The RSC Diaries: The Lowry, Salford!

V/O: Friday 4th of October and we’re at the Lowry! We’re going through a corridor then through a door – it’s quite dark now – through
another door and we’re in the wings! We go on to the stage and we see the
auditorium is massive and purple. AMY: Tom’s just doing some fight calls on stage.
V/O: Tom is standing with Tony and Joe. AMY: Look at him. That is a professional man.
V/O: He strides across the stage. Cut to Cooney in the wings. AMY: Oh!
COONEY: Oh, hey.
AMY: Hi! COONEY: Hey, how you doing? James Cooney, you may remember me by such theatre shows as ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and ‘Measure for Measure’. AMY: No, I don’t recall.
COONEY: Oh! AMY: In Stratford Gabs and Alice, when they were calling the show, they were like at the back so
we couldn’t see them but now they’re calling the show from the wings which is nice
because we can actually say hello to them all the time! V/O: The words ‘Hamlet masking’ are written on some set.
AMY: Debs! I thought we were doing ‘Measure for
Measure’? This says Hamlet? DEBS: Erm…reuse, recycle kids. Stay safe.
AMY: Very good! AMY: Run Forrest!
V/O: Cooney is running around the auditorium. He sees that Amy
is recording and shakes his head, laughing. Cut to a well-lit dock. AMY: So this is
where all the set is stored that we’re not using. So, that’s Hymen from ‘As You Like It’… V/O: Hymen is a massive puppet.
AMY: I think there’s a
staircase for ‘Shrew’ round here, might be able to find it. Oh no! They’ve probably packed
it up, haven’t they? Because ‘Shrew’s’ done. Done and dusted til London. Cut to a massive poster of Hannah.
AMY: Hannah is kind of a big deal in Salford. Look at that!
V/O: Cut to Amy looking worse for wear in her dressing room. AMY: Hello, I’m Amy Trigg. V/O: Cross fade to
Sophie Khan-Levy. SOPHIE: And this is my glow up. (laughter)
V/O: Amy emerges. AMY: I don’t know whether it’s going to work. SOPHIE: I don’t – I don’t think it will. How do you stop it? V/O: Cut to Amy in her Tiny Tim costume.
AMY: Earlier I was sitting in the wings ready for the scene in which my character goes into labour. So,
I’m like – you know – got my bump and I’m sat in my wheelchair and I’m holding my baby and
Annette’s like “Amy why are you holding Greg?” and I was like “That’s a very good point Annette, I
have not given birth to him yet have I?” So, I almost went on to give birth to
Greg whilst holding Greg. V/O: Amy looks disappointed. Cut to Amy in her Juliet
costume. AMY: Fun fact: I was here at The Lowry a year ago yesterday on a book tour. The
book tour was for the book ‘Feminist’s don’t wear pink – and other lies’ which
was a book curated by Scarlett Curtis and it’s like – I think it’s a collection of 52
essays by different women about what feminism means to them so my essay was
about improvisation and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and female role models
basically. And intersectionality! I should mention that – about being disabled and a
woman. And we recorded an episode of ‘The Guilty Feminist’ podcast and then had a
book signing and then to Wagamama’s. It’s nice to be back to actually be in
Salford for a bit longer. I have of course returned to Wagamama’s and other
places. Went to ‘Almost Famous’ in Manchester so it was a little journey in but
James Cooney recommended it and it was very pleasant. Good vegan burger. Ten out of ten. V/O: Amy gives a thumbs up.
AMY: I should go and erm, do my job. Goodbye. V/O: Cut to Lucy in a corridor.
AMY: Lucy what are we doing now? LUCY: I’m drinking a diet coke, finishing a cracker and going to the post show.
AMY: Oooooh. V/O: We follow Lucy as she goes through a set of doors into the wings and then she
goes and joins the post-show Q&A which is happening on stage. There are some
chairs set out in a semi-circle and there’s only a few people out there at the
moment. We’re still waiting for most of the cast to join.
Cut to outside. We’re on
the Quayside and there are lots of buildings lit up very colourfully.
AMY: This is what we come
out of stage door to. Look at that. Pretty, innit? V/O: Cut to black. Cut to Amy and Sophie in the dressing room. Sophie uses her face to nudge Amy over slightly. Amy almost falls over but she gets saved. (laughter) Cut to black.

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