm. Yes, I’m also the one who made her That’s my workbench. You didn’t need to bother No bother at all No extra charge good A founder she was all be that mm-hmm I fixed the doll’s arm, but it was you returns love that fixed the dolls heart The doll has a heart Yes And the soul as well There was a time when Lily D. Wasn’t content to be at all Is that right yes, sir she was a regular Hellraiser excuse my French vicious little thing But she’s content now she’s she’s at peace. She’s happy to be a doll Lucky for us Yes, I can see that you do Be alert If she misbehaves Call me. No not only is a good girl I Meant the dolt You poor thing must have fired from your nest Luckily to the good I found the baby bird isn’t she just the most adorable little creature Okay, the nursery and be here mama Now you just stay right here Believe you will look after you. I’m gonna go tell grandpa You’re not just are you led good, I knew you wouldn’t be here good girl What happened I don’t know some stuff off bookcase. Oh, I don’t know I was asleep Are you okay? I? Think she’s okay. No. That’s just strange things don’t fall down by themselves. How did the doll get on the floor? She was in bed asleep. Maybe when they jumped she fell off. I don’t know Got you fluttering your eyes at me, I like that color better, don’t you I can see you you’re flashing your eyes at me No, no don’t be silly, but the child’s love has calmed the doll Okay, I’ll look after you may be just fine. You’re maybe that’s what you are What is it you can come to a gray back I Was chatting with mrs.. Alvarez next door and I mentioned your bird And she was kind enough to give us this cage from her garage. It’s perfect So somehow this fishbowl fell out the window under the dollmaker lady No must have the fishbowl was in this room, and you and your granddaughter were downstairs Yes, I told you it was the fishbowl on the windowsill Not usually only was the fishbowl in the windowsill. I don’t think so no is there anyone else in the house mm-hmm just tea It’s a doll Well let’s see what the old lady says when she regains consciousness if you don’t mind, I’ll hold on to this Thank you, sweetheart you give that saw sister – Are you okay, sweetie The lady will be okay No, they’ll fix her up at the hospital. Just like she fixed up your dog Which free ones? Where is Lily deed? She’s upstairs Waiting No, she’s in it since when no man that don’t we have said, but now it used to be bad. Oh She was just being here fanciful. Can you just please get rid of it? Of course again if it’s upsetting you look at it. We can put it in the trash Grandpa Can’t find it grandpa, and you’re sure you didn’t leave the doll someplace else. I know I didn’t Well, I’ve looked in my room as best I can Pick up your things, let’s get some sleep the dog will turn up. That’s what I’m afraid of Oh Natalie what is it? Where are you grabbed you tried to drown the baby bird Is the doll in there no, I don’t know where it is How did the lift get downstairs It must have taking it downstairs Where’s my other chair I moved it It’s so evil how goes in the lift up Natalie a dog can’t come to life this one? Did I know it grandpa? Little futurism gnarly wait Okay Black stairs, it’s gonna be sorry Natalie, No I worked you You

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