The Scorpion King (4/9) Movie CLIP – Capturing the Sorceress (2002) HD

Kill him! After him! Oh! Go get him! [ Screaming ] – [ Grunting ]
– [ Screaming ] [ Groaning ] Well, areyou
gonna ty to kill me
orjust stare at me? Hyah!
Ow. Humph.
[ Gasps ] [ Gasps ]
Take a breath. Oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Aah! [ Gasps ] Gods be praised! [ Gasps ] [ Grunts ]
How dareyou touch me! Oh! Sorceress,
l am an Akkadian
hired to kill you. Now, l find myself
in a position whereyou are
ofmore use to me alive. Don’t make me
change my mind. And he said, it’s not
the size ofthe hump, it is the motion
ofthe camel. [ Laughter] [ Horns Sounding ]
[Women Screaming ] Alas, l must leaveyou now. [ Horns Continue Sounding ] – There’s the traitor!
– Oh, great gods!


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