The School of Film, Dance and Theatre Presents: 7 Things to Get Excited About in ASU’s Film Program

We are ready! Action. Oh, sorry! Action. Are you shooting this? Oh my god… Paper, rock, scissors… Okay, I go first. Hi, my name is Macy Kimpland and I’m an ASU film student. My name’s Pete Magine and I’m an ASU film student. My name is Maedeh Moayyednia. My name’s Jesus Torres. Hi, my name is Sydney. My name is Brandon and I’m an ASU film student. My name is Andrea McCraken. Hi, I’m Alex Blumentritt. I graduated from the film and media production program here at ASU. I got into film after… Being into cameras for quite some time. I was always into video. I wanna be a director. That’s the end game for me. I’ve always liked film, but my parents were always like… “Film is not a degree you should get,” like most parents. And so I started as a business major I just was so obsessed with Star Wars as a child. I just knew that like whatever it is I wanna make stuff like that. And the fact that it was like a gut feeling, right? It’s sort of like this little voice inside you that is sort of like, “Dude, you like movies! Like, go for it”. Because there are so many film assignments, there are so many opportunities to work with other people on films. People who are older than you, Upperclassmen are always looking for people to work on their sets. So you can, if you’re proactive, you can work on like — pretty, like, good film sets early on. Since we’re all on the same level as peers, and we’re all going through the same things together. I think we learned through experience with groups of people. And the way that it’s formatted, the way that you go through this program. You cannot work alone. I’m a transfer student, so this was my first semester of the year. But what I really enjoyed was… I didn’t really expect this like closeness, And this friendship in this huge university. Here at ASU, there are so many faculty and professors that work here that just want you to succeed. They want you to make the best film possible and… Their office doors are always open. The internship, I worked on was a very amazing opportunity that… The film school here gave by basically allowing the production of… a feature film, made by and for the students. I went to the Film Spark camp in Santa Monica this last summer, and we had A different, like, industry professional teach us. Again, it built me a network that you might not get at other schools. So, ASU has so much stuff to do here. There’s literally always something going on. For us, we have the ASU Film Association. We have Hollywood Invades Tempe, which are organizations that sort of serve as like a point for all of us students to come together, and like, need each other. I feel like at ASU, it’s so cheesy, but you can literally do anything. There’s a club for everything, even if it’s not a film club. There’s the Film Association. You can literally join anything. I spent a lot of time in the editing lab, so I basically lived there without paying rent. So… That’s awesome! And that’s really awesome. Like I didn’t know when I applied here, that we have 24/7 open editing labs. Like that blows my mind. We have access to pretty much all the film gear you could think, you would need for a student film. Accessible Monday through Friday, and it’s free. If you don’t already know this, film equipment is really f*cking expensive. Like looking back, I do appreciate the fact that you know, I had the opportunity to work on set. I did get a lot of experience with, actually, what I do for a living now. Right, which is like, documentary. For my internship, I’m a sports editor and ASU actually got me connected with it. They’ll send out different emails with different opportunities for internships. This school has prepared me. It gives you all these opportunities, but at the same time… You need to be pushing yourself, and finding work or finding stuff to do outside. Using what you learn in school and bringing that knowledge into your own career. Hey, my name is Kyle Steeno. I graduated in spring 2015, and I am a post production assistant on How to Get Away with Murder from ABC Studios. Hi, my name is Jared Mercier, class of 2008. Today, I’m an assistant director on NCIS and my credits include Westworld, Star Trek, and Glee. You have to be kind of crazy to want to be doing this. There you go. You have to have that bit of crazy in you to want to subject yourself to this torture that is making movies. I feel like ASU is doing a lot to help, like, me move forward in my life and career in film. I feel since I’ve been here, I have grown exponentially Um, you know with, not just technical aspects, but creative aspects. You have to look for the opportunities, and I learned a lot about how to look for the right people here at ASU. I think the biggest thing I can say, no matter who you are, just get involved and Started asking around. Hey, do you need help? And that’s how you learn. You just learn through experience. That’s what it comes down to. I just spaced out, I’m sorry!! Spacey Macy!

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